Thursday, 04 July 2019 01:04

Something is coming

Something is coming....


Sunday, 22 January 2017 20:08

A very cool video from Ace191

Hi all,

As part of my puppy post I asked for people to submit material for the front page, Ace191 has submitted this excellent little video

I've enjoyed it and I know you will too.

If you have a video or picture that you want on the front page please contact me and we will get it done.


Saturday, 21 January 2017 19:50

Cute Puppy

Hi all,

Here is a cute puppy to brighten up your day if anyone has some stuff that they want on the FrontPage of the site please let me know and we can replace the cute puppy with something else.

cute puppy



Thursday, 12 January 2017 02:13


Hi all,

You will notice that the site has been down for a number of hours, this is due to a major FUBAR caused by the setting up of the email server, the problems have been extensive and it caused the corruption of the site's DataBase which has meant that I've had to use a 10 day old backup of the site.

So that means that all new users and new posts and stories from the last 10 days have unfortunately have gone.

I'm deep, deeply sorry for this.

I'll update you all on any other issues over the course of today.

Again my heartfelt apologies for the outage.


Saturday, 31 December 2016 15:51

Goodbye 2016 and Hello to 2017

To all you beatiful wonderful people,

I'm going to keep this nice and short.


Also please remember to help us in 2017 by donating a few dollars/euros/pounds to help keep this site going.


Thanks everyone



Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:39

Site Off-line 25th December

Hi all,

On the 25th I'll be placing the site offline to allow me to make some upgrades of the server software, namely I'll be updating the PHP version to PHP7, this will mean a faster site and lower server load, the site will go down sometime on the 25th and will be up before the end of the day UK time, I'll keep people up to date via the FaceBook group and I'll keep the chat room going to for those who want to chat.

link to both below

Sorry for the interruptions


Facebook group

IRC Chat Room

Hi all,

After a delay I can now announce the runners and riders for the first Halloween workshop as you know the theme is "A ubergirl's first Halloween" and we have been inundated with entries.

We have entries from the following writers

  • Geekseven
  • Thedoc9
  • Lfan
  • WoodClaw
  • Castor
  • TwiceOnThursdays
  • LustMonster
  • AuGoose

Each writer has approached the theme in their own individual way and it shows the dept of talent that we have here.

I hope that you will all enjoy the stories and remember that the voting will be open for only one week, starting on Wednesday and ending next Tuesday.

Lastly, I would like to thank the writers, this workshop has been different than what you are used to and you have each made it your own.


Friday, 12 August 2016 13:51

Spring 2016 Workshop - End date

Hi all,

Just a little Blog post to let you know that the end date for voting on the workshop will be the 20th August at midnight UTC

The voting is tight so there is everything to play for.


Sunday, 10 January 2016 13:09

And the winner is...

Hi all,

It's about that time that I announce the winner of the 2016 winter workshop.  but first i would like to firstly say a few things this workshop was a experiment in running more than one story idea and i have to say it's worked we have had eleven stories that have taken the ideas and made then their own.  We've had stories from old writers and new writers and we've been treated to to nothing but the best.


So who won?

The winner of the contest is d_k_c with his story titled KINGS of EMPIRE a hearty round of applause goes to him and a SuperGirl costume from Sarge395 will be winging it's way to you.


The Results in full


1.   KINGS of EMPIRE by D_k_c

2.   Amanda by Hdmk2

2.   Worth a Shot by Dru1076

4.   Freya's Story by Shadar

5.   In denial by Pansardum

6.   Living Well is the Best Revenge by TwiceOnThursdays

7.   A Pretty Rotten Bastard by Castor

8.   One Hero: Made to Order by Brad328

8.   A Shot in the Light by Brantley

8.   Shot at by Blueriver

9.   Losing Her Patience by Geekseven


I would like to thank all who have entered and we will be announcing the next workshop soon.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015 03:36

Winter 2016 workshop is now live

Well it's being a long time coming but we have finally arrived at the latest story workshop and it's a to use a Scottish term a belter.  We started with three story prompts these where:-

  • The young woman stood silently with her fists clenched as she stared up at the massive steel door.
  • She instinctively groaned softly as she suddenly regained consciousness, feeling suddenly energized more than she had ever felt before.
  • The gunman smirked as he suddenly raised his weapon and fired it suddenly at the woman.

Most of the eleven stories picked one of them to run with and one though took a different line and went with all three, it will be interesting to see how you like that idea.  I'm not going to summarise the stories here just to say that it's going to be tough to choose between them.

In the matter of the prize when we launched this workshop we choose not to offer a cash prize or in fact any prize but Sarge395 has come in and offered a fantastic prize a of a Supergirl outfit (sans boots or cape), in either Small or Medium with free US shipping, here is a a picture of what the winner will get



No, you don't get the model just the outfit.  I would like to thank sarge395 for his kindness.

Lastly I've gone to a 4 up site design and have made the module containing the workshop entries yellow/orange, a real eye catcher if you ask me.


Voting will open in 48 hours and run until the closing date of the 10th January 2016 where the winner will be announced.



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