Putin's mistress

22 Jan 2016 19:58 #46161 by shadar
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Alina Kabaeva was an elected Russian politician (State Duma deputy) until last year, and before that she was a gold-medal rhythmic gymnast for Russia. Lately she's been linked by many as Putin's mistress.

My observation is that her gymnast's muscularity (strong chest) seems to be a good foundation for her fuller figure today. We all have our preferences, but she's almost in the PowerGirl class of bullet-deflecting fantasy land.

If the rumors are true, then we an forgive Putin's bare-chested boasting while sitting on a stallion. He's earned it.

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22 Jan 2016 20:41 #46163 by brantley
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Putin's first name should be Ras instead of Vladimir. And I'm actually worried for her; if the guy should take it into his head that she isn't respectful... well, maybe he could pass her on to the Donald. (I presume the crown does not mean he's going to make her tsarina.)


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