Gotham Girl returns in Batman/Flash crossover "the Price"

17 Jan 2019 07:13 #62673 by TwiceOnThursdays
Gotham Girl was in the start of Snyder's Batman run.  She has Kryptonian-like powers, only the more she uses them the faster she uses up her life force.

I think she could use Superman-level powers for about two years before she burns up. But that's continuously, and she can simply use them when she needs them and get a much longer life-span.

At the end, her brother (Gotham) who had the same powers turned the power ALL the way up to god-like levels and was going to burn out in hours.

I do wish they had let her hair grow back out, but it's probably supposed to indicate the broken nature of her mind.  (She was mentally abused by Psycho Pirate right after her brother died.) Still She's one of the power houses in the DC Universe...

Full Story Here

Though I hesitate to link to a site talking about comics books that can make such a basic error as "and is that the crowbar that the Joker used to kill Robin?"  Joker DID NOT beat Robin to death with a crowbar.-- and I'm not talking about the "he lived to be the red hood" I'm talking about in the story.   Joker beat Robin mostly to death with a crowbar but Robin survived only to be blown up by the Joker and _that's_ what killed him.

I guess it's too much to expect a geek site to get basic facts of a famous story right? *sigh*

Also, I do not (yet) know what to make of Heroes in Crisis -- the crossover event this is spawning from.  Which such big things it's doing, the worht of the story is going to HEAVILY depend on if it sticks the landing w/ a good ending that makes what is going on worthwhile.  Right now i'm skeptical ... 

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