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26 Aug 2013 21:04 #32783 by castor
Theroetical idea was created by castor
An idea i have been working with want some feedback on.

Let us say(for sake of argument) that you are fan of a genre in movies.

There is a service that has as a business model giving you 1 movie a month of that genre as an online movie-either produced internally or with the exclusive liscened.

Let us establish that these are Full feature length films, with very good production quality, Acting, and scripts. In short the kind of movies that you would see in the theater, but say have a budget of 1 to 2 million dollars(not that whould necessairly be obviously).

To receive this you pay 10 dollars a month.

This is not movies on demand-lets say that some look intresting some do not. and each month You can also watch any of the previous movies,various non exclusive movies and foriegn film and movies in 9 other genre categories(let say for example mystery movies or comedies). Ideally let say theres about 1000 to 2000 movies all together. And each month agian a movie of that your a fan of said genre.

Now lets change this slightly:Your a fan of a subgenre. Other movies in the genre your not a huge fan of, but say 3 to 4 times a year it produces a movie that you would like. Still sound appealing?

Playing with this idea here and curious how people would comment.


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27 Aug 2013 01:04 #32786 by www1969
Replied by www1969 on topic Theroetical idea
You lost me in a sea of "let's say" hypotheticals, but stripped down, it sounds like you're asking whether I would pay ten dollars a month for one movie per month that caters specifically to my interests. Since ten bucks is more or less the price of a single movie ticket anyway, I don't think it sounds too bad from a consumer standpoint.

However, I think from a business standpoint it sounds somewhat unrealistic. "Very good production quality" and "budget of one or two million dollars" don't really match, especially when you're talking about effects-heavy genre films. Plus to even make the low end of that budget, you're thinking there are 100,000 people willing to fork over that ten dollars a month. If that was even remotely possible, would still be around.

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