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Well, December is here and, for better or worse, finding new stories to feature without breaking my rule of featuring single stories over multi-chapter ones has become quite the challenge. Still, there are a number of little entries tucked away in the old workshops that really deserve to be dusted off, so it's very likely that I will rummage through those in the near future.

Today's entry comes straight from our first experiment at the 1000-words workshop back in 2005. The theme of the day was "PO'ed Superwoman gets back at her Ex". If this sounds familiar, well Ivan Reitmann's My Super-Ex Girlfriend had just been announced... and many of us had pretty high hopes for it. As far as I'm concerned many of the entries of the workshop were a lot better than the actual movie, albeit a lot shorter. So, without further delay, I present to you:

Dropping By by Whitepaw

There are very few authors in our community that can boast a production as diverse as Whitepaw, who experimented with many techniques, settings, characters and situations. From inserting movie-style credits and music to reframing classic stories, from space opera to slice of life comedy.

This particular story really fits into the slice of life genre, but with a really savage twist. What I really enjoy in this story is how Whitepawn managed to highlight the superiority of the main character without going on a power trip. This "less is more" approach was absolutely brilliant. Letting the reader's imagination fill the gaps created a story that would appeal to everyone, each reader is free to set the character's power level to his/her own liking, while still enjoying every bit of the story as it is.

I'm really hesitant to say more than this because I really think that this story must be read and I don't want to spoil even a little bit for you... so go read it on the double!!!

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