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Chasing My Nemesis to Another World: Final Chapter

Written by Limstella :: [Sunday, 30 October 2022 01:24] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 October 2022 22:50]

"So do you really think we can win tomorrow?" asked Cevil. His comrade Mimi had put on a brave face while she went over her battle plan with the rest of her party, but Cevil could tell she was nervous. Their situation was pretty desperate, they couldn't muster any support and there was no more time— their only option was for their party of four to assault the Sorceress and her three assassins on their own. It would be a fight where they were greatly outclassed in power. 

"Yes, the teamwork of you, Alyra, and Elle is far better than the Sorceress's assassins. I have every confidence you can defeat them despite the level disadvantage." Mimi looked at Cevil's stats again:

Lv. 10 Fighter
Str: 36
Dex: 27
End: 30
Mag: 2

The assassins were all around level 15. After accounting for base stats, a level 15 fighter would have stats that were increased by about 44% across the board compared to a level 10. A basic metric to gauge ability in a back and forth brawl was offensive ability times defensive ability times health. Thus a 44% increase in each of those quantities triples the value of the indicator. In other words, on paper the three level 10s of the party would barely be an even match for just one of the assassins. Still, in a group fight, tactics and strategy mattered more than raw power, something Mimi knew very well. Elle was great at using her speed to create openings for Cevil to land his powerful strikes and Alyra was an incredibly talented cleric, knowing the exact moments when to heal her allies and when to instead strike the enemy decisively. The Sorceress's assassins by contrast hated each other and often inadvertently worked against each other when forced to fight as a group. "It will be perhaps the most dangerous fight the three of you have faced, but certainly winnable. Disrupting the ritual after that is pretty foolproof all things considered," Mimi said.

"That's not the part I'm worried about," Cevil said, glaring at Mimi. In truth he was worried about that part too, but the danger to his own life was reasonable compared to what Mimi would face. "Do you really think you can hold off the Sorceress all by yourself? Level 20 is max level, you know. You're only level 5— ah! Sorry, I shouldn't have said that"

Mimi frowned and examined her own stats:

Lv. 5 Mage
Str: 2
Dex: 5
End: 3
Mag: 50
Flare Beam
Ice Gale

Her stats did not follow a typical mage growth curve. The low strength was normal, though usually not quite this abysmal given that the average adult human without a class had 3 or 4 strength. The dexterity on the other hand would usually be about 10-12 for a level 5 mage. Having some amount of dexterity was important for any combat class as it aided dodging enemy attacks. Every class also had a relatively high endurance growth rate as it governed both the amount of damage you could take as well as the stamina needed to use both physical and magical attacks. A level 5 mage would usually have close to 20 endurance. The only upside to Mimi's statline was when it came to Magic, which affected both the power of your magical attacks and your resistance to them. Mimi possessed an extremely high Magic stat: Alyra, a level 10 cleric, only had 38 Magic and even the level 20 Sorceress they were about to fight was only estimated to have about 80.

In theory, the ability to cast spells with the same power as a much higher level mage would be very advantageous. However, her low endurance meant that casting either of her offensive spells just once would leave her exhausted, barely able to fight at all, let alone cast any other spells. Similarly, she couldn't really take advantage of her magic defense given how little trauma her body could stand. Fortunately, she could use her two buff spells, flight and haste, more effectively, being able to keep both buffs up for entire fights. This allowed her to take a more tactical approach in the party's battles, but without the stamina to use any additional magic or the strength to make physical attacks, she was still very limited. 

After taking a few moments to contemplate this, she finally responded to Cevil, "No, it's fine. It's a valid concern. I know the three of you want to avoid hurting my feelings, but it's a simple fact that my low level and shitty statline make me weaker and less useful than the rest of you."

"Don't say that! To reach level 5 in the three months that you've been in this world is nothing short of incredible. Your stats are unusual to be sure, but that high magic of yours has saved us before. If you were staying in this world you could reach the maximum of 99 by level 10! And of course without your leadership skills we'd never have made it this far." Mimi sighed. She knew that Cevil was correct, but that did little to drive the feelings of inadequacy away. Cevil continued, "I'm just worried you're doing something suicidal. That you're sacrificing yourself because you feel you have to, we can find another way."

"Tomorrow might be our last battle, we all agreed to that. I don't mind losing my life if it means saving this entire planet. That being said, I know it seems like I'm being reckless, but trust me, my plan is sound. My magic stat when combined with all of this," She gestured to a table next to them. It was covered with various types of potions and scrolls. she continued, "makes me the best option for surviving against her" 

"I still don't like it, it seems so risky. Like what if there's some top level version of Dispel that could get rid of all these buffs at once?" Cevil said. Mimi had been researching magic every night since she had arrived in this world and knew that such a spell did in fact exist, but decided it wouldn't be helpful to mention that to him. "And are you going to tell us what the Great Sage told you? You've been acting differently ever since you had that one-on-one talk with him, and I can't help but feel that this crazy plan of yours is somehow related," he said.

Mimi sighed, "What the Great Sage said to me… it might not matter at all, okay? And if it doesn't matter, then trying to explain it to you right now would be too complicated. None of you guys need this distraction right now. After all this is over I promise I'll tell all of you."

"I'm sorry for grilling you like this, it's just that.. I… well… I love you. It's probably not fair to tell you that, but if we really do find that man you chased here from your world tomorrow, or if... if something happens to either of us, I might not get another chance to say this," said Cevil.

"Oh Cevil I'm sorry. I have a husband back in my home world," said Mimi.

"WHAT?!" said Cevil.

"Yeah, I didn't mention it because I didn't want to think about it, but the fact that there's a chance I get to go back home to him tomorrow has me excited," said Mimi.

"I imagine he'll be quite shocked when his wife returns with magic powers," Cevil laughed. 

"I think he'll be more shocked by these," Mimi laughed and gestured to her breasts. She was flat chested when she entered this world, but her boobs had grown along with her magic stat, something that was apparently common in this world. 

"I thought you didn't think you'd keep your powers and body changes when you returned," Cevil said. Mimi merely shrugged. "Oh," Cevil said. He undid a clasp and removed the cape he was wearing. It had a simple, solid red design. He handed it to Mimi and said, "Just a little something to help make sure you make it back to your husband safely." Mimi examined it:

Cape of Protection
Rare Magic Item
Provides small boost to physical and magical defense while worn.  Allows wearer to use their own defensive stats to protect others by covering them with cape

"Don't you need this to protect Alyra and Elle?" Mimi asked. Cevil had the highest physical defense of the group so this cape was very helpful for letting him block attacks for the others.

"Who says we're planning on getting hit?" Cevil said, smirking. "In all seriousness, against enemies this strong, the difference between my defense and the others won't make much of a difference. You on the other hand are going to need every advantage you can get to survive that woman's magic."

"Well thank you," she said while grabbing the cape, "I'll be sure to return it after I kick that Sorceress' ass. Also, you're into Alyra as well, right? You should totally try that confession on her, she's like super into you. You should probably get on that though…"

"WHAT!?" said Cevil. With that the pair ended their conversation for the night and rested for the battle ahead.

The next morning the party equipped themselves and headed out for their final battle. They began hiking toward the site that Elle had scouted the previous night, following the ranger's lead. Fortunately, the woods provided plenty of cover for the group; the enemy wasn't expecting anyone to be coming, so the element of surprise would be critical. They reached the point where they would need to split up. Cevil, Alyra, and Elle were headed to a clearing where the large magic circle needed for the ritual had been inscribed. The three assassins should be guarding it. Mimi was heading to the ruins of a temple about half a mile to the north where the Sorceress should be doing her personal preparations.

"We're letting you use all our best stuff, so you better not lose," Elle said.

"That Sorceress doesn't stand a chance," Alyra said. Cevil merely nodded, and with that Mimi walked away. After a short while, she opened her bag and started pulling out her potions and scrolls. She went through her carefully calculated sequence of drinking potions and activating scrolls, causing them to disintegrate after use. Finally, she pointed her hands at her own body and said, "Haste," followed by "Flight," the familiar warm light enveloping her each time. She looked at her Status Condition list and smiled:

Status Conditions:
Water Breathing
Static Aura
Heroic Strength
Ice Resistance
Fire Resistance
Lightning Resistance
Titan's Fortitude

"It's the final boss, so might as well use it all," Mimi recalled her husband's words. She stuck her few remaining potions in pockets. Cevil and the others would be engaging the enemy soon so there was no point in stealth any longer. Her job was to keep the Sorceress occupied. She poured on the speed and wove through the trees, the temple ruins coming into sight. The foundation was intact as well as a few pillars, but the ceiling was completely gone. Mimi nodded, the open skies would be good for her. She saw the Sorceress reading a tome. Before the Sorceress could react, Mimi grabbed her and swept her legs out from under her, causing her to fall unceremoniously to the ground. Additionally, Mimi's electric Aura delivered a small shock to the Sorceress when they contacted. It wasn't much against the Sorceress's high magical defense, but it was something. Mimi flew a good distance away and said, "Hi Witch!"

The Sorceress was stunned by this turn of events, but started gathering her wits and instinctively pointed at the figure in the sky and said, "Dark Bolt!" Mimi was watching her arms closely however, and was able to easily dodge the bolt by reacting to the movement. The Sorceress looked at her opponent and widened her eyes when she realized who it was. She said "Message" and then started talking normally, "Vanna, Xander's little brat is alive, the rest of them might still be alive too, get over here! Make sure Quess and Double stay there." The Sorceress stood up, keeping an eye on Mimi. She scowled, "Answer me you worthless dolt!" She sighed and adjusted the spell, "Quess, what in damnation is going on?" 

She was shocked to hear the reply, "That stupid knight and two of his bitches are attacking, Vanna's out cold," the voice of Quess said.

"Kill them! I'll crush this one and then join the two of you," said the Sorceress. Unfortunately for her, she had let her guard down and Mimi instantly took advantage of the opening, swooping down and punching her square in the nose and delivering another shock to the Sorceress. Like last time she quickly flew away again. Despite the impressive sounding name, heroic strength only boosted strength by 5 points. The Sorceress' strength was probably in this ballpark so she could be hurt by attacks off of Mimi's 7 strength, but the high endurance of the Sorceress meant she wouldn't be felled anytime soon. 

"I think you're the one who has to worry about getting crushed, witch," Mimi said.

"For the last time I am the Sorceress, not some common witch!" the Sorceress said. The Sorceress had a class of mage, the same as Mimi. Witch vs Sorceress was some weird title thing Mimi didn't really understand, but there was nothing like a good bit of banter for keeping your foe off balance. "I don't have time to play with you right now," the Sorceress said. She then raised a hand and said, "Dispel." Mimi began falling out of the sky as her flight buff was dispelled. With the enhanced reflexes of haste it was easy for her to once again point her hands at herself and say "Flight," before she hit the ground. She used her momentum from the dive and swooped forward, crashing a shoulder into the Sorceress' abdomen, once again knocking her to the ground and shocking her. 

The Sorceress reacted quicker this time however and said "Fire Blast" before Mimi could fly away. A wave of fire shot out from the Sorceress' body in all directions, sending Mimi hurtling away. Her magic, fire resistance buff, and the cape all worked to dampen the blow, but a mid level spell from a max level mage still hurt. Fortunately, her titan's fortitude buff gave her the health of someone with much higher endurance. Still she couldn't afford to tank more than one or two of those, at least until her regeneration kicked in. She pulled a stamina potion out of her pocket and quickly drank half of it. These potions didn't restore that much stamina, but staying topped up was very important in this fight. 

The Sorceress pressed her offense, saying "Bind." Shadowy tendrils appeared to try and restrict Mimi, but she dodged them deftly. She then rushed the Sorceress and kicked her in the face. Mimi stuck to her plan of retreating after every blow, though staying close to the ground now. The Sorceress on the other hand was getting tired of getting smacked around and shocked.

"You got a lucky shot in, but you're too slow to beat me." Mimi said. The Sorceress sighed. That speed was indeed troublesome, so she'd just have to get rid of it. She raised one hand then the other. "Dispel. Dispel," she said. She didn't notice that Mimi was already pointing her hands at her body before the first dispel was cast. Mimi felt sluggish as her haste buff vanished but quickly corrected that with a quick utterance of "Haste." She then dashed out the way as the Sorceress cast "Dark Bolt" again. She cast "Flight" on herself again and smiled. Her strategy revolved around giving herself a massive amount of temporary buffs to be able to hold off her much higher level foe. In theory, dispelling was the direct counter to this, but Dispel could only remove one magical effect at a time. Moreover, the user couldn't pick which effect to get rid of, it would always target the most recent effect. So by keeping Flight and Haste— which she could continually recast as long as her stamina held up— at the top of the list she could protect her more important buffs, the most valuable being her Titan's Fortitude all the way safely at the bottom.

Mimi feinted, rushing towards the Sorceress and then pulling back when she saw that her foe was casting Fire Blast again. She was able to dodge the flames this time and as soon as they dissipated she charged in and punched the Sorceress square in the nose for a second time. The Sorceress seethed and wiped blood away from her nose as Mimi drank the other half of her stamina potion. The Sorceress had hoped to end this battle with a few quick spells, as she needed to save her strength for the ritual and possibly to help her assassins. It was clear that wasn't happening; she'd have to expend quite a bit of stamina to swat this insect. "Greater Dispel," she said, followed by, "Dark Bolt." This time, the darkness-enhanced lightning spell struck home. 

Mimi's body ached all over, but she couldn't waste time. She pulled out another potion and quickly downed it. Greater Dispel allowed you to dispel magical effects created by higher level casters, or by legendary artifacts or creatures, but more importantly for this scenario it dispelled 3 magic effects at once. All of the consumables Mimi had used were very rare and valuable with one exception. Water breathing potions were an essential part of the commerce between the Mermaid nations and Human nations, so they had been mass produced and made available cheaply. This meant that although water breathing was a useless effect for this fight, it was an ideal choice for protecting her more valuable buffs from being dispelled. 

Mimi watched the Sorceress taking deep breaths and surmised that casting two powerful spells back-to-back like that must have taken a bit out of her. She cast Haste and then Flight on herself once again. She flew up and circled around the Sorceress a bit, positioning herself directly between the Sorceress and the Sun. When she saw the Sorceress cover her eyes, Mimi quickly curved around behind the Sorceress and dived straight into her back. As she watched the Sorceress hit the stone floor of the temple again, Mimi couldn't help but think this was going pretty well. Mimi had been hit twice, but at this point her regeneration had healed her to about where she was after getting hit just once. Additionally, she was still at full buffs despite the Sorceress' frantic attempts to dispel them. At this rate she could stall for a good long while— long enough for Cevil, Alyra, and Elle to defeat the assassins and disrupt the ritual— and still be able to make an escape at the end. Then the Sorceress' eyes turned solid black and she said, "I grow weary of this." Points of pure blackness started surrounding the Sorceress' hand as she gathered the magic needed to cast a top level spell. Two words escaped her lips: "Ultimate Dispel."

"Give it up! I'm way faster than you," the assassin named Quess said. Her right hand was a flurry of motion as she dueled with Elle.

"Yeah, but your situational awareness sucks," said Elle.

"What?" said Quess right before a charging Double slammed directly into her. As she hit the ground Quess immediately knew things weren't good. A strong hit like that after all her other injuries meant she didn't have much left in her. She thought about her need to quickly recover as she heard a booming voice say, "Holy Smite'' and watched a pillar of light descend upon her from the heavens. Barely able to process the burning pain, the last thing Quess saw before perishing was Cevil's blade coming down on her.

"You need to surrender, it's three against one now," Alyra said to Double.

"Ha. Stop trying to act tough, there's no one to get in my way now," Double said, "Besides, You took out Vanna with a sneak attack and your fight against me and Quess has left you barely able to stand. I bet I can take all of you out with one hit each."

"Alright then," Alyra said, shaking her head. Elle pulled out her bow and shot an arrow at the man. The arrow seemed to bounce off his shoulder, with only a flinch and a drop of blood showing that it had any impact. 

"Ha! You think you can defeat me with something like that?" Double said. "I'm-" He was interrupted by another arrow hitting him. "Oh, that is it!" he said. He activated his Ignore Pain skill and charged at the archer that was annoying him. He was stopped by a hard slash of Cevil's blade, having not realized that the fighter had managed to flank him. In anger, Double turned and swung his hammer at Cevil. The fighter was able to block the blow with his sword, but it was clear his arms were shaking after the impact. A second blow knocked the sword clear out of Cevil's hands. Double smiled and began a third hammer strike at his foe. Cevil could ordinarily survive a few blows from the level 15 Barbarian, but Double had assessed the situation correctly: the three of them were pretty badly injured, getting hit just once more would surely be death. However, right before the hammer struck him, Cevil heard the commanding, but sweet voice of Alyra say, "Greater Heal." A green light enveloped him and he felt his injuries vanish, just in time for the hammer to hit him and give him some new ones.  

Double swore under his breath. He had forgotten about the cleric, he had confidence the swordsman and the archer wouldn't be able to down him with their physical attacks any time soon, but he was much more vulnerable to magic. Luckily, the cleric hadn't cast any offensive magic at him while he was distracted. Furthermore, she had gotten down on one knee and was panting very heavily after that last spell, so she probably couldn't cast any more. Satisfied she wasn't a current threat, he turned his attention back towards the fighter. Cevil had gotten his sword and gotten to his feet after the blow he took and was charging at Double. The barbarian easily blocked Cevil's attack. Cevil followed up with another, but that was blocked as well. Double prepared to counter attack, but suddenly felt very woozy. 

He looked down at his right side and saw massive amounts of blood pouring from a number of deep gashes. There were around a half a dozen arrows lying on the ground near him, all glowing with a golden light. There was one sticking into his side as well. He was just able to piece together that the cleric must have blessed the arrows when he wasn't looking before he passed out from the blood loss. 

Elle pulled a tool out of her bag and immediately began scratching through the symbols in the magic circle. In theory even a minor disruption to the symbols should prevent the ritual as planned from occurring, but something equally magical and dangerous was liable to occur unless the edits were very disruptive. Coming down from the battle high, Cevil saw what his party member was doing and remembered he should be doing so as well. Elle stopped him though, saying, "Alyra and I can handle this, go help Mimi."

"Are you sure?" he asked. He was already starting to walk north however.

"Yeah, we don't need three people for this. Go save the girl. I bet she'll give you a kiss after the two of you take down the Sorceress," Elle said.

"It's not like that!" Cevil said, his walk turning into a run.

"Whatever you say. We'll be right behind you after we finish this," said Elle.

There was a flash as an immense amount of magic flew out of Mimi and dissipated. "Ultimate Dispel gets rid of all your stupid toys and prevents you from using them again today. In other words, you're screwed."

Mimi looked at the prompt that had just appeared for her and replied, "Someone's screwed alright, but it isn't me." 

The Sorceress raised an eyebrow. Casting a top level spell always exhausted her for a bit, so she'd let the weakling rant for a moment while she recovered. "Oh? Care to explain exactly why it is that I'm the one who's screwed, you little nothing?" the Sorceress said, smiling.

"You see, when I first came to this world, I had assumed that my powers simply didn't work in this world, causing my body to revert to how it was before they kicked in. Imagine my surprise when the Great Sage told me that I had a powerful curse on me. A curse powerful enough that it would take a Greater Restoration spell to cure it, a spell that our cleric unfortunately doesn't know yet and we didn't have time to go find. Oh by the way, you forgot an interesting detail when you gave your crude description of Ultimate Dispel: Dispel and Greater Dispel both explicitly exclude curses from the effects they can erase, but Ultimate Dispel has no such exclusion."

The Sorceress' mouth hung open. She hadn't realized that was the case. Xander had insisted she use her strongest curse spell on the woman following him through the portal. He never explained why beyond that the girl was his enemy. The Sorceress also hadn't gotten a good look at her victim before the curse sealed away all of the physical abilities and potential of her body. She wasn't sure just how strong this girl really was, but didn't want to take any chances. It looked like the girl hadn't recovered all of her strength yet, so the time to attack was now. She mustered up the stamina to cast a basic attacking spell. "Fire shot," she said, followed by a small sphere of fire shooting out of her mouth.

Meanwhile, Mimi had been reading the prompt during her monologue, trying to come to a quick decision.

Error: Multiple Classes detected. Choose correction strategy
Use current class    | Result: Lv. 5 Mage
Use incoming class   | Result: Lv. 20 Brick

Merge classes        | Result: Lv. 25 Flying Brick

Mimi had never heard the word "Brick" be used like that before, but it seemed straightforward enough. "What the heck is a Flying Brick, though?" she thought. Still, it seemed like the best option, surpassing the ordinary level cap of 20. She selected it right as the Sorceress cast her spell. Mimi shot up in height from her tiny cursed size of 5'2 to her full 6'5. This was accompanied by the petite frame she had used as a mage filling out with the massive muscles she had used as a superhero. Her back widened dramatically. Her hips flared out as her legs thickened to a size nearing that of her former waist. Mimi smiled without realizing it. She felt so good now, positively brimming with power and strength. These past three months she had forgotten that this was how she used to feel all the time. Unable to realize how miserable the curse was making her feel until it was gone. She flexed her biceps and saw the powerful cannons of a woman who was always in the running for "Strongest Hero" staring back at her. The biggest thing was just the feeling of familiarity. This was the body she had trained in for over a decade. She had pushed her superhuman body to its limits and achieved perfect control over her titanic strength and now that body was once again the one she had.

Well, with a couple of additions anyway. Her muscles had previously eaten up all but a relatively small amount of body fat meaning she didn't really have breasts to speak of, only her incredibly well-developed pecs. Now, it seems that in the "Merge" process she had kept the giant boobs she had developed as a mage and she had to admit the size she previously thought was ridiculous worked very well on her much larger frame. She felt only a small tickle as the Sorceress' Fire shot fizzled against her newly reformed abs. She examined her new stats and laughed with happiness.

Lv. 25 Flying Brick
Str: 99
Dex: 50
End: 99
Mag: 50
Unarmed Combat Mastery
Flare Beam
Ice Gale

There was a theory that stats could go higher than 99, but would still be observed as such. So it was possible she was even more overpowered than she appeared, not that having basically 300 points of stats compared to around 190 for a normal level 20 was anything to complain about. In any case, she knew that the exhausted Sorceress was no longer a match for her. The Sorceress for her part, practically pissed herself when she saw the tiny girl grow into someone who was the very vision of strength. The Sorceress needed to cast something, but what did she have that would be enough even if she had the stamina to cast it? These thoughts were emptied from her head when Mimi gave her a light slap across her face. That one casual smack inflicted more damage than every blow Mimi had inflicted previously.

At this point Mimi realized that her mage outfit had been irreparably damaged by her expanding body, lingering only in scraps stretched to the limit. She gave a quick smirk and tore off the remains. In addition to the red cape Cevil had given her, she was left wearing only a tight blue bodysuit with a Red MM logo in the center. She laughed as she remembered telling a confused Cevil that she was dressed normally for a person from her world. She hadn't worn her uniform since the first day she arrived, but put it on today just in case. Glancing at her stats again, she highlighted her name and chose to change her alias. "Mighty Mistress is back!" she said.

The superheroine known as Mighty Mistress realized that with her maxed out endurance, she could cast a lot more spells, so she decided to try it out. "Flare Beam," she said. Twin beams of red energy shot out of her eyes. Flames erupted where the beams struck the Sorceress. Flare Beam was a channeled spell that Mighty Mistress previously could only use for a few seconds before getting exhausted. Now, she could barely feel the strain and continued pouring on the heat. The Sorceress on the other hand cried out in pain, even her superior magic defense unable to hold up to this extended assault. Mighty Mistress stopped casting Flare Beam and said, "Aww, are you too hot? Let me cool you down."

She took in a deep breath and then said "Frost Gale," as she exhaled. A torrent of air began escaping from her lips. The Sorceress held her ground for a moment, but as with Flare Beam she continued casting the spell for a good while, the magic seemingly giving her an endless supply of air to blow. The Sorceress was eventually blown back by this and moreover, ice began forming around her. Before long she was encased in ice to the point where she could hardly move her limbs. She had recovered enough to cast another mid-level spell and was about to use Fire Blast to remove the Ice, when Mighty Mistress' fist collided with her head. The superheroine had held back a little, but it was still a powerful enough punch to instantly knock out the Sorceress. 

It was at this moment that Cevil arrived. He had full confidence Mimi would still be up and fighting, but he never expected that she'd have actually defeated the Sorceress. And he certainly didn't expect her to be a muscle giant instead of a short mage. "Hey!" he shouted, "What happened?" His ally didn't turn to respond, merely motioned for him to wait for a moment by holding out a single finger . He wasn't sure what she was doing and was astonished even further when he saw her smash clean through a stone wall of what appeared to be the only intact inner chamber of the temple.

Mighty Mistress laughed, trying her best to make it sound intimidating instead of joyful, as she really felt. It had been too long since she got to heroically burst through a wall and it never got old. As expected Xander was inside, seemingly not clear on what had been happening outside. "Alright Mr. Genius, It's time for you to surrender quietly.

"Mighty Mistress!? With your powers restored?" Xander said. He collected himself and continued, "I take it you've dispatched the Sorceress, then?"

"Yep," said Mighty Mistress.

"Then yes, I can see that surrender is my best option at this time. What happens now?" said Xander.

"Don't play coy, I know you have an exit strategy, what is it?" said Mighty Mistress.

"What if I don't have one?"

"Cut that out. Surely you can understand that it's better for you to go back to Earth and your army of expensive lawyers than stay here where there's a good chance they'll execute you alongside your little girlfriend."

"Fine," Xander said. He reached into the pocket of his suit.

"No sudden moves, or I vaporize you."

"Vaporize me?"

"Flare Beam," said Mighty Mistress. She let out a short burst of the spell, which instantly incarcerated a chair that was in the room.

"Oh right, you've been studying magic," said Xander. He slowly pulled out a small metallic box with a purple cylinder poking through it and handed it to his nemesis.

"A Z-box? But how…" Mighty Mistress said.

"It was a very simple matter to modify it for dimensional travel, it's really not that different from spatial travel once you understand it. You can use it keyed into Earth and it'll work like any other Z-box."

"Well, follow me. I have to go say goodbye to my friends before we go."

Mighty Mistress found Cevil standing outside the chamber. "So again," Cevil said, "What the heck happened? And what kind of name is Mighty Mistress?" He had looked at her new summary when he sighted her earlier, but just got more confused.

"Do you remember how I said that my world had a small quantity of individuals with incredible powers? Well, I'm one of them. Sorry for hiding that from you, I didn't think it was relevant at first," she said. She recounted the story of her assumptions, what the Great Sage told her and how the battle with the Sorceress had gone down. "And Mighty Mistress? Yeah, it's a bit cumbersome, which is why my friends often call me Mimi, but all of us super types use a colorful name like that," she said.

"Not all of us feel the need to use such theatrics," said Xander.

"Oh quiet you," Mighty Mistress said, "Oh Cevil, I should give you back your cape."

"Nah, you can keep it. You'll use it way better than I ever could with your 'Impervious' defenses," Cevil said. Mighty Mistress thought back to all the times she had to try and protect people with her body and how difficult that could be. This cape would make that a lot easier. "Besides, I think it goes with your outfit really well, actually. I bet all the 'super types' back in your world will start wearing them after they get a look at you," he said.

Mighty Mistress burst out laughing. "Oh geez, that would be so silly. I can't even picture it," she said.

"Please," Xander said, "Think of all those teens playing at being heroes who idolize you. You wear that thing, you're going to start a trend, like it or not."

"Oh God, you might be right. Also, I just realized that my powerset is so eclectic now. It's like, strength and durability, okay. Inhuman speed, well it's another physical ability, makes sense. Then you have flying, which is just like 'what.' And then you just throw on 'oh and I can freeze people with my breath.' And then you throw in 'oh and I have laser eyes.' I sound like some kid on a playground just giving the character he made up every power he can think of."

Cevil laughed. He could imagine how strange a set of skills that would be to someone not familiar with magic. "Nonsense, I think that's the most coherent set of abilities I've ever heard of. I bet if you did a survey you'd find that 'Flying Brick' is actually the most generic kind of hero there is.

"Yes, a city full of cape-wearing flying bricks, of course," Mighty Mistress said. She laughed at the absurdity of it all. Xander merely rolled his eyes. Shortly after, Alyra and Elle arrived. Mighty Mistress repeated her explanations and the group said their goodbyes. Everyone was very sad to see their good friend Mimi go, but the superheroine assured them that with the device she had received from Xander she'd be able to come back and maybe let the three of them visit her world. Mighty Mistress grabbed onto Xander and got ready to activate the Z-box to send them home.

"Oh, there's one more thing I want you to know," Alyra said. She glanced to the side then continued, "Elle confessed her feelings for me last night. We're a couple now."

"WHAT!" said Cevil. And with that the superheroine and her nemesis returned home.

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Contrary to my usual dislike of isekai-adjecent story I enjoted this one. Having the main character regain powers by being essentially beaten is a good way to avoid some of the biggest issues of the genre.
The one negative thing I canday is that I...
Contrary to my usual dislike of isekai-adjecent story I enjoted this one. Having the main character regain powers by being essentially beaten is a good way to avoid some of the biggest issues of the genre.
The one negative thing I canday is that I don't like having the actions described in game-terms. I understand ir's a feature of this kind of stories, but for this old roleplayer it's a bit jarring.
Still, it's a fun story and I hope to see more from you.
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I'd love to see more stories starring Mimi.
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Thanks for the kind words. Initially, I imagined this as a full series, but once I saw the workshop theme, I realized that I could use all of the ideas I actually had with just a standalone "last" chapter, with the added benefit of not having to...
Thanks for the kind words. Initially, I imagined this as a full series, but once I saw the workshop theme, I realized that I could use all of the ideas I actually had with just a standalone "last" chapter, with the added benefit of not having to hide the twist from readers for an extended period of time.

I hope to submit some more stories here, but we'll see what writer's block/my own laziness says about that.
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Damn, this is interesting. While I could kinda guess at the outcome, I hadn't completely foreseen the actual twist.

Is this actually the last part in a string of stories, or is it a standalone?
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Excellent! Well done! The idea to treat this story as the last chapter of a book (one that doesn't actually exist) was inspired. I hope to see more from you.
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