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08 Feb 2005 14:06 #18 by lfan
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OK, this is a little off-topic but for anyone who likes a good story -- aka not the mindless sentences that I churn out -- be sure to pick up Identity Crisis, an 8 issue mini-series from DC Comics. Comic or not, this is one of the best pieces of fiction I've ever read and has all the twists and turns and emotional detours of a "24" season finale!

Granted, if you are not up on DC mythology, you might not appreciate the nuances as much as some die-hards, but Metzler (best-selling Times author and writer of Identity Crisis) does a fantastic job of explaining things.

A note that this is not your father's average comic book. The themes are very adult-oriented as the story centers and starts around the murder and rape of a hero's spouse (depicted tastefully yet brutally violent in the artwork). I don't normally go wild over these "year events" the companies churn out, but this one just made me go "WOW".

Also, theere is no ubergal action in this one whatsoever, so that did not taint my opinion on this at all. :)

As an addendum, you might wanna pick up last month's issue of Wizard featuring an interview with the author and artist, explaining several of the panels and creation process (SPOILERS in it). They talk about the concept and the hints in the story (its a classic whodunnit) and really make you appreciate the thought process involved.....

Pick it up, won't be sorry


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