04 Mar 2016 03:29 #46665 by fats
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hi all,

So here is the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie, i so want ot hate this but the trailer makes it look good. See below and tell me what you think.


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04 Mar 2016 05:19 #46667 by YAGS
Replied by YAGS on topic Ghostbusters
Ehh. It looks ok, but not great. I'm way too big a fan of the original to think this could possibly be better, but it might beat out Ghostbusters 2.

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04 Mar 2016 13:47 #46672 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Ghostbusters
I think as a trailer its not very good-not a lot of pace, and the ray parker remix is terrible slow groove....

but what i see doesn't look bad.

I am not entirely sure if the original ghostbusters is acording to hoyle a superhero movie(i would argue it is but okay) but i do think that its tremendiously influential on the genre. There is a lot of Peter Venkman in tony stark and all of the MCU movies, with its kind of emphasis of giving a comic personality next to the action.

And what i liked about the trailer-there creating personalities-whats more personalities that aren't quite carbon copies of the original. And while you could argue that Leslie Jones is doing something you have seen before in the big boisterious new yorker, the others-from the kinda mousy think shes cool lead, A swaggering devil may care friend and the hard to exactly figure out at this point Mellisa Macarthy, It has a good tone. They have that right.

If yeah some of the jokes are off and some of the special effects look a little know going to continue to be excited about this.

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