Star Wars: Rogue One 1st Teaser Trailer Released

07 Apr 2016 16:25 #47190 by kikass2014
For those that may be interested, here is the the 1st teaser trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One :)

I have to say when this was first announced I was, at best, mildly curious. However after watching this I am totally sold :)

Tonally different to The Force Awakens, yet familiar (love the remix of the main theme), it feels like a fresh take on the Star Wars universe.

Roll on December :)


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07 Apr 2016 16:33 #47192 by jdrock24
Awesome! I can't wait to see what they do with that story.

I have one friend who hated TFA and another who saw it 10 times in theaters. As for myself, I saw it twice and liked it well enough. Another franchise for Disney to milk...

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07 Apr 2016 16:47 #47193 by Esteban
TFA was my first movie ever that I saw in theaters more than once (went three times). It's the best, well, "reboot" since Casino Royale, imho.

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