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Building Beaches

Written by Robo :: [Thursday, 28 April 2022 09:43] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 April 2022 18:43]

“No! We’re not doing it!”.

Roger resolutely crossed his arms with a firm look on his face, despite the pleading look of his girlfriend next to him. The blonde girl dressed in a white tank top and jean shorts, floating horizontally in the air, gently glided towards him. Her arms supporting her chin as if she was actually laying down somewhere rather than casually hovering in the middle of the apartment. She pouted as her blue eyes gazed into his.


“No Zoe! You nearly killed me last time!”

Zoe flipped herself around, her long blonde hair now flowing down towards the ground as she peered into his face upside down, a sad look on her face.

“That was an accident! How I was I supposed to know you’d pass out if I flew so fast?”

“I don’t know, maybe because I was screaming?” bristled Roger.

“I thought you were enjoying it!”.

“Zoe, I’m saying it again. I’m not going to the beach with you again unless we travel normally! Otherwise I won’t even survive the journey!”.

With these words Roger decisively turned around, turning his back on Zoe and focusing on the television again. He grumbled as he had to restart the show he was watching because Zoe's interruption had caused him to miss half of it. He had just restarted it when Zoe’s face slowly drifted into his view from above.

“Wait so it’s just the traveling with me that you don’t like right?”.

Even with her face upside down Roger could see a mischievous smile on Zoe’s face. It worried him.

“I suppose..” Roger answered carefully. “If only we could just take a plane or..”

Zoe interrupted:

“Okay! I got a great idea! Hold up!”

Roger tried to respond but saw her disappear in a blur as the window leading to his balcony exploded in thousands of shards of glass. As he hurried through the smashed window, he could hear a distant “Sorry!” but was no longer able to spot her.

He was worried. Terribly worried. Terrified even. He knew Zoe didn’t intent to hurt anyone yet he also knew how easy it was for her to hurt people unintentionally.

Mere moments later his fears became reality as a massive beam of pure energy burst from the sky. He swung around, shielding his eyes against the blinding red light that illuminated the surroundings. A terrifying roaring noise blasted his ears. Hot air rushed through his apartment as his nose filled with the smell of searing rock. A smell he was -curiously enough- quite familiar with by now. For a full minute this eruption of destruction continued. The silence afterwards was utterly deafening.

Roger slowly collected himself again and turned around. His mouth fell open in shock as he looked out from his balcony. Where there was once a pine-covered mountain range, there was now only a flat, blazing plane of stone. Except for a long, deep ditch burnt into the rocky surface, the land had been entirely flattened for miles surrounding his apartment.

He was looking for Zoe when he saw something appear on the horizon. Roger squeezed his eyes together, trying to make out what the fast approaching form was. His already open mouth fell completely slack as he realized that he saw a massive chunk of ice floating through the air. From somewhere under the roughly cube shaped form he saw Zoe’s unmistakable breath cooling down the ice. It took only several seconds for the huge mass to reach the middle of the large trench, floating about 50 meters above it. Once again a red light illuminated the surroundings -though this time far softer- as two lasers hit the bottom of the ice. Huge steam vapors mixed with cascading water. The trench gradually began to fill up. Barely a minute later the entire chunk was gone, a last few wisps of steam floating off into the sky. The swirling water which had filled the trench slowly calmed down.

Roger almost felt as if Zoe momentarily looked at him before she disappeared in a blur again. It was slowly becoming clear to him what she was doing. Instead of just getting on a plane with him or flying slightly slower towards one of those tropical beaches she loved so much she had decided to make her own beach right next to his apartment. It almost pained him to try and comprehend how this girl thought. Usually when someone was faced with a problem they’d try to find the easiest solution. The path of least resistance. But not her. When she encountered a problem she simply changed the world in a way that suited her. Too sunny? Move the moon in front of the sun even though it’s the middle of the day. Want something sweet? Kidnap two thousand cows, milk them into a water basin after boiling all the water away, find and steal a cargo ship full of sugar and harvest an entire cacao plantation to make chocolate. Want to go stargazing with your boyfriend? Move the entire damned star closer to the earth rather than just looking through the telescope.

Was it really that nonsensical though? She essentially did the same as humans: she choose the path of least resistance. It was simply that she was so powerful that every path offered the same resistance: none.

Roger’s train of thought was interrupted by the sun darkening as clouds covered the sky. A gust of wind streamed past him, making him shiver. The sky became even darker as he turned his eyes towards the horizon. It looked hazy and brownish. The wind became stronger by the second, the clouds above quickening. A massive gust of wind suddenly swept him off his feet, sand starting falling from the sky. Roger got one last look at a huge sandstorm whirling towards him before closing his eyes and covering his face once again as more and more sand covered him. The thunderous roar of this tempest completely deafened him.

When the sand eventually stopped falling down Roger got back up, brushing the sand from his clothing and rubbing it out of his eyes. He was just in time to see Zoe blowing away the last few clouds, once again revealing the sun. The entire plane was now covered in a thick layer of sand, save for the water filled trench. Where did she even get that much sand from?! They were in the middle of the Austrian Alps!

Zoe was closer to him now and he could just barely make out her face. She was staring at the newly formed beach thoughtfully before focusing her breath in shorts burst of air, giving more and more shape to the sandy beach. He couldn’t shake the worried feeling but was cautiously optimistic she at least wasn’t doing any major damage. He started making his way down the stairs of his building, eventually reaching the double front door. There was a layer of sand several feet thick in front of it that poured inside as he opened them. As he started walking towards the water filled trench forming the middle of the sandy plane he couldn’t help but be in awe. Zoe had leveled a mountain range and created an entire beach effortlessly in mere minutes.

She had been his girlfriend for over a year now, yet he kept being amazed by her powers again and again.

When he was about halfway towards the waterline his girlfriend appeared in front of him, a bright smile on her face revealing her perfectly white, regular teeth between her ridiculously red and full lips.

“You haven’t even put on your swimming trunks yet!”

Roger suddenly found himself completely nude as Zoe disappeared in a blur, only to reappear a split second later wearing a red two piece bikini. It accentuated her perfect, sensual curves. She was floating about a meter above him, teasingly extending her long, shapely legs towards him. He looked past her perfectly toned stomach and her gravity defying breast to find mischievous smile on her face once more. She held his swimming trunks in her hand, fluttering it above his head.

“Though you know, maybe I like you better without them.”

Roger’s body couldn’t help but respond to the absolute perfection floating above him. His dick was already fully erect, not just because of how utterly flawless she was but also because of what she had just done. It excited him beyond belief.

“But you know, I'm not going to be able to enjoy the beach with you unconscious again."

She lifted him up with one hand under his armpit and used the other to put on his trunks, teasingly brushing past his cock with her large, perky breasts. He gasped as he attempted and failed to halt his surging orgasm. When Zoe realized even this slight touch had been enough to drive him over the edge she decided she might as well do it properly. She placed her luscious lips around the head of his cock and gently sucked, feeling Rogers entire body spasm with orgasm after excruciating orgasm before going limp.  

Roger woke up again to the sweet smell of Zoe’s hair, her lips interlocked with his. He could feel her warm breath filling his lungs and energizing his entire body. The drained feeling that lingered following his climax had disappeared.

Had she just breathed energy into him? Roger didn’t even know she could do that!

“Oooh wow! It worked! You’re awake!”

He felt his body being lifted off the ground and gently flying through the air, eventually reaching the waterline where he was gently placed down.

“See! Now you don’t have to travel to be near a beach!”

He sat up, looking towards Zoe who was thoughtfully observing the surroundings.

“We’re still missing a few things though!”

Zoe disappeared in a blur once more and almost immediately two towels, a big inflatable rubber duck, a parasol and a bottle of sunscreen appeared. She was floating above him holding a palm tree in either hand. As Zoe placed the palm trees to either side of the towels Roger’s phone suddenly beeped. He grabbed it and wanted to read the message as Zoe distracted him by looking towards the sun, her eyes glowing red.

“I suppose it is a bit chilly here though. I should make it a little warmer!”

His protest was drowned out by the deafening sounds of two beams emitting from her eyes. For a full minute it continued as the two focused lasers transferred so much energy that it could’ve powered Earth for millions of years.

“Ooh crap..”

“What?” Roger asked cautiously..

“I think I might’ve hit Venus..”.

Roger’s phone beeped again, and again, and again.

He looked at his messages:

“What the fuck is Zoe doing?!”

Only followed by a series of news articles:

“Girl blows half of the Sahara desert away! Red sea and Suez Canal completely blocked!”

"Avalanches and earthquakes in the Austrian Alps as a mountain range vanishes!"

“Hilarious Video: Man falls to ground as palm trees holding up hammock suddenly disappear!”

“Black sea reportedly frozen and stolen!”

Roger looked towards his girlfriend, now lying on her towel. The sun illuminating her perfectly toned and tanned body. She turned towards him, a big smile on her face.

“Do you like the beach?”

Roger put his phone on silent and put it away.

“I love it!”.

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Summarises everything I like to see in a superhuman - excessively powerful and casually careless with her use of it. Excellent writing with an adorably overpowered supergirl.
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