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20 Jan 2022 03:00 #73124 by TwiceOnThursdays
She-Hulk #1 was created by TwiceOnThursdays
A new weeks of comics brings She-Hulk #1.  I believe I said it here (and repeatedly in many places), if you didn't like the HUGLY muscled, almost non-verbal She-Hulk in Aaron's Avengers "just wait".  Because with the announcement of the TV show I knew a few things were going to be true:

- She-Hulk was going to return to her previous sexy form (and go back to being intelligent/eloquent as She-Hulk)
- She-Hulk would be getting a new comic about 7-9 months before the show came out.  (re: they want a new trade on the shelf 1-2 months before the show comes out, and the first trade will be the fix six issues).
- the new comic would be lighter fair (because the guess is the show will be funny given it's writers and stars)

And, with the release of the new comic this week, all things are now true.  Avengers 50 saw She-Hulk return to normal.  Her new comic is out, and it's actually pretty good.

Now, I won't say the art by Roge Antonio is John Byrne level (it's not) but it's also not the other extreme of Erica Herderson/Squirrel Girl.  She-Hulk is sexy in the book and purposely drawn that way.  I like the story, it hits a lot of the great story/character beats.  Jens a bit down on her luck after spending years in coma/traumatized (her Hulk-titled comic) and as an almost non-verbal Hulk where she had a hard time turning back to Jen.  None of that leaves someone with a good law practice, or even money.



Not to mention the main cover is by Jen Bartel (yum) with the main alternative covers by Artgerm and Adam Hughes (Both are favs of mine).  They purposely made the main covers sexy, while at the same time underlying She-Hulks build and power.  (I uh, got a bit obsessive and I think other than the 1:100 Artgerm virgin variant I have them all, including the multiple store unique covers.). I do think the main covers are important, as it shows how Marvel is trying to attract readers to the comic.  I think Jen Bartel is an excellent choice for the main covers.


The issue has a fight with Mary MacPherran (Titania) which is about the best thing you can hope to happen in a She-Hulk comic. ;-). What I like is the issue uses this for some comedy beats, remembers their past history -AND- acknowledges how the characters have changed from their previous encounters.  Titania looks great, even if she's wearing pants (her Husband calls her "Legs" for a reason).  The first page she shows up as a nice panel of Titania as well as a nice panel of Jen vs Titania from the side. I really like the difference between normal Jen and Titania and Titania's nicely solid, but still sexy, body type.


As I said, a good catfight always makes the issue.  It's not as spectacular as the Power Gem fight, but it does remind me a bit of the Alan Davis Solo Avengers #14 Fight. I really can see this fight as the same characters a few years later after they've been through some stuff.  They're not as friendly as one of my past commissions, but Jen and Mary do share a bond.  It does feel like Mary has turned a nice corner in her character development, as her irrational hatred of Jen was always a sticking point.  I hope this is remembered when she and Aborbing Man are used elsewhere.  (Her run in Hulk and Gamma Flight paid attention to the development that was in Black Bolt).

Anyway, it brings in characters from her past series too, which is good.  The Writer (Rainbow Rowell) seems to have spent some time to do her research on She-Hulk.  A point I REALLY enjoy, this might be the first Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) - She-Hulk interactions in ... damn I can't remember the last time that happened. They were FAST friends since Day 1 of She-Hulk joining the Avengers.  It really makes me happy for this relationship to be remembered and given weight.  I hope for a Hellcat cameo later too.

Anyway, overall a good day for  SWM in mainstream comics: 2 Wonder Woman Comics, Silk #1 as well as Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #7 (which I'm really enjoying) and She-Hulk #1.

I really like the normal variant cover of Supergirl: WoT #7 by Nicola Scott.  The comic has been good with an almost European Sci Fi comic interior art, and a story that isn't quite like any other Supergirl story, I'm willing to let it go where it needs to go and hope that sticks the landing ( and doesn't kill Krypto).

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and if you like She-Hulk maybe swing by a comic book store and check it out.  Or Comixology (etc).

If someone wants a list of all the Unique Store versions of She-Hulk #1 let me know, as I got them coming and can tell you where to get them (but they aren't cheap, though compared to kickstarter comics.. meh about that). There are some nice She-Hulk covers for Hulk #1, Hulk #4 and at least one store variants for She-Hulk #2.

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20 Jan 2022 14:13 #73128 by kikass2014
Replied by kikass2014 on topic She-Hulk #1
Nice to see Jen back to her normal self so to say :) 

Totally agree with you, its not John Byrne level, but it is really cool.  And waaaay better then the monstrosity they had going on.

Looking forward to the show :)


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