Transformatrix 4000 v2.0

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Before the boys could blink, Regina was standing by one of the goal posts. Wrapping her fingers around the steel pole, she snapped it from its base, then wrenched it loose from the crossbar. Swinging it back over her shoulder like a golf club, she sprang into the air and flew straight toward Gracie ...

Cautiously, without taking her eyes off Regina for an instant, Gracie retreated, drawing her opponent higher and higher. Regina swung the twenty-foot pole round in a wide arc, her eyes blazing with lethal intent. Gracie reached out, grabbed it ...

She gave the pole a sharp tug, then twisted it around and flipped it upright. Regina let go of her end, but a nanosecond too late. She went sailing up, up in a high, smooth arc, her limbs thrashing about as she strove to slow herself down ...

Fuck this! she thought. All she wanted, now, was to fly off somewhere -- anywhere -- it didn't matter, as long as it was far away from this stupid school and that stupid Ms. Norbury and this stupid woman from the NIB with her stupid sneaky kung-fu shit ... She turned, ready to put on a burst of speed that would put them all far behind her, when a thought penetrated the mist of rage and self-pity swirling in her brain ...

I need a distraction.

And like a thunderbolt she dove back down to the football field ...

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The gridiron looked like a battlefield.

A trench ran like a raw wound from one end zone to the other; a crater gaped on the fifty-yard line; clumps of sod were strewn everywhere. The scoreboard lay crumpled along the sideline, and a single goal post swayed forlornly at one end of the field.

Freddy Muldoon and Casey O'Brien were standing near the crater, squinting up into the clear blue sky.

"Can you see them?"

Casey shook his head. "Nah. Too high."

"Wish we had a pair of binoculars."

"Yeah. Who's that other woman, anyway?"

"No idea. But wow! Did you see Regina's tits?"

Casey grinned. "It was kinda hard not to. Man! Would I like to get my hands on -- eep!"

Steely fingers were clutching the front of his jersey. Turning his head, Casey found himself staring at two perfect hemispheres of flawless flesh, capped by aureoles as pink -- and as mouth-watering -- as the icing on a cupcake. His eyes wandered longingly over their contours for an all-too-brief moment ... then he was being lifted roughly off his feet. He looked up. Regina was holding him at arm's length, regarding him with a contemptuous smirk.

"Hope you enjoyed that," she sneered. "It's as close as you 're ever gonna get."

She spun round, still clutching Casey's jersey. Her arm swept upward ...

"No!" shouted Freddy, watching in horror as Casey soared helplessly into the sky ...

Regina's arm shot out and grabbed Freddy by the collar of his jersey.

"You're next."

Regina! NO!" Ms. Norbury was flying toward them in a desperate burst of speed, but she was too late ...

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Got to save those boys, thought Tina. Changing course, she flew upward, scanning the sky for Casey O'Brien.

What on earth has gotten into Regina? she wondered. She glanced down. Regina was a blur, zig-zagging across the football field. She grabbed two more boys and flung them high into the air, then flew off in a burst of super-speed.

Tina panicked. Would she be able to save all four boys? And where to begin?

"You take those two!"

Gracie was right beside Tina, pointing toward two of the boys. "You take those," she repeated. "I'll get the other two. Meet me back down on the field."

"Right!" said Tina. She put on a burst of speed, reached out, grabbed Glenn Crockett by the collar of his jersey. Gently, now, she thought. Glenn's eyes were closed and he hung limply in Tina's grasp.

With Glenn dangling from one hand, Tina looked around anxiously. Where was the other boy she was supposed to save? There he was! Jeff Mortimer was off to her right, still soaring upward, his eyes glazed with terror as he tumbled helplessly hundreds of feet above the ground ...

"It's okay, Ms. Norbury! I've got him!"

Gretchen Wieners shot past Tina, her lustrous black hair streaming behind her. She flew in underneath Jeff and hovered, arms outstretched, waiting to catch him as he fell.

"Good work!" Tina shouted as Jeff tumbled into Gretchen's waiting arms. "Bring him down to the field!"

Gretchen beamed with pride as she cradled the two-hundred-pound tackle in her arms. "Thanks, Ms. Norbury! Don't you worry! I'll take good care of him!"

"Oh, I'm sure you will." Smiling, Tina turned and carried Glenn, still unconscious, back down to the football field.

Gracie was laying Casey and Freddy carefully on the ground. She stood up as Tina lay Glenn down beside them.

"What about the other boy?"

"Gretchen got him. She's coming."

Gracie spoke rapidly. "Well, this one's got a dislocated shoulder. They should probably all be treated for shock. Get the school nurse, if she's still around, or call 911. Listen, I have to run. I got a call just now. Something's come up."

Tina's eyebrows rose. "So you're not going after Regina?"

"I didn't say that. Look, I'll tell you all about it later, okay? Thanks for all your help."

"You're wel -- " But Gracie had already flown off at super-speed.

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Twenty thousand feet above the Arctic Ocean, Regina sat pouting in mid-air, oblivious to the freezing winds that whipped past her, tugging at her hair and the tattered remains of her T-shirt.


Scowling, she turned around. That woman from the NIB was hovering right behind her.

"What do you want?"

"I was hoping we could talk." Gracie saw that Regina had shrunk to her regular size.

"Yeah? What about?"

Gracie took off her denim jacket and held it out toward Regina. "I know you're not cold, but maybe you'd like to put this on?"

Regina grunted. It wasn't a thank-you, but at least it was an acknowledgment. She took the jacket and put it on and fastened the buttons.

Gracie sat facing Regina. "Bad day, huh?"

"What do you care?"

"Hey, I'm not as old as you might think. I remember high school."

Regina sat in sullen silence.

"Look, I'm not going to bullshit you," Gracie said. "I didn't follow you all the way to the North Pole just to have a Gilmore Girls moment. A transformee has gone rogue. Her name's Tiffany Roberts, and she's killed eight people already. She's huge -- and she seems to be stronger than any other transformee on earth. A lot stronger. Sound like someone we know?"

Regina shrugged.

"Look, Regina, help me out here. Tell me how you got beefed up, and I can pull some strings and get those shoplifting and vandalism charges dropped."

Gracie saw a flicker of interest in Regina's eyes.

"Something else you should know. Tiffany Roberts has already put a couple of transformees out of commission. That's how powerful she is. You may be the only person on earth strong enough to stop her."

Regina felt a glow of sulky satisfaction. Half an hour ago, this woman was trying to bust her -- and now she was begging for help. Well, she could beg all she wanted.

Regina tossed her head. "Ask someone who cares. Just leave me alone, okay?"

Gracie nodded slowly. "Okay." She turned to leave. "I guess I can't blame you," she said casually. "I mean, if Amber Slater can't take this woman down ... "

"Huh?" Regina looked up, frowning. "What's Amber got to do with this?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just that -- well, she's the new Supergirl, after all ... America's super-sweetheart -- "

Regina's eyes flashed. "Oh, puke! I know Amber Slater. She's a -- okay. Let me at this Tiffany woman. We'll see who takes her down!"

Gracie kept her poker face. "Well, all right. We'll talk on the way. Just try to keep up, okay?" She turned and flew off.

A moment later, Regina had caught up with her. "So can I keep the stuff I took?"

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Atalanta dug her fingers into the trunk of the giant oak. Squaring her shoulders and arching her back, she heaved upward. Taut, shapely muscles stood out along her arms as the great tree rose from the forest floor. The ground bulged and split; thick knotted roots burst from the dark soil ...

"Aaand ... cut!"

Summer Montabone set the tree down carefully, leaning it against the trunk of a tall beech. She brushed a few chips of bark from her white tunic and strolled off in search of the director.

Members of the cast and crew of Atalanta were scurrying back and forth all around her -- cameramen and sound engineers and extras dressed as Argolian soldiers. Many of them turned to stare in wonder at the tall, golden-haired beauty as she passed by.

The director looked up from his clipboard as she approached.

"That was great, Summer. Let's take ten and run that shot a few more times."

Summer nodded. No matter how smoothly a scene might run, directors always wanted to shoot it over and over. That was one of the things she'd learned about movie-making in the past few weeks. She'd never planned to be an actress -- but then, she'd never planned to be a superwoman, either. Six months ago, she was a fitness model and personal trainer; now ... now she was a transformee -- and the star of the most eagerly-awaited movie of the year.

"Weather permitting, we can start shooting the big battle scene tomorrow," the director was saying. "Oh, by the way, Argo just faxed the opening scene of our sequel. Great stuff. I'll show it you after -- '

"Excuse me." Summer's cell phone was beeping, at a volume inaudible to anyone but her. She took it from a fold of her tunic and scanned the text message scrolling beneath the screen.

She looked up apologetically. "I'm sorry," she said. "Do you think you could shoot around me for the rest of the afternoon? It's DeeAnn -- and she says she could use my help." In her eagerness to be on her way, she was hovering several feet above the ground.

The director stared up at her in surprise. "Well, yes, I suppose so," he said. "But aren't you going to change?"

Summer glanced down at her scanty tunic. "Hey," she grinned, "if it's good enough for Atalanta -- "

The next moment, she was gone.

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After twenty-five years as an instructor at the National Guard Training Academy, Major Sherwin Williams, ARNG, never imagined he'd be spending his retirement teaching at a girls' school.

But this was no ordinary school -- and these were no ordinary girls.

He stood at the front of the lecture hall, looking at the sixteen young women scattered around the room. "All right, class," he said. "There's a forest fire moving across northern California. Firefighters have been unable to turn it back, and it's approaching a populated area. You've been called in to handle it. What do you do?"

A blonde girl in the front row raised her hand.

"Mmm ... somebody besides Courtney?" asked Major Williams. He addressed a girl with purple hair and black lipstick, slouching in the back row. "Erica? How about you?"

"Super-breath," Erica smirked. "One puff, and I'd blow that sucker out like a candle on a birthday cake."

"What about it, class? Super-breath?" Courtney's hand was up again. Major Williams sighed. "Yes, Courtney?"

"Wouldn't that just spread the fire faster?"

"Well, it could -- just like a strong wind. So what might you do instead?" Ignoring Courtney's upraised hand, he looked around the room. "Megan? Any ideas?"

"I think I saw Supergirl do this once on the news," Megan said. "She spun real fast over a lake and lifted the water right out of it. Then she dumped the water on the fire to put it out."

"What about the environmental impact?" Courtney asked. "What if there were endangered species in the lake?"

"Duh!" Erica rolled her eyes. "What about the poor little bunny rabbits and chipmunks and squirrels caught in the fire? You're worrying about some frogs and minnows when Bambi's about to get barbecued?"

A few of the other girls snickered. Courtney's face reddened.

"Yes, well, these are all good points," Major Williams said hastily. "Obviously, there are many factors to take into consideration -- Oh! Ms. Zor-El! Good afternoon!"

The girls turned round in their seats. Kara Zor-El -- the heroine formerly known as Supergirl, now the school's dean of students -- was standing in the doorway at the back of the lecture hall. Instead of the pinstriped jacket and skirt she usually wore around the campus, she was attired in her old super-costume -- red boots, short red skirt, snug blue top emblazoned with the classic "S" emblem, and a red cape that flared dramatically behind her as she strode purposefully toward the front of the room.

"Good afternoon, Major Williams. I'm sorry to interrupt, but -- " She turned to face the students. "Ladies, I'm taking you on a field exercise. This is not a drill; it's a bona fide Code Red. I'll fill you in on the way. You are not to engage the threat directly. You'll maintain a perimeter and deal with any collateral situations that may arise. At all times, you will be under my direct supervision. Is that understood?"

Fifteen heads nodded solemnly. Kara raised an eyebrow, looking toward the back row. "Is that understood?" she repeated.

Erica shrugged. "Got it."

"Good. Major Williams, once again my apologies. Ladies, are there any questions?"

Courtney's hand shot up. "Yes, Courtney?"

"Are we going to be graded on this?"

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Billy clicked on the bookmark and swore as the page started to load.
"Come on..." he grumbled. Finally the page had appeared, UGF better known as Uber Girl Frenzy.

He had gone online to check his mail and was AIMed by Jill. She quickly informed him of the situation, a suped-up transformee who had manged to injure two other superpowered girls. She wanted him to see if he and his friends could round up some help.

UGF followed the exploits of all the superpowered women around the world these days. From his girlfriend Amber, who was the new Supergirl, to the girls next-door that people wanted to see transformed. He knew for a fact that a few of the transformees visited the site. So if he knew a few, maybe so did a few of his online buddies.

He started a new post and typed:


A rouge transformee has been causing serious damage and needs to be taken down. SHE IS STRONGER repeat! STRONGER than a normal transformee. Several supergirls are going to try and stop her but more might be needed for damage control. If you are a transformee and can help please find Kara Zor-EL. Also if any board members know someone, pass this message on!

Billy hit submit and hoped he had helped.

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Caitlin set her tray on the counter and smiled at the bartender.

"Hey, Charlie. Two Sam Adams," she said.

"Coming right up." Charlie opened two bottles of beer and set them on Caitlin's tray. Glancing across the restaurant, he frowned suddenly.

"Heads up, Caitlin," he said. "Looks like trouble at table five."

Caitlin turned around. It was a typical Friday evening at Hooters -- crowded amd noisy. Girls in white tank tops and orange shorts were scurrying from table to table with trays of beer and food, amid loud laughter and boisterous conversation and a Keith Urban song blaring from the jukebox. Caitlin's eyes swiftly focussed on a table at the other side of the room.

"I'm on it," she told Charlie. "I'll be right back."

The next moment, she was standing at table five, brushing a strand of red hair from her face, her green eyes flashing with indignation. A customer she hadn't seen before -- a burly man in a black T-shirt with a bandana wrapped around the top of his head and a gold loop dangling from one ear -- had grabbed Michelle by the wrist and wasn't about to let go.

"Excuse me," said Caitlin. "What seems to be the problem?"

The man looked up. His angry scowl turned to a wolfish leer as he let his eyes wander appreciatively over the firm, roundes contours of Caitlin's five-foot-four-inch frame.

"Hello there!" he grinned. He let go of Michelle -- who stepped back, massaging her wrist -- and leaned forward until his eyes were inches away from the nameplate pinned to Caitlin's tank top. "And what's your name, darling?"

Caitlin grabbed the front of his T-shirt and yanked him out of his chair.

"Hello, my name is Caitlin," she said sweetly. "And I'll be your bouncer this evening."

An expectant silence fell over the restaurant. Every eye in the room was riveted on Caitlin as she lifted the brawny trouble-maker off his feet. Man, this guy is huge, she thought. Even with her arm raised at a forty-five degree angle, his feet were only a couple of inches above the floor.

"Hey!" he sputtered. "Put me down!" Reaching behind him, he pulled a foot-long steel bar from the back of his leather pants and brandished it in Caitlin's face. "I'm warning you!"

Caitlin smirked. "Compensating much?" she asked.

"Let go of me, you bi -- owww!" The steel bar crumpled as it came down on Caitlin's head; a sharp vibration ran back along its length and through the hand that gripped it. "Son of a -- " Cursing, the man dropped his weapon.

Caitlin swept her arm up. A moment later, she was holding the trouble-maker over her head on an upturned palm as easily as if he were a serving of French fries.

"Would you like to hear tonight's specials?" she went on. "We offer an exquisite ass-kicking with a slice of humble pie on the side. Or maybe you'd like to try our famous wings?"

She drew her arm back, like Tom Brady going for a touchdown pass, and threw the 250-pound bruiser in a long, high arc toward the back door. Every face was lifted, every head turned, as he went soaring over the tables, his eyes wide with terror, his arms flailing helplessly. Caitlin's shorts left a streak of orange in their wake as she raced toward the back of the room, arriving in time to grab the man by the back of his T-shirt just as he was about to crash into the wall.

She dragged him outside, limp and unresisting, and propped him against the dumpster. "The garbage truck will be here at 6:30," she informed him. "Be on it." With a toss of her head, she turned and went back inside.

The customers were on their feet, clapping, cheering, whistling, as she came in. "Cait-lin! Cait-lin! Cait-lin!" they chanted. "You go, girl!" shouted a woman at the bar, raising her drink. Blushing and smiling, Caitlin bowed theatrically, then went to get her tray.

[ To Be Continued ... ]

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Her friend Traci was standing by the bar. "Hey, Cait. Don't worry about that order. I took care of it for you."

"Thanks, Traci." Caitlin sighed. "What is it with all these low-lives that have been coming in here lately? That was, what, the fourth one in two weeks? It's like this place has become a jerk magnet."

"Yeah, about that -- " Traci turned to the bartender. "Charlie, is it okay if Caitlin and I take our break now?"

"Gee, I don't know, Traci. We're pretty busy -- "

"It'll just be a couple of minutes. Girl stuff." She fluttered her eyelashes. "Please?"

"Well ... all right."

"Thanks, Charlie. You're the best." She picked up her laptop from the counter and turned to Caitlin. "Let's go."

Puzzled, Caitlin followed Traci down the corridor, past the restrooms and the manager's office, and out a side door into an alley where a few decrepit chairs and a rusty table had been set up.

"So how's show biz?" Traci asked as they sat down. "Any prospects?"

Caitlin shook her head. "Not really. DeeAnn's great, but she's got so many A-list transformees on her Rolodex -- Jessica Alba and Elisha Cuthbert and Anna Faris ... How am I supposed to compete with them?"

"Hey, now, don't give up, girlfriend."

"Oh, I'm not. DeeAnn just sent my portfolio to Sports Illustrated. They want transformees for their next swimsuit issue. We'll see what happens."

"Awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed. But listen -- that's not what I wanted to talk to you about." Traci opened her laptop and tapped at the keyboard. She pointed to the screen. "Recognize her?"

Caitlin blinked. That was her picture on the screen. Poised and smiling in her tank top and shorts, she stood with one hand resting on her hip and an aluminum keg three feet in diameter resting lightly on her shoulder.

She shrugged. "Yeah. Jerry took that picture a few weeks ago. He said headquarters wanted it for an ad campaign. I signed a release. What is this, some corporate website?"

"Not quite. Keep watching."

Words appeared on the screen -- CAITLIN O'NEILL ... HOOTERS OF STEEL!"

Then the muzzle of a semi-automatic rifle emerged along the bottom of the page, firing a stream of animated bullets that struck Caitlin's chest and bounced off toward every corner of the sreen.

Caitlin's jaw dropped. "What is this?"

"It's a pay site," Traci explained. "But the owner is generous enough to offer a free sample. Let's check it out, shall we?" She scrolled, clicked -- and a videoclip began playing.

"Hey, that's the guy who came in here last week," said Caitlin. "The one with the baseball bat. See? There he is, shaking it in my face -- and there I am, breaking it over my knee ..." The clip ended and the screen went blank. "What the hell --?"

"Don't you see? Our security cameras have been upgraded to get hi-res footage of you beating up on those creeps. Then the videos get posted on this site so perverts can get their rocks off watching you -- for $29.95 a month." Caitlin still looked blank. "These jerks who've been coming in here -- they're actors, Cait. They were hired to come in and start trouble."

"But who --?" The penny dropped. "Jerry!"

"Who else but our esteemed manager?"

"That bastard! I'll kill him!"

"Well, now, hold on, girlfriend. I'm sure Jerry didn't get Hooters' permission to use their trademark. If we let headquarters know about this little venture of his, their lawyers will be on him like white on rice."

Caitlin stood up. "Not if I get my hands on him first." And before her friend could say another word, she was gone in a burst of super-speed.

[ To Be Continued ... ]

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Traci heard a sharp snapping sound right behind her. She turned around. The side door of the restaurant was swaying on one hinge.

Uh-oh, she thought. Ordinarily, Caitlin was a sweetie -- but she had an Irish temper to go along with her red hair and fair complexion. Traci rose hurriedly and stepped through the open doorway.

Caitlin was standing in the corridor, hands on hips, facing the door of Jerry's office.

"Open up, you little twerp," she shouted. "I know you're in there. I've got x-ray vision, remember?"

She grabbed the doorknob and turned it sharply.

"Damn!" The doorknob had broken off in her hand. Growling impatiently, she held it up and squeezed, letting the metal ooze between her fingers like soft clay before flinging it aside.

Stepping away from the door, she raised her right leg and drew her foot back. Traci winced as the sole of Caitlin's sneaker shot through the door, smashing a ragged hole in the flimsy plywood. "Damn damn damn!" Tottering awkwardly on her left leg, Caitlin yanked her foot free, then turned her attention back to the door. Grabbing the jagged edges of the hole, she tore savagely at the plywood, snapping off long splintery pieces until she'd made an opening wide enough for her to step through.

Jerry was sitting at his desk, hastily putting some papers away in a drawer, but he scrambled to his feet as Caitlin stormed into the room. He was a balding, overweight man with bloodshot eyes and a big, foul-smelling cigar protruding from one side of his mouth. His face, ordinarily florid, was ashen with fear as Caitlin placed the palms of her hands on his desktop and glared up at him.

"Is it true what they say, Jerry?" she asked. "Is it true the bigger the cigar, the smaller the penis?" A flick of her finger sent the cigar flying out of Jerry's mouth and across the room.

"Who -- who's going to pay for that door?" squeaked Jerry, in a pathetic attempt to gain the offensive. "I'm warning you, Caitlin, that's coming right out of your paycheck -- "

"I don't think so, Jerry. I know about your little website. How many subscribers do you have?"

"I don't know what you're -- "

Caitlin pressed down on the desktop. The metal surface crumpled audibly beneath her hands. "How many, Jerry?"

Jerry gulped. "Nine hundred and thirty."

"So at $29.95 a month, that comes to twenty-seven thousand, eight hundred fifty-three dollars and fifty cents. Minus overhead, you can still afford a new door. Oops! Silly me! I forgot about my share. You were planning to share, weren't you, Jerry?"

"Yes! Yes! I was -- I wanted to surprise you -- "

"Don't bullshit me, Jerry." Caitlin folded her arms across her chest and rose off the floor until her eyes were level with his. Then she reached out with both arms and grabbed him by the lapels of his polyester jacket. Higher and higher she rose, holding him out at arm's length, until his head bumped the ceiling.

"You bastard!" Caitlin snapped. "You lying scumbag! I ought to -- " Suddenly her nose wrinkled in distaste. Something was mingling with the smell of Jerry's cheap after-shave and stinky cigars and sweaty armpits. It was the scent of ... fear? No. It was ... it was ...

It was the unmistakable musk of erotic arousal.

"Are you getting off on this, you pervert?" She glanced down. She didn't need super-vision to see the tell-tale bulge in his trousers.

"Ewwww!" Grimacing with disgust, she flung him across the room and onto a scuffed leather sofa.

Caitlin's green eyes glowed with an incandescent red as she directed a beam of heat vision at the wall behind Jerry's desk. She paused a moment to survey the result -- the words "I QUIT!" scorched in foot-high letters across the plaster -- before she turned and strode out of the office.

Traci was waiting in the corridor. "Outside," she said.

Back in the alley, Traci turned to her friend. "Just tell me one thing," she said. "You weren't checking out Jerry's package with your x-ray vision -- were you?"

"Eww! Gross! No way!" Caitlin declared. "Besides -- don't you mean microscopic vision?" The two girls burst into giggles.

"Mercy!" exclaimed Traci, wiping a tear of mirth from her eye. "But seriously, girlfriend, you have got to be careful when you get your Irish up!"

"I know," Caitlin said ruefully. "It's just that -- aargh! I'm still so mad when I think about it! I just want to -- smash something!"

Her cell phone beeped. She unclipped it from the waistband of her shorts and read the text message scrolling across the screen.

"It's DeeAnn," she said. "Talk about perfect timing!"

"She found you a job?"

"No -- a fight! Later, girlfriend!" She leapt into the air and flew off, her orange shorts streaking like a meteor across the Akron skyline.

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A 60-watt bulb cast a feeble light over the back room of Manny's Repair Shop, throwing shadows on the oil-stained concrete floor. It hung over a battered table, illuminating a half-dozen beer cans and a chipped ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts. Three men sat round the table, their lips moving silently as they counted wads of currency into neat little piles.

There was a knock at the door. The men looked up. "Who's there?" asked Leroy.

A woman's voice replied. "I've got a pizza for a Seymour Butts."

"You got the wrong address."

"Isn't this 253 Mott Street?"

"Yeah, but there ain't nobody here by that name."

There was a pause. "Crap. Another prank call. Listen, you want this pizza? Eight bucks and it's yours."

Leroy looked at the other two men. "You guys hungry?" They shrugged.

"All right," he shouted. "Hold on." He got up and opened the door.

The delivery woman stepped into the dimly-lit room. She had tucked her hair under her cap and pulled the visor low over her forehead; but her blue coveralls, emblazoned with the logo of Metro Pizza, did not conceal the contours of her tall, slender frame from the appreciative gaze of the men. She set the pizza box on the table and waited as Leroy collected a few dollars from his companions.

"What's the topping?" he asked.

"Pepperoni ... and justice!"

Startled, the three men looked up. The delivery woman was flinging aside her cap and shaking loose a cascade of red hair. Clutching the front of her coveralls, she tore them wide open, stepping out to stand revealed in the tight purple-and-yellow costume of ...

[ To Be Continued ... ]

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"Holy shit!" exclaimed Vince. "It's Ultrawoman!"

"That's not Ultrawoman, you idiot," said Joey. "It's that super-chick from the news -- Super ... Super ..."


"Yeah, that's it."

"Oh, man! Wait'll I tell the old lady about this!"

"Are we gonna be on television?"

"Hey, Super-Lady, can I get your autograph?"

Lana stared at the men in bewilderment. "Uh, guys, can we focus?" She placed her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest. "Since you know who I am, you know that it's my job to track down people like you -- low-lives who prey on the innocent citizens of Metropolis -- and bring them to justice!"

"'Low-lives'? That's cold."

"And we don't prey on the citizens of Metropolis. We sell brand-name knockoffs and bootleg DVD's -- mostly to tourists. So there!"

"Listen, if you wanna bust us, that's cool. Just bring us down to the police station and we'll pay the fine. It's part of our overhead."

"Yeah -- and we'll be back on the streets tomorrow!"

"Shut up, Vince."

Lana blinked, crestfallen. "So you're not going to pull out guns and shoot at me?"

The men exchanged glances. "Manny keeps a gun in his office," Joey said helpfully. "I don't know if he keeps it loaded. Want me to go get it?"

Lana sighed. "Forget it. Come on, guys -- meet me half-way here. Isn't someone going to throw a punch at me or whack me over the head with a lead pipe?"

"Whoa!" said Leroy. "My mama didn't raise any stupid kids ... 'cept for my brother Tyrone."

"So are you gonna take us in or not?" asked Vince.

Lana hesitated, then shook her head. "Nah. Sorry to bother you, guys. Pizza's on me."

"Thanks, Super-Lady. Hey, you want a beer?"

Lana shrugged. "Sure, why not?" She popped open the can Leroy handed her. "Watch and learn, fellas." She raised the can to her lips, tilted her head back, and swallowed its contents in a single gulp. Holding up her finger for silence, she unleashed a plangent belch that echoed off the bare walls and rattled the grimy windows.

Then, as her audience cheered and applauded, she placed the empty can on an upturned palm and swept her arm up, crushing it flat against her forehead.

"Hoo! You're all right, Super-Lady." Leroy reached into a cardboard carton next to his chair and pulled out a shiny black handbag. "Here, this is for you. Genu-wine Prada leather."


The men looked at one another and burst into guffaws.

"Very funny, guys," said Lana. She turned to leave. "Try to stay out of trouble, okay?"

[ To Be Continued ... ]

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02 Jan 2008 04:01 #11312 by argonaut
Replied by argonaut on topic Re: Transformatrix 4000 v2.0
Justin, her cameraman, was waiting by the door, putting his camcorder back in its case. He slung it over his shoulder and followed Lana out of the alley.

"So," she said. "Did you get that?"

Justin nodded. "Yeah -- but it's not exactly 'film at eleven' material."

"Which means the top story on tonight's newscast will probably be Ultrawoman putting out that fire at the pet shop."

"Hey, it's a crowd-pleaser. Hot babe, tight costume, super-breath, puppies and kittens -- what's not to like?"

Lana grunted.

"Jeez, Lana, what do you expect? You busted half the big-time mobsters and drug dealers in the city and the other half wised up and left town. Guys like these are all that's left. Here's a thought. Why don't you go to court and actually testify against some of those big shots you took down? We could get a story or two out of that."

"Bor-ing. People aren't going to tune in to watch me yapping away in some stuffy courtroom. They expect action -- excitement -- drama. They want to see me kick down doors and bust heads. They want to see bullets bouncing off my -- "

"Yeah, well, they don't have to watch Metropolis Tonight for that." Justin held up a DVD in a clear plastic case labeled "SUPER-LANA -- BULLETS AND BOOBS!

"They took all the bullet-bouncing footage from your newscasts," he explained, "and spliced it together without all the stuff about 'justice' and 'innocent citizens.'"

Lana scowled. "Where did you get that?"

"Leroy sold it to me. Nice guy. And the production values are actually pretty good for a bootleg."

Lana sighed. "Damn. I need a story, bad." She took out her cell phone. "Maybe there's something on the Daily Planet website." She frowned at the screen for a few moments. Suddenly her eyes lit up.

"Sweet Nellie Bly! Give me your camcorder!"

"Uh -- hold on -- " Justin protested feebly as Lana slung the camcorder over her shoulder.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll take good care of it. Now listen. I'm off to cover a story that'll knock that pet shop fire onto the cutting-room floor. I'll need a ground crew, and a live feed -- I'll phone instructions, so stay tuned. Bye!"

She sprang into the air and flew off toward the northwest, her eyes shining with excitement. Now that she was on the trail of a story -- and what a story! -- her mood was ebullient. She began to hum a favorite show tune ...

"When I have a brand new hairdo ... With my eyelashes all in curl ..."

She flung out her arms, arched her back, and executed a flawless loop-the-loop high above the city.

"I float as the clouds on air do ... I enjoy being a girl!"

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03 Jan 2008 18:36 #11322 by Woodclaw
Replied by Woodclaw on topic Re: Transformatrix 4000 v2.0
A burst of 9mm bullets hits the tarmac in front of the LaSalle bank in Chicago, opening a line of holes in the front of one of the police car parked around the main door. A rasping voice from the inside shouts: "Ok pigs, that was a friendly warning, it's plenty of hostages and bullets here and, you know, they don't mix well."
Manuel Herlioso, detective, curses his luck: 'I don't belive this... Hostages 101... what kind of stupid son of a b...'

The voice continues: "No one is injured, for now, but..."

'But if we don't do what they say...' Herlioso thinks.

"... If you don't do what we say..."

'...somebody will get hurt, badly. Just two day before my vacation. Hideputa, cabron!' Herlioso has the habit to swear in spanish like his grandfather.

"... somebody will get hurt, understand?"

Ther was a gust of wind and a female voice next to Herlioso says "Wow an improvisation on the old bank robber cliche, I'm almost impressed."

"Kelly!" shout Herlioso placing a hand on his chest "Don't do that again, chica. You almost give me a heart attack."

Kelly Fisher was half of an inch over 6 feet tall, she was a slender athletic woman with a body that resemble a fitness model, a magnificient alchemy of beauty and strength. She looks extremly pretty (some of her friends substain that she resemble Halle Berry), her features are more toward the mulatto type, despite her parents were both african-americans, probably the some genetic heritage from a distant ancestor, she keeps her hair in a number of thin dreadlocks tied back. She wears a pair of old blue jeans stuffed inside a pair of combat boots, a black "Iron maiden" promo T-shirt and a long green duster, none of them does anything to conceal her voluptous and athletic body.

"Sorry Manuel, I arrived right now. How's it going?" She smiled warmly and Herlioso can't help but swallow.

"Bad, these guy look like a bunch of wannabes, right out of a bad action movie."

"'Die hard' too many times?"

"Probably too intellectual for them. So, what's the plan?"


"You are the one with superpowers here, Kelly, so you have to have a plan."

Kelly grunted and squirted her dark eyes, the walls of the bank disappered from her field of vision. Five men with Uzis, one at the door, one guarding the biggest group of the hostages, two watching the windows and one teasing a blond girl with the barrel of his weapon 'What a loser.' was the only thing that Kelly was able to think. And twenty two hostages.

"Manuel, I need all of you guys to step back."

"What?" Herlioso was puzzled.

"I think I can take them down at super speed, but I need you guys to step back, or the shockwave from my acceleration will kill you all." Kelly explains, exagirating a little bit.

"Ok! Ok! I hope you know what you are doing." says Herlioso before taking the mike and shouting orders.

"So do I." whispers Kelly under her breath.

In half a minute all the policemen step back, Kelly discards her coat and concentrates on the main door. As soon as the man behind opens a little gap she springs into action, she was only a dark blur of motion that hits the door causing the man to hit the floor ass first about thirty feets from his original position. She doesn't stop, she runs across the room passing near each of them until she stops right before the counter. Kelly rests on the counter hand beyond her back, she rotates the head causing her neck to produce a little cracking sound, the five men turns, points their weapons and pushs the triggers, but all they obtains was a clicking sound, she grins in response.

"Looking for these?" Kelly produces five clips from beyond her back, "You know, those toys are pretty useless against me with or without bullets, so you can surrender now or pay the consequencies later, your choice."

All of the men drops the Uzis and four of them raise the hand. The one that held the blond girl reacts extremly fast (for a human at least) drawing a jackknife and pointing it to the throat of the girl. "Enough bitch, don't even come closer or I'll open the throat of this chick."

The police instinct frozes Kelly death on her tracks, she knows that she can probably saves the girl and kicks the sorry butt of this robber in a few seconds, but without the absolute certainty she can't risk someone else life. The thug smiles wickedly and moves the blade along the girl's neck, only to cause a small cut. There was a shrieking sound like metal scratching agaist rock and the tip on the jackknife breaks. Before it touchs the floor the robber smashs into the opposing wall.

The blond girl dusts her hand and sighs: "So much for the cover..." She truned to Kelly and smiles "You must be Kelly Fisher. My name is Amber, nice to meet you."

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03 Jan 2008 22:34 #11328 by sgfan05
Replied by sgfan05 on topic Re: Transformatrix 4000 v2.0
Kara finished checking in on Supergirl with her hearing. Amber had made contact with Kelly Fisher. Hopefully the transformee could come on with their little task force. They needed all the experienced girls they could get. Even though Kara had the sixteen most senior girls from her academy with her they weren't fighters, not yet at least. Till Lois, Amber, and Lana showed up, Kara wasn't going to start a fight. At the very least her students could get closer and try to keep an eye out for the rouge transformee. Kara turned her head and looked at Courtney the girl who was trying to be number one at the school. The blonde smiled at Kara.

She's a little too eager to please, Kara thought. There was nothing wrong with trying to do well, but she hoped Courtney didn't do anything stupid while trying to shine. Tina a few feet away looked more content. Kara hoped all went to plan, otherwise they might be needed these girls for more than damage control.

The rough plan she and the other heroines had worked out was to deploy the students on the perimeter. Kara and the other experienced transformee's would attempt to draw out Tiff and put her down. Of course, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, she thought.

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04 Jan 2008 15:49 #11340 by Woodclaw
Replied by Woodclaw on topic Re: Transformatrix 4000 v2.0
A few minutes later, out of the LaSalle bank, Chicago

Kelly takes a sip of coffee from a small tank, she finds it disgusting a spits it in a nearby manhole. 'Drawback number one.' she thinks 'Being a superhuman you risk to be killed by your own senses.' A couple of days before she passed nearby a working asphalting machine, a truly suicidal experience.

She studies the girl in fornt of her once more, she isn't particulary tall or muscular, but surely she looks pretty athletic, she has the look that many people automaticly associate with the idea of cheerleader.

"So what is this all about?" asks Kelly.

"Well, there are two issues." Amber brushes an imaginary strand of hair from her face, almost as she was expecting Kelly to intervene. Lois told her that both Jackie and Kelly are tough girls, so she is a little doubtful of how to approach them, in the end she opts for the direct route. "There is a rogue transformee out there, she is stronger than any of us, Kara is assembling a team to stop her, she... we need Jackie and you."

Kelly snarls a little earing the word 'us' used to refer to the transformees, she finds it racist. One of her uncles was a racist, he thought that being an african-american gave him a special right towards the whites, a sort of repayment for the centuries of slavery, he always spoke of 'us' and 'them'. On the other hand, her father, the minister, was an advocate of Martin Luther King ways.

"And what's the other issue?"

"That's not important if we don't survive."

"I strongly prefere to have all the information at once."

"Ok, Kara thought that you and Jackie can help her with some of the girls."

"Which girls?"

"Don't you know about the school."

"That school for transformee in the desert?"

"Yes. Kara told me that some of the girls need a little field practice, so maybe you two can..." The rest of the sentence dies in Amber's throat, she blushes a little, Kelly starts to look really angry.

Kelly closes her fists, her teeth rasps, but she calms down quickly. "She has to talk with my chief about that, I'm only a detective."

"Yes, but..."

"Anyway, this isn't the most pressing matter, right." interrupts Kelly "We better go to check, Jackie." Kelly looks up and shots into the sky like a green streak, shortly followed by the white streak of Amber.

Not far from the point of their take off, Manuel Herlioso talks with an old bald officier with an heavy Illinois' accent. "I'm glad she is on our side, chief..."


"But I really hate when she disappers without writing the report."

The old man smiles "As far as I remeber, Fisher have never been particulary fond of writing reports."

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04 Jan 2008 18:42 #11347 by Woodclaw
Replied by Woodclaw on topic Re: Transformatrix 4000 v2.0
Jackie hits the remote and restarts the DVD she was watching, even being able to see and ear things miles away (not to mention through walls, a quite useless feat when you live in a flatlet), and capable of multitasking almost perfectly, she prefers doing thing the old way it helps her to mantain the world in the right perspective and moreover she is on vacation. She rest on the sofa dress in a gray tracksuit with an oversized sweatshirt. Before being zapped she liked the idea of a sweatshirt large enough to cover her whole body when she was in a fetal position, now she likes it because it is one of the few clothes capable of hiding her super powered body, without being a fireproof vest, wearing it gives her the illusion of being normal again.

In a minute she ears a light tap on the window beside her. "Come in, Kelly, it's open."

"How did you know?" Kelly asks landing through the open window.

"Well, thiefs don't tap, and you are the only person I know that can fly." the redhead answers rising from the sofa "And who is the girl?" asks seeing Amber still out of the window.

"Yeah, right. Come in, girl. Jackie meets Amber, she is here on behalf of Supergirl."

Amber lands gracefully and clasps Jackie's hand "Nice to meet you. Actually, Kara left that title a while ago, but it is correct I'm here on her behalf."

"You two must be quite close, if you call her by her first name." observes Jackie "Anyway what's the deal?"

"Deals. First a rogue super, stronger than anybody else, someone is putting together an improptu team to stop her. Second, you and me to do teaching to a bunch of super teenagers." Kelly says with a grin "I don't know which one is worst."

Jackie frowns and looks at Amber "I think I need some details."

Amber starts explaining while Kelly takes out a jug of orange juice from the firdge a takes a sip, attempting to obliterate the coffee taste that still plagues her mouth. It works pretty good, then she look at the TV. "Hey Jackie, what's that?"

"Akira Kurosawa's 'Seven samurais'."

"I know that, I mean the language."

"Oh, right, it's the original audio."

"The orig... You mean in japanese." Kelly looks at her friend with disbelief "Jackie you don't speak japanese."

"I didn't, as a matter of fact now I do, at least a little." Jackie smiles proudly "You know perfect control of my body and mind also mean that I can learn the phonetic and the grammatic of a language in less than 24 hours, especialy if you can hear some motherspeakers for a while in their country. The only problem is the vocabulary, but a few books and movies are of great help."

Kelly shocks her head, it has always been that way between them, of the two Kelly was the biggest showoff she is the first to get along with new things, but Jackie is the one who better understands the real potential. It was that way even when they do martial arts, Aikido first Muay thay later, Kelly progressed quickly, first but she slowed down after a while, Jackie kept a steadier speed. "So you are telling me, that you flied to Tokyo..."

"Kyoto, actually."

"Ok, Kyoto then, listened for a few hours to people speaking in Japanese and you learned it!"

"Well that is surely is a super feat for me." Amber enters the discussion.

Jackie turns to Amber "Regarding the traing thing I agree with Kelly, we can't decide."

"But..." Amber protests.

"Being a transformee don't give us any kind of special rights, Amber. We are still a police officier and a firewoman, we have to respond to higher authorities."

Amber looks shift from Jackie to Kelly and back again, she is astonished. 'Now I understand why Kara and Lois said that we need them. It isn't a matter of fighting power or experience. We need them to keep us form going on a power trip, to keep us honest, maybe even to keep some of us human.'

"Who is this rogue girl anyway." Kelly asks.

"I believe that her name is Tiffany Roberts."

"Nothing else. I mean, what's her work? Does she have a family? Anything?"

"I fear not."

Kelly takes her mobile "Maybe she is an habitual. I'll call the dept."

Amber looks at Jackie "So, are you in?"

Jackie thinks for a little while "Yes and no."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm in, but your plan means a lot of damage to anything and anyone around. So I won't fight unless thing are going really bad, you take care of her, I take care of the rest of the world, ok."

Amber studies the resolution that exudes form Jackie's face "I think that it can work, but we will probably engage her far from any inhabited area."

"It will be better, three years ago there was a superhuman battle here, it leveled half of the city. It took weeks only to remove the debris, and we found people..."

"WHAT?" Kelly shouts causing the windows to tremble "Are you absolutly sure? Ok fine, thank you."

"Bad news?"

"Worst that you can imagine. She is an habitual, she was so bad at first, but some stupid judge sentenced her for the maximum penalty, and she took it in the worst kind of way."

Jackie zips to her drawer and dress in a blink of an eye. It looks like a rough work so she chose a pair of tattered jeans, an old white T-shirt (with the X-men logo emblazoned over her left breast) and a pair of old sneakers. "It's looks that this will be our longest day. Better to move." she take off form the window, the others follows quickly.

When they are about three hundred feets from the streets Amber asks "I have a little question. Who is this Akira Kurosawa you were talking about?"

Jackie and Kelly looks at each other and answers as a chorus "Amber, you have a lot of catch up to do."

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08 Jul 2008 05:18 #12814 by yaracyrrah
Replied by yaracyrrah on topic Re: Transformatrix 4000 v2.0
It was not going well for the good guys. A dozen transformees lay unconscious, and a dozen more were bruised, but Tiff stood unbloodied. Kara and her sixteen cadets had kept the collateral damage down, but still half a hundred buildings had been damaged, some by direct hits but most by minor earthquakes caused when Tiff slammed someone or other into the ground. And all the heroines had gained was a temporary cease-fire: Tiff was winded enough that she hadn’t taken the offensive--yet.

“I can take her,” said Regina George confidently, and descended from the clouds at top speed.

Tiff saw her coming and tensed for action. Regina was aiming straight for her. Tiff met her a thousand feet above the ground.

This earthquake was the biggest yet; windows shattered a mile away, and the impact crater was as wide as a small house. Only one figure rose from it: Regina.

“Thank God,” someone whispered.

But everyone heard Tiff hiss, “Bitch.” A blast white-hot heat vision stabbed out from the bottom of the crater.

Regina dodged easily. “You’re the bitch, bitch,” she retorted. “Do you need me to hit you again?”

Tiff charged. Regina met her with a punch, and the crater got deeper as Tiff slammed into the ground again.

“What should I do with her?” Regina asked, directing the question at Gracie Hart.

“Let me talk to her,” said Gracie. Tiff wasn’t unconscious, just woozy. Gracie floated down into the crater. “Miss Roberts, are you ready to listen?” she asked neutrally.

“F*** you,” Tiff blustered, but she couldn’t even say it clearly. “What do you want?”

“Miss Roberts,” said Gracie, with all the quiet authority she could muster, “you have a choice. You <i>will</i> pay for your crimes, but you have a choice. It’s very simple. You can pay by working, by using the gift you’ve been given to build instead of destroy. Or we can take away your powers and you can rot in jail until you die. Which do you want?”

It was pure bluff--they were no closer to understanding the transformatrices than to creating flying pigs--but Gracie knew she could run a bluff past a juvenile delinquent. The question was whether Tiff was stupid enough or stubborn enough to insist on going down swinging anyway.

Mere silence gave her the answer: Tiff would concede. If she’d still had fight in her she’d have told Gracie off again. Gracie waited patiently for Tiff to discover that for herself.

“What do you want me to do?”

“First you’ll help rebuild everything you destroyed,” Gracie said, trying not to sound angry. “Then we’ll see. But first-first...”--first she needed to get Tiff isolated, lest someone else with more anger than sense--however justified anger was--rouse Tiff’s temper anew. “First-first we need to go somewhere quiet so I can explain the rules. Can you get up and follow me?”

Tiff sat up gingerly, and Gracie saw that she was black and blue in a dozen places, including her upper lip and right eye. She moved as if she were concussed. Carefully, she stood up and then rose a bit off the ground. “Where?” she asked.

“Follow me,” said Gracie, and set an easy pace into the sky. The no-longer-rogue transformatrix obediently tagged along.

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