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The Outcast Half Fey

Written by NeodymeChron. :: [Sunday, 30 October 2022 19:56] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 October 2022 22:48]

It could be a fearful thing: learning what one truly was. Even more fearful was for a loved one- one of the few people in the world that one could truly call family- to find out about one’s darkest secret.

And so it was for a Miss Benedicta Tylwith, as she called for Matthew, a boyfriend with whom she had been living with, to the couch in the center of their 3 room apartment. Matthew, a handsome tan-skinned 24-year-old with a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans, quickly arrived from the bedroom and sat down on the couch alongside Benedicta.

Matthew looked at his roommate with some concern. Although her golden locks and green eyes were as enticing as ever, her face betrayed a deep sense of worry. Addressing Benedicta with a nickname he made just for her, Matthew started, “What’s up, Benie?”

Benedicta looked at her friend with earnest eyes, responding with “It’s complicated, Matt. Here, let me show you.” With that, Benedicta touched Matt with her hands, and everything went to black.

When Matt came to, he found himself looking at a cobblestone street that looked like it was from a previous century. Benedicta was nowhere to be found, but in the distance, Matt could make out a few human figures. It appeared to be young adult female surrounded by several men who were following her in a menacing fashion. To Matt, it appeared that the men intended to do harm to the woman, but as he prepared to run in the group’s direction to defend her, a familiar voice from seemingly nowhere spoke in a loud voice, “Matt, you don’t need to do it!”

Matt stopped in his tracks and swiveled his head, yelling, “Benie, where are you?” “You’ll see me soon enough. Now what do you see down the road?” Matt looked again at the woman and the mob surrounding her and witnessed something incredible: the woman was tossing the men aside with such force that some of the would-be assailants landed at the buildings on the other side of the street. When one of the brutes tried to pull out a gun on her, a green glow emanated from the woman’s hand and struck the villain in the chest, making him go as limp as a wet noodle.

As Matt watched the woman run off, he again heard Benedicta’s voice, “Don’t follow her, Matt. You’re only seeing a vision of the past. I’ll explain.” Matt only began to realize he was looking at an event that must have taken place long before his time when he saw one at his side an Oldsmobile car that must have been made before the 20th century. “Matt”, the voice continued, “that girl running off… was me. This is the early 20th century, and one of the most important memories I have. This is when my powers first emerged, and I learned that I am no ordinary woman.”

“Ok”, reasoned Matt between heavy breaths, “so you can show visions of the past, have super strength, and can shoot energy blasts. I think can handle that.” “There’s much more than that, Matt”, responded the voice, and the vision changed. Matt was now in what appeared to be a warehouse, and he could see the woman from before in more noirish clothing staring up at a hooded figure who was suspended in midair with what seemed to be glowing green restraints around their neck and outstretched arms.

“You weren’t supposed to be this skilled in the art”, croaked the upraised figure as the green restraints seemed to pulsate around his neck. “I learned a lot in the War, you bastard!” spat the woman as she continued staring at the floating person. “Which war? These mortals fight against themselves too often to count…” With that, the restraints tightened as the woman yelled, “Mortals? What are you talking about? And why did you try to kill me? I’ve never even met you before”

“So, you still don’t know, even after the awakening of the art… your powers. You are no mere woman. You carry dangerous blood in you.” The hooded figure continued, “You are the child of powerful beings. Royalty in fact. Mortals might call us… fair folk.” The woman’s eyes opened in surprise at the revelation, and it was all she could do to maintain her energy restraints on her captive. “So, someone want me dead because I am a rival to their crown?”, inquired the woman. “You shouldn’t be”, responded the hooded figure, “because you are not of… legitimate lineage, half-breed changeling.”

Fury raged within the woman upon hearing the slur from the hooded figure, and she used her powers to tighten the binds around him, forcing him to scream out in excruciating pain. “I’ll let the police deal with you, monster.” “Fool”, spat the hooded figure with unbridled contempt, “you’ll send those mortals to their death. Nothing they possess can hold me, and nothing this world has will stop me from removing your half-breed filth from existence!”

“In that case…” muttered the woman as she lifted her hand. A beam of green light emanated from it and struck the hooded figure with such intensity that the whole warehouse seemed to be bathed in its afterglow. Matt, who had been watching the vision from a short distance, saw everything disappear in a flash of green light.

When everything came to again, Matt was sitting on the sofa in his apartment with Benedicta. Her eyes were glowing green, and green light seemed to be emanating from her hands. Matt asked, “Was that all…” “Real? Yes, it was”, responded Benedicta.

“You saw my memory, Matt. That monster was not the last person sent by the fair folk to kill me for daring to exist, and those men from 100 years ago weren’t the only men to try and take advantage of me for my beauty or whatever else I possessed. You wouldn’t believe how often I’ve had to change homes and identities because someone wanted to do me harm for no reason. How often I’ve tried and failed to keep these powers under control. I’ve killed before and probably will again before my long life is done. My mortal mother died when I was a toddler, and I’ve learned a while back that whatever my birth father wishes to call himself, his relationship with her was anything but loving. I’ve been alone most of life, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to change that.” With that, Benedicta put her head in her hands and began to gently sob.

Almost on instinct, Matt placed his hands on Benedicta’s shoulder and proclaimed, “Look Benie, I don’t know anything about magic power of fair folk, but I do know the kind of person that I’ve been living with for the past few months. I know the kind of person who would help get a neighbor’s cat from a tree without prompting. Who would help calm a homeless man and lead him to shelter where he could find food and treatment. Who would stand up to a bunch of bullies threating a small schoolkid.” As Matt spoke, Benedicta dried her tears and started to smile, because all these acts occurred before Matt had a chance to meet her, and he had been a witness to those events either at the time or through Benedicta’s abilities.

Matt finished, “And I’m thankful you trusted me with this information about yourself. I don’t how long we’ll be together, but as long as we are, whatever you decide, I promise that I’ll have your back, Benie. No one’s going to hurt you while I’m around, OK?”

At that, Benedicta gave a big smile and looked like she was going to burst into tears again, but instead said, “Thank you. Thank you, Matt.” After a big hug, she finished, “It’s early morning and a Saturday to boot. Let’s go to the park or something, alright?” Matt nodded in agreement, but before they got off the catch, the two friends did one more thing. They moved to the middle of the couch and gave each other a big fat kiss.


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The story is pretty and I do like the premise... but I believe that the flashback format somehow lessened its impact. I think that seeing the same beats directly would have made for a much more interesting narrative.
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This is short and sweet and cute. I really enjoyed it
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