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Not Exactly on topic but thought it was worth bringing it up. as it occasionally comes u here p. Made a list of my Favorite movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and put them in order. Seemed apprioate at the end of season 2 or what ever it is. To play around with this

obviously this incredibly subjective, but curious what you all think

1. Incredible Hulk. A lot of people think this is the worst movie. its my favorite, though not by much over Iron Man. What is obvious was that it was made at the same time as Iron Man, which is clearly won as the template of all future movies-but the fact that it isn't helps. This is a very diffrent movie in tone and feel, at times feeling like early 70s thriller, sometimes an action movie and while its funny unlike the other marvel movies i wouldn't call this a comedy at all.

And that helps it. It stars Ed Norton playing the least Tony Stark character in the marvel movies- a gaunt Tortured Soul, trying to get the giant monster of his back, and so close....its a haunting performance that really works -sometimes rageful sometimes bemused and funny, often smart and engaging-its great work that i feel bad he wasn't able to do more with.

Tim Roth is a fim Villian who remains sympatheitc through out it-a lot of marvel movies do the "Hey its another person with the same power" trick at the end but what i like about his work his how much they establish that as his goal. Tim Blake Nelson is fun as the scientist who is both kind of evil and wants to help. Liv Tyler isn't great but you can understand why Bruce wants to be with her, and Ty Berrel from modern family is engaging as the other boyfriend character who does try. its a good cast.

And it has good Action scenes. The first Bloswky vs hulk fight is amazing, and maybe one of my favorite fights in any marvel movie and the final fight is also pretty neat. this has a lot of chase elements but it works. and the story movies along with them to be a tight self contained movie that feels very comicbook as it starts and end more or less the same place...but it feels like something

which is perhaps why i like the movie. it feels like an issue of a comicbook.

2. Iron Man-

This is the movie that established the formula for the rest of the series And the one where it most works. Comicbook Tony Stark is a jerk. Robert Downey Jrs addition with the screenwriters is to make him a funny jerk, which works in this better in this movie then it has any right to be.

It also devoloed a very rigid formula, of the irresponsible hero who learns respects, the corporate villain who starts out as a friend, the girlfriend who if competence was the measure would be the actual star...

It helps that its more down two earth then a lot of the rest of movies. Its a comicbook sci fi, but this does feel a touch more down to earth then most of them, and Stark does live in a world where he more or less has to function by normal laws even as he develops his super suit. By 3 this was taken to ridiculus levels, but here it works. Every step in the second act as he devolops his costume do have a fun sence of something happening, assited well by Paltrow as his long suffering assistant who he clearly loves but doesn't know how to say to and Jeff Bridges as his friend who yes is going to betray him but for the first half of his movie is good at hidding it- and even afterwards has still a fun charm. I love his scene where he threatens Tonys plan by witholding pizza.

Its problem is the one that faces a lot of MCU movies-the setup is fun the character can be fun...the actual action not so much. this is acomedy first n action movie second-and while the first action setpiece where he escapes a cave in a giant 60s inspired suit is a lot of fun...especially the climax is pretty limp something which is problem that a lot of MCU have.

3. Avengers- Which is the good exception to this. I will say this-the first two acts of avengers had some good momments especially with black widdows, but felt a little much people arguing=intresting drama. Some of the moments reach that-but by and large it does feel very yelly . Once they get to the Helicarrier they do just spend forever there. However what makes it this high, is that once the action gets going, it does get going. is it easily has the best action climax of any superhero movie ever shot. Its clear, fantastically implemented, and spectacular and all good things, and really does live up to its promise of a group of superheros fighting together.

4. Thor- Hemsworth is a lot of fun in this movie(something he is less fun in the other movies where they have a hard time engaging him) and hes helped by a game supporting cast. Hiddleston is maybe the best Villian in any of the marvel movies, and Portman and Denning are both game around Thor creating a kind of fun rommance novel love story. Jamie Alexanders Sif is a cool well done action chick, Which i amnot sure is the script or the actress.

Once the movie gets to earth its a lot of fun..which is perhaps its problem with all of the Thor series. Asgard looks intresting but the stuff there is never that compelling-but well this one at least is mostly earth. The action is a bit underwealming except for the shield base scene and i wish the final action climax was better..but a lot of stuff in here is pretty good.

5. Iron Man 3-where starting to hit movies that maybe not so good. this one is fine. The Plot and the Twist are pretty cool and i like Ben Kingsley as both versions of the Mandarin. Some of the action scenes are decent in this one and its trying to get the idea of the Iron Man intresting ways-but the climax agian of the action movie is...well there trying something diffrent and i like how they give Gwenyth paltrow a little more to do then be the damsel in distress(and i am not arguing agianst her in this movie-it works)..but it somehow seems a little to busy and cute and makes Iron Man a little to powerful. The Vaugely Explained Deus Machima ending doesn't work either Don't hate the movie don't love it, it feels a little to clever.

6. Captain America: First Avenger- i liked to really liked the first 2/3s of the story of a man gaining superpowers in an intresting WW2 setting thats comicbook deep but well realized and really has a lot of work in. The romance with Halley Atwell is sweet(of the heroic badass girlfriends in MCU she is easily the best), and most everyone does good performances(okay Tommy Lee Jones is phoning it in but okay). Stanley Tucci is good as a heroic scientist who you get the sense maybe wasn't always heroic. The Red Skull is a cliched villain but well done. and really enjoyed Toby Jones as the realistic henchman.

However once he goes full feels like a montage, and looses a lot of energy. There where points in this supposedly exciting action movies towards the end i thought about turning the movie off.

7. Guardians of the Galaxyy- A lot of people love this movie and i can't fault them. All of the performances where mostly okay(didn't like Zoe Saldana all that much just seemed a little stick in the mud straight woman for it, but sure) Really liked Bautista, he made his scenes fun, and i liked how even in his serious bits he never dropped character. Which is the problem namely its a kind of cute comedy that ever 20 minutes or so wants you to take it seriously for a minute...and slows way to down for it(this is particuarly true with rocket).The moving through space and the diffrent planets while all cool to look at, also feel like they eat time. Ronan was a terrible villian who never made any kind of impression, and while i do like the climax more then most marvel movies....ehh.

8. Iron Man 2-there is fun stuff in this movie. Hammer and Whiplash are great in every scenes there in, Black Widdow feels like a cameo there seting up-- but her action scene is neat and i like her not stated but obvious distate for Tony Stark in every scene. The first half of the plot isn't bad(i like the idea of what Whiplash is doing)....however it drags in the second act to a standstill with its metaphorical alcholism plot and if the climax has a good shot or two but is mostly pretty underwhelming. When at the second act break the villain has to call you to tell you whats going on isn't a good sign in an action movie

9. Thor 2-this originally the last movie on the list...but honestly i am not sure why. I realize i dislike more of the movies bellow, but i twill give them they had good things in it. this one not as much.

The problem i have with it can be summed up. The Stuff with Asgard and the Elves is boring, and way to much of the run time. Thor as a fish out of water on earth is really good material but we don't get much of that, and his relationships with portman isn't nearly as good as the first one has strength to it(and his few scenes with Cat Denning are the best things here).However this spends far to much time setting up worlds and plot thats just borring and unlike the first one not that visually intresting.The villian barely gets a scene.

Sif continues to be a fun presence in the movie, and like that Rene Russo gets a scene or two not to be set dressing. everything else with the Accursed and the Destroyer, and a climax that wasn't nearly as exciting as the trailer suggested...ehhh.

10. Avengers 2 -Someone said this was a plane crash they barely save. I would say maybe say that it has one of those crashes where the causalities are minimized. this is kind of a mess from beginning to end and if a bit of action here or there or a line or delivery...not a lot to save here. All of the actors who did good work are trying, and there are nice moments sprinkled out. But Its way over stuffed and to full of things to actually work as a movie with a lot of characters they are trying to give stuff to do but don't. Black widow feels lost, the romance is bad and didn't like the fact that yeah once again shes the damsel in distress.. Scarlet Witch felt like an accent looking for a character, Ultron felt like a collection of vague powers and villian oneliners.

I get where there going with the climax but while other movies feel like they don't have stakes this one feels like it doesn't wants any stakes. I have heard people say that this is a response to Man of Steel-but if that goes for they don't really have drama, or much of anything except a group of mooks dying in endless waves

The Last Scene at the base was well done. Liked Linda Cardilini, Andy Serkis was amusing for about a minute...and that is about the best thing i can say for it.

11: Winter Solder- Twot said this is the opposite of a movie that is so bad its good-which doesn't mean its good. this is easily the most competent movie on the list and as an action is often competent-i like the second Winter Solder fight and Black Widow was used well....however.....its a political thriller or trying for one, and misses the cardinal rule of that genre: The Hero never seems in danger. Chris Evans good at playing a self effacing hero. hes not good as an actual hero. The fact that captain america spend the last act trying to save Bucky rather then worrying about hydra hurts the ending and the movie. it never feels scary for him, which is something that a lot of the movies on the list have succeed the end even more then the first Captain america that bored me.

i liked the Batroc. Anthony Mackie looked like he was having fun if the movie commented that he was superfluous to the plot. But This left me cold.

12. Ant Man- there is cute stuff in here, but thers a line i probably used before on the board but will say agian-"That was cute...not good or anything but cute."

Which is how i kind of feel about Antman, expect its only sporadically cute. Luis Guizman is fun. Stoll is a villian you have seen before but he was witty. paul rudd was a comedian who when he played an action hero was fine, less so when he was trying for comedy....

Except the script and directing was terrible. There is the barely disguised sexism of the plot, a central relationship that doesn't work, and second act thats way to long to get to the climax...which isn't terrible but not something i really liked.

Which i guess is the problem with it as a story. This is to much trying to be Iron Man the formula gets way in the way. i think the premise of the story is this is supose to be a capper comedy ala the italian job or others. However its first two acts are so obsessed with redeeming a bad boy and giving him superpowers with endless scenes with ants and other tricks that the actual caper stuff just feels tacked on at the end. if the movie had been the last half hour, i think it would have been a small movie(and i am not dinging the movie for having the lowest stakes of any marvel movie or the probabbly weakest heroic concept)but it would have been much better if it had been what it was trying. is yeah probably the worst.

But of course just me. anyone else have ideas happy to hear em.
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18 Sep 2015 15:57 - 18 Sep 2015 15:59 #44198 by enchantederotica
Replied by enchantederotica on topic MCU Movies Ranked
1. Guardians of the Galaxy - Duh. Too much good to list. Went their own route with some of the origins, but who cares. Everyone owns. Not a bad performance to be found. A+.
2. Iron Man - RDJ = Stark. First perfect casting move by MCU. Jeff Bridges owns. Want more Farin Tahir. Can Raza become The True Mandarin? A
3. Winter Soldier - Not a comic book movie. Just a badass movie. Interesting plot. Good use of supporting cast. Falcon owns. Best fight scenes of any MCU movie. A-
4. Avengers - Flaws here and there but when you achieve something on this scale, gotta give credit. Ruffalo > Norton. Ruffalo and Loki own. Capt America bores. A-
5. Ant Man - Shocker. Perfect handling of an otherwise awkward IP. Hard to not like Paul Rudd. I normally hate Kate ... but she brought it. B+
6. Captain America - Another perfect handling of an otherwise weird concept. Explanation the costume was amazing. Hugo Weaving owns. B+
7. Incredible Hulk - Refreshing. Liv Tyler sucks. Tim Roth owns. Bummed we won’t see more of The Leader. Ed Norton ... meh. B
8. Age Of Ultron - RDJ was phoning it in. Hawkeye owns. No one cares about Black Widow, seriously, bland. Ultron is a horrible villain. More Vision, please. B
9. Iron Man 3 - I don’t know what to say. The Mandarin is one of my favorite villains. I like what they did ... but I still want my Iron Man VS Mandarin movie. B-
10. Dark World - So much good and so much bad. Cool Star Wars / Lord Of The Rings mash up movie, but the movie was about two bad actors surrounded by a dozen good ones. More Sif and Heimdal please. C+
11. Iron Man 2 - I honestly want to rank this higher, but I can’t. RDJ is gloating too much that his career is back and Clark Gregg seemed awkward. Movie was rushed. Not enough War Machine. Whiplash sucks. Sam Rockwell owns. C+
12. Thor - The only times I ever liked Natalie Portman was during her SNL rap and V for Vendetta (and even then, Hugo Weaving made that movie great). Loki didn’t quite want to be there yet. His best is coming. C-

Supernautral women with superpowered sex-drives:
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18 Sep 2015 22:01 #44203 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic MCU Movies Ranked
This is hard do to but here goes:

1. Avengers
2. Captain America: TFA
3. Captain America _TWS
4. Iron Man
5. Guardians of the Galaxy
6. Thor
7. Avengers:AOU
8. Incredible Hulk
9. Iron Man 2
10. Iron Man 3
11. Thor: TDW

Note: There is a wide gap between the top five and the rest. Have not seen Ant Man yet so that is why it is not ranked.

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18 Sep 2015 22:11 - 19 Sep 2015 13:18 #44204 by Woodclaw
Replied by Woodclaw on topic MCU Movies Ranked
I'm not going to count down my favorite Marvel Studios movies because, while I'm fairly sure of what goes to the bottom of the scale, the top part tend to shift every so often for me.
As a rule of thumb the crew of the Marvel studios have done an amazing job at creating a coherent cinematic universe and 8 of 10 times they nailed the casting of the actors. Unfortunately their winning streak tend to stop at some point and this is something big I need to tackle head on which is the damning factor of many Marvel movies, especially since the beginning of phase two (i.e. movies produced after Avengers): villains.
In his review of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Roger Ebert said: "Each film is only as good as its villain. Since the heroes and the gimmicks tend to repeat from film to film, only a great villain can transform a good try into a triumph". This is a very inspired consideration, but one that too many Marvel Studio production seem to miss. While it's a fact that comic book villains tend to be hammy -- either by being too grandiose (like Doctor Doom or Thanos) or too silly -- phase one Marvel movies were able to deliver some interesting ideas and characters, even taking some bad concept and turning them good. Stane in "Iron Man" is a great example; he's a great villain because he has a understandable motivation (making money), a nice connection to the main character -- which allows plenty of screentime without it feeling forced -- he's not gimmicky and has good screen presence. A similar premise is true for Loki in the first Thor, as convoluted as his plans and behaviour is it's actually possible to understand him -- as personal note I love the fact that they have played his trickest aspect right.
Most of the phase 2 villains fail in one or more senses, they seem to be just these big crazy-ass bastards bend to fuck up the universe as much as possible. Their connection with the main character is often tenous at best (Aldrich Killian from Iron Man 3 is a pretty terrible example of this) down to the nonexistant. While in some instances this works (Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man) it's far more common that it doesn't.

Given all that I'm going to provide some comments.

The Incredible Hulk
In many ways the most cautious and predictable movie of the bunch, not a bad one for sure. This movie played and felt like an attempt to get away from the provious questionable production direct by Ang Lee and it worked. The story played very much like a crossover between "The Fugitive" and "Godzilla", which is the perfect tone for a Hulk movie. A lot of seeds were planeted in this movie, although none has seen the light so far (thank you Universal). In spite of her hotness Liv Tyler remains among my least favorite actresses of all time, she has a single expression most of the time and even that one is wooden to the point of sillyness; Ed Norton was brought in as a star power decision -- a pity since I tend to like Mark Ruffalo best for this role -- but delivered a solid performance, although not as lively or dramatic as I hoped; Tim Roth is great because for the first 3/4 of the movie he's not the main villain, but barely the dragon to general Ross, his final upgrade gave the movie its climax, but it's the previous fights between the military and the Hulk that sell the whole thing: they're loud, destructive and yet strangely believable.
A great start and a very enjoyable movie, which I skipped at the cinema to my shame.

Iron Man
If Hulk started the whole machine, it was Iron Man that sealed the deal. RDJ was an incredibly inspired casting choice, although he's much more grandiose than the comic book Stark, he absolutely sells the idea of the billionaire playboy. I'm less keen on Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper because the basic stitch of pepper was to be cute, rather than hot, still not a bad choice. Stane, as mentioned above, is one of my favorite villains, has a great screen presence and, most of all, a clear and understandable motivation and Jeff Bridges delivers a spot on performance as a solid and cynical businessman, opposed to the flamboyant and tormented Tony.
When I entered the cineman I was hesitant -- Iron Man is an old favorite of mine -- but when I exited I was sold.

Iron Man 2
In many ways IM2 plays on the strength of it's predecessor without taking too many risks. I love the fact that the movie tackles one of the classic conundrums of Iron Man as a character: the idea that the armor isn't a lifesave to Tony just a compromise allowing him to live on borrowed time. Both Whiplash and Hammer are really nice villains, neither is a credible alone -- Whiplash doesn't have the means, Hammer doesn't have the guts -- but together they sell the movie. The big problem of the second half of the movie is that it moves away from the action to dabble in Stark's personal demons, but simply there's not enough time to do it well. There were nice touches, like the video from Howard Stark, but overall it felt like they tried to compress the "Demon in the Bottle" storyline -- possibly one of the best ever done with Iron Man -- in half a hour and the result was sub-par.
Still a movie I enjoyed, which developed its main character in a decent way and tops it off with a varied and interesting supporting cast.

Iron Man 3
Why? In the name of Jack Kirby, why did they do this?
Of all the storyline they could choose to work with why did they choose "Extremis"?
Full disclosure, I hate Extremis with passion. I consider it a half-assed storyline with a crappy handled villain, a crappy gimmick and a lackluster storytelling. Surprisingly the movie delivered exactly that for me. It doesn't help that most of the movie is RDJ doing a one man show. What EE felt it was IM2, I felt here. I'm not questioning RDJ performance -- although it pales next to Ben Kingsley -- but I felt like he was trying to be superfun even when the scene called for a more drammatic moment, his wide eyed face during the 'panic attack' made me laugh rather than feeling preocupied. Admitedly the character growth was nice and I like the idea that Stark was suffering from some kind of PTSD after Avengers (given that he was the least trained character of the bunch), but all the premises from the last movie -- the existence of second working copy of the ARC reactor, the goverment having access to the War Machine -- called for the "Armor Wars" storyline, not this.
I have probably more nitpicking on this movie than on any other, in general this rank among the bottom of the scale to me.

[PS: as much as I liked Pepper supergirl edition, I found that scene unecessary to say the least]

What I think works best in this movie is that there's no real villain. I know that Loki is supposed to be, but in the end I didn't felt like he was evil, rather he felt misguided, he was a child crying for love from his father, which is surprisingly faithful to some representations of the character. Kenneth Brannagh has put his considerable experience and love for the comic book to excellent use here and the result is a very well balanced movie for me. The Earth part is both heartwarmingly fun and drammatic, with Chris Hemsworth managing to look both stupidly hamfisted -- in a way that reminded me of Brian Blessed -- and bombasticly tragic. Natalie Portmann is not terrible, but kind of forgetable in many ways and she tend to disappear next to the rest of the cast. Tom Hiddleston might not be 100% on spot with his role, but he deliver a performance that balances Hemsworth very well. I'm not so keen on Anthony Hopkins as Odin, but he knows the ropes and handles himself pretty damn well. Jamie Alexander, for the few minutes she's on screen in dead on to her character.
It might not be my favorite, but I loved every minute of this movie.

Thor: The Dark World
Okay this is where the shit its the fan for me. Dark World is a movie that is great for the franchise, but sucks on its own. I know that the Asgardians are supposed to be aliens, rather than mystical beings, in the Marvel universe, but why they had to be so in your face with it? One of the strong narrative and visual points of the first Thor was the subtle merge of magical and technological element in it, Asgard was a monument to the third law of Clarke done right, until they had to drop flying ships, elves in giant spaceships in the middle of it. Most of what I said about the actors in the first movie remains true, although the change of director was far too evident and overall performance felt less inspired and certainly less funny. Unfortunately all falls apart once you consider the villain, Christopher Eccleston delivers a good performance, but it's apparent -- to me at least -- that he has to work with a lackluster script and even more lackluster villain. Due to the small and self-contained nature of the Marvel cinematic universe, it lacks the feel of width of the comic book version. The whole plot of an old opponent of Odin coming back has merits, but the lack of any meat to the background of this conflict made the whole deal feel unreal. On the positive side this movie advance the franchise meta-plot like none else, they crammed in more revelations and informations here than in any other movie, with the only possible exception of Guandians of the Galaxy, and set the stage for many things to come.
As a stand alone movie Dark World is really among the taillights of the franchise, given its role in the grand scheme I can cut it a tiny bit of slack more. And I loved the final plot twist even if I saw it coming from miles away.

Captain America: The First Avenger
This is a movie that I hate to love, I can find as many plusses to this movie and I found minuses. Joe Johnston learned from Spielberg and sometimes it shows more than it's necessary, still he has the 40s aestetics down to an art, the use of filters, camera angles and cliffhanger moments was downright perfect. Chris Evans was really not in the role and yet he managed to pull out some good moment, especially when playing the fish out of the water. Hugo Weaving was simply a giant and managed to make the Skull rightfully terrifying, I mean I felt more empathy for the skinned inhuman red face than the human skinned version. While he's one of those grandiose villains in the context of a war he works well. Halley Atwell nails one of the best performance of the movie, she's tough, smart and totally unconcerned about how her gender affects the people around her. The romance between Steve and Peggy is very good and flow very naturally across the whole story. The rest of the cast does a good job, although I'm not so keen of TLJ as the general.
What makes me cringe about this movie is that it's a good and bad origin movie at the same time. Captain America is a character that is defined by his skills more than his powers, this was compeltely absent from the movie, the apparent logic was "serum = instant skills", still they nailed the personality of Cap pretty damn well and the camraderie moments with the Howlers were spot on.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Remember my introduction about villains. Scrap it. This movie works exactly for the opposite reasons than those I provided above. Castor said that the re is never the feeling that Cap is in danger, but that's kind of the point of this movie: there's no clear threat in it, nothing that Cap and the Widow can punch and call it a day, it's a game of smoke and mirror where the big question is who do you trust? The answer is "trust Cap" because in a world of double agents and conspiracies he's still the one honest, and naive, man around. Evans is still not 100% on the character, but he has grown into the role pretty well and everyone else provide exactly the right delivery for their role. Robert Redford tend to dominate the scene, but this doesn't detract from the final result. The various comic book references are extremely well placed (I didn't even realized that Crossbones was Crossbones until the end). The combination of the storylines "Winter Soldier", "Nick Fury vs SHIELD" and "Tomoorw you live, Tonight I die" (perhaps the apex of the Lee/Steranko handling of Fury) is almost seamless and flows really well on screen.
It might play and feel more like an action/Thriller, but this is certainly the most solid movie of the bunch.

Let's go for the big one. I didn't even think it was possible to do this, but they pulled out in style. What makes the Avengers different from any other team movie are two things: first, they worked with character that were already established, so they could devote the first half of the movie to team-building and the second to action, whereas a normal team movie devotes the first half to characterization and the second to action having team-building somewhere along the way; second they really raised the bar here, this movie is about a war and not in the "First Avenger" style, where two teams of supersoldiers fight a semi-secret war, this is all-out warfare. The chemistry of the cast is excellent, although Evans struggles to come out as a charismatic leader having to contend with the cumbersome presence of RDJ. Whedon makes good use of the extra room from having most of the main characters established to provide us some very nice moments and some extra characters (Cobbie Smoulders as Maria Hill was a perfect addition).
What surprised me more about the main fight scene was how smooth it played, often in big cast action flicks they tend to focus on one of two characters and use the rest as props, here everyone has 5 minutes into the spotlight and the camera flows very naturally among from one scene to the next.
This was the first huge chance to do or die and Whedon definetely did it.

Avengers Age of Ultron

For these next two final entries I'm very insecure because they're recent movies, so I haven't digested them as much as the others.
Age of Ultron was an abitious movie, which collapsed under the weight of its ambition and expectations. Too much was crammed in, too many characters to establish, too many details to polish, too many ideas one after another. I'm happy that they gave Hawkeye the chance he deserved, but Scarlet and Quicksilver felt sadly underdeveloped. The romance between Widow and Hulk had good premises, but felt flat in the end. Like Steve and Peggy in "First Avenger" it's an unfinished story, but with the bitter aftertaste that it ended not because of the world taking the lovebirds apart, but because of them being idiots. Ultron works as a villain, but only to a point, I can buy that being a newborn in many ways he lacks a developed personality, but in many ways he condense most of the flaws of phase 2 villains together.
Not a terrible movie, but definetely not what I hoped for.

Ant Man
Oh boy, I so wanted this movie to work and it did, but not how I was hoping. Like "First Avenger" this is a movie I hate to love. If "Winter Soldier" is a thriller with superheroes, this is a heist movie with superheroes. On the positive side, this movie showcased how devastating a shrinking character can be, this is often a maligned power in the comicdom because it's pretty damn rare to find an author who knows how to handle it. The big issue here is that the movie felt a bit dragged, I like the fact that there was a nice preparation segment and the final climatic battle was really great to watch, but I think that a good 20 minutes could be shaved off the movie without hurting it too much. The visuals are great and clearly show how much special effects have improved if compared to "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", pretty much a staple for size changeing movies.
Michael Douglas is good, but not as great as I hoped, he carries the role with skill and charm, but felt somewhat lesser than other big names involved so far. Paul Rudd is weak casting choice in my eyes, I understand that they were going for the scruffy ex-con look, but he really doesn't work, especially when he tries and fails to be funny. Scott Lang is character I like a lot in the comics and I felt that this version was very untrue to the idea of a good man who did bad things out of necessity. Evangeline Lily works as a female lead and manage to look competent, so competent in fact that I read various commentaries about how stupid it was to held her back for the entire movie, personally I disagree with that, there was a bloody good reason for that, emotional rather than rational, but it was there for everyone to see. Pym was doing fathering badly, but he was doing what his heart told him and, as imple as this is, I think it worked. Unfortunately this movie suffers from not having a good villain, Corey Stoll plays what is, in the end, a batshit crazy version of Stane but without the charm of the original. He does a decent job, but the character fails to make an impact. I have to give credit to the writers for trying, considering that Ant Man pretty much doesn't have a rogue gallery to work with, but the end result is unconvinging.
Ant Man isn't the disaster some people feared, but it's not the great movie I hoped it could be.

[Also: why in the 9 pits of hell they decided to include that final kiss between Scott and Hope? There was nothing in the entire movie that made that scene necessary, except the convention that in any action movie the male and female lead must do it at some point.]

Guardians of the Galaxy
The great thing of Guardians is that it's batshit insane and it doesn't make any excuse for it. When I heard of the project I wondered how could they make it through and they did by taking every expectation and using it against the audience. Guardians is one of the most weak and obscure IP from Marvel Comics, so the movie crew had ample latitude to work and the result is a visually impressive story that plays well. Most of the characters are stereotypical (scruffy scoundrel, soft-hearted bad girl, tough big guy, psycho sidekick etc.), but they are played with enough class to make the interactions interesting and fun to watch. It's very much a comedy, but has enough serious moments that are well spaced, so that the mix remains fresh. Chris Pratt is a great comic lead and an unexpected surprise; Zoe Saldana isn't that great but she can deliver some excellent one-liners; Bautista is the surprise of the bunch, he turns a stone-faced performance into a perfect delivery of a weird symphatetic character; Groot and Rocket are perfect complement for each other. Ronan isn't a terrible villain per-se, he's not the intended villain. Like the Emperor the the original Star Wars movies he should be more of a threatening presence, but we don't have three movies her, we got only one, so Ronan is showed into action too early for his own good. Unfortunately this hurt Nebula as well, who has little chance to shine as an individual character.
Visually impressive, great delivery and with a great feeling of immensity, Guardians did the impossible again after Avengers, but set the bar even higher.
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