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A nation built from logs carried by young superwomen.     Early in the program they still need tools. High grip gloves reduce handprint damage to logs.  Load carrying straps help in binding a load together so it can be easily carried.  As they gain strength the number of logs increases limited by the weight that makes them sink into the ground.   At some point it becomes more efficient to load the logs onto wheeled trailers that spread out the weight and don't sink into the ground or pavement.  Superwomen pedaling special tractors are similar to electric motors where high torque is available at a standstill.   Tires are effective in reducing road pavement damage from feet.      It's rumored that some superwomen are able to reenergize by regenerative braking through the pedals,  but brakes are still needed on all wheels.   Some of the superwomen are able to power special locomotive engines.
Flying superwomen can fly with bundled logs, unloading at a collection point, or in war dropping or launching them at a target.


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