Scorpiana: Revelations is upon us!

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Scorpiana: Revelations is upon us! was created by mikeshoe
Hey, everyone! I just wanted you to know that the campaign for Scorpiana: Revelations is here! The third issue sees Scorpiana's mission of vengeance continue as she tracks down whoever is holding her sister!Set in a world populated with colorful metahuman heroes and villains, Elena Santos and her sister Maria were abducted and suffered unspeakable experimentation through exposure to the mysterious substance called Quantium. It proved fatal to the many previous test subjects before them -- but the Santos sisters survived! Initially left for dead, Elena awoke in a mass grave, hell-bent on revenge and determined to rescue her sibling!Her pursuit has attracted the attention of mysterious black ops operative Carter Maxwell and his sidekick, the deadly and beautiful assassin known as Shadha! The two women clash, triggering sparks that fly both in the desert as well as the bedroom!Meanwhile, Pluto Mohr, the mad scientist keeping Elena's sister Maria incapacitated, reveals his ultimate plan for her: dissection! Will Scorpiana learn his location in time to stop him, or will Maria herself have other ideas?Scorpiana is a 25-page full-color comic featuring stunning artwork by C.B. Zane, brilliant colors by Andrea Celestini, and a gripping script by Michael Shoemaker! Check out the project and feel the burn!!! Here is a sampling of what you have to look forward to:              

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