Supergirl 17 (and 20) Limited Spoilers

22 May 2007 05:33 #9369 by Random321
Supergirl 17 (and 20) Limited Spoilers was created by Random321
So ~ Supergirl 17 is out. There is some action (fighting no big lifting), the art is okay but not my cup of tea, the dialogue is some of the better to date in this story line.

Begin Limited Spoilers:
We learn more about the damn crystals and what Supergirl can do with them. We also fill in some of the holes in the story from the past and SG’s thoughts about certain people.

I almost hoped they were going to get things settled back down from the frantic and chaotic nature of the last few books. However, the last page just blows everything out of the water however and gave me the “oh good lord can they make this characters existence any more confusing!” feeling.

I know I keep saying it, but I really think this book/novel/comic might turn a corner here. It sounds like yet ANOTHER new artist is going to be on this book soon and the release of the cover for SG 20 and the solicit gives me hope that they’re going to turn this girl into an actual hero once and for all. (See SG 20)

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