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I started thinking and I tried to name all the Comic Book shows that were on the air, or coming up (at least to the point where it's along the path, i.e. episodes have been ordered/filmed/actors cast). This list is now REALLY long.

And I'm pretty sure I'm missing some. This is just live action, and not cartoons. I also tried to note any news from SDCC related to a show (but sure I missed a lot there too).

This is a smorgasbord of shows -- and they're not all the same style/format too, which is a good thing.

Legion looks far more interesting than I thought it would be.

I can't wait for anything Netflix is going to release. And I love the Tick cartoon, the live action (meh), so I'll probably watch the pilot.

So what did I miss? Any here really interest people/really want to see? Not too much extra SWM material aside from the existing Supergirl and Jessica Jones. Misty Knight is going to be in Power Man and she has a bionic arm. And of course Retro Girl in Powers. Legion looks to have some powered femmes in it, but no idea what their power sets will be.

Netflix: (trailers already posted)
Jessica Jones
Power Man
Iron Fist


John Barrowman's costumes for SDCC were off the hook: SQUIRREL GIRL: Sheesh. OH wait, it's official that Kattie Casement who is dead on arrow, will appear in the other CW shows -- namely Legends of Tomorrow where she can still be alive w/ time travel (this has already happened too, but I guess it will continue). Oh an Ragman will appear on arrow.

Legion of Tomorrow:

Riverdale (a show about the Archie comics)
(and a rumor that they'll pick up Constantine)

Agents of Shield (ABC) - SDCC News: Ghost Rider is in next season, not Blaze, the new one w/ the car. I view this as a WTF, as it doesn't seem to fit with the show at all.

Gotham (FOX)
Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead (AMC)
Preacher (AMC?)
Powers (Playstation)
Powerless (NBC)
Legion (FX) trailer:

Tick (Amazon) (new live action, I think they've just made a pilot. There was a shot of Serafinowitz in costume)

Wynonna Earp (SyFy)

American Gods (* I'll count it as "comics adjacent" since Gaiman wrote it)

Upcoming, but have cast announced, episodes ordered:
Krypton (SyFy)
Cloak and Dagger (Freedom formerly ABC Family)
New Mutants

(there was news of some so I just tossed it here, but it won't even be half complete):
Marvel accounced Secret Wars and Groot and Rocket:
Justice League Action:

News at SDCC:

Black Magic The Greg Rucka/Nicola Scott Comic (it's different, but good) This is also a longer term as i don't think there is casting/director/etc news. I think the comic is even on hiatus as Rucka/Scott are working on Wonder Woman full time.

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24 Jul 2016 17:34 #49269 by shadar
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You are not the only one to notice... here's an article on the Dailly Beast that talks about the huge change in ComiCon:

Superheroines Rule... about time.

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24 Jul 2016 18:45 #49271 by lfan
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Nice list! While it's not comic-book based per se, also upcoming is Adi Shankar's "Gods & Secrets" which is a superhero drama that is coming to HBO.....


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