Lisa Kelly, IRT

26 Jan 2012 14:28 #26028 by Newshound
Lisa Kelly, IRT was created by Newshound
Lisa Kelly of Ice Road Truckers :)

Normally, I fantasize about big girls like Brooke Hogan, but every now and then, I fantasize about a petite girl who happens to be awesomely strong. I can imagine her holding a muscular man pinned to the ground with one arm while holding my head in an unbreakable headlock. She easily overpowers us without even trying, laughing at our helplessness.

Also, Avril Lavigne. She seems to be about the same size and build.

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26 Jan 2012 23:54 #26030 by davidelliot2000
Replied by davidelliot2000 on topic Re: Lisa Kelly, IRT
I really dig Lisa.
She's so sane, I meen, you know a woman in a macho mans world; and yet shes not all butch, or for that matter all lolita.
Lisa would be my pick for someone who could handle superpowers in real life without freaking out and abusing them.
As for fantasy, I like supervillenesses or dark heroines, with a bit of drama about them.
Lisa is so level headed that I could'nt realy imagine her as a SuperHeroine really either, I imagine her as one of Shadar's scribes, just hanging out and taking stuff in. But heaven help the fool who cut's her rig out on the road or tries to pinch her harder than dimond stronger than steel but in the chow line at the truck stop.
It's not really that hard to explain getting a few fingers crushed flat, in that line of work.

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