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10 Apr 2015 00:17 #41393 by bionicskillz
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Hi all,

I know I haven't been posting my art in a while. I think I could explain. In reality we all have our professional lives outside of this. Well mine is not so outside of our interests here. I actually work in the comic industry. Not so much as an artist but on staff at a publisher (not Marvel or DC). I wanted to share this with you all since I've been a member here for a long time and thought you'd all be interested. As of late I've been freelancing doing artwork. Things have been going well though not as well as I've fantasized for so many years. I want to share my other alias, my real alias - Here you can see some of the work I've been doing of sketch cover art. Recently my art appeared on a shopping network which was televised and has a website - Star Wars

I've been really excited about this stuff and now my next goal is to get my art in print.
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10 Apr 2015 00:24 #41395 by AuGoose
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Nice work. I have some pieces of what I think of a "Chunky Marker" work in my collection of commissions and I treasure them. Good use of line-weight goes a long way with me and clearly you've got the skillz :).

Good luck getting published. Its a competitive field but there are always opportunities...
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10 Apr 2015 18:51 #41415 by lfan
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Skillz --

Are you still working on your Bionic anthology/series you had started previously?


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10 Apr 2015 23:42 #41418 by DarinSatre
Replied by DarinSatre on topic The other me
Wow. That's really awesome - I've wanted to get work in that industry for a while (or writing novels or anything really - I just have a big desire to write professionally). So even if it's not doing creative things specifically, it's really awesome that you're anywhere involved in that industry!

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