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Well, this is going to be a really short one. Short and sweet like the story I'm going to present this week. This particular one was part of the Workshop 2.04. For those who don't know the workshops numbered 2.X were a supershort format that we used to fill the months between the proper one. The workshops had a word limit of 1,000 (which is insanely short) resulting in single-scenes stories, where the challenge was giving the readers as much as possible using as little words as possible. Workshop 2.04's theme was "Romantic Evening with a Supergirl" and out of the nine entries, which included some really great stretches of the concept (like Argo's Birthday Wish), the one that alwasy stood out ot me was:

Charlie's Angel by LaraFan

I don't think I can give this story the praise it really deserves, in 990 words, Larafan managed to pack everything this story needed. It was cute, it was heartwarning, it went straight to the point and it even had a final plot twist which immediately prompted me to read it again, because my mental image of what happened had changed that much. Out of all my favorite stories this one has been my bar for how to write a purely romantic scene. Even without much set dressing, just the dialogue really shows the mutual feelings of the main characters, making the halfway revelation a really sweet and important moment in their relationship. Of course we have no idea of what happened to these characters after the end... but I really wish them all the best.

Even with a story this short there's a little hitch for me. Nothing world-breaking, but there is. Larafan used a really clever trick to put us right into the action, by starting the story as a diary entry. After a few lines, the narration switches to a normal third persone perspective. It's not jarring, but I would have loved to see this in a complete diary format, showcasing the entire story from the perspective of one of the character. Perheaps it woould have been longer, I don't know.

I'm really sorry to cut this short, but if I keep rambling this spotlight might become longer than the story itself. If you enjoyed this story, go check the rest of Workshop 2.04, you won't be disapponited.

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