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I have a tonne of ideas in regards to the women chosen by Susan to be in her army but I think they would confuse things even more than the multitude of characters already in the main story. I'll post these little extra bits and pieces in here. This one is almost long enough to be a chapter of the main story on its own, but doesn't really impact on the main narrative.

Not the One: Amy Hadfield

Amy Hadfield had been in prison when the power had struck her. It had been with a tremendous joy that she realised destroying her phone had not prevented the Unchosen from reaching her, as her husband had assumed it would. As she herself had assumed it would.

She had been in her cell when awoken by a startlingly loud message alert bleeping insistently right in her ear, combined with an energetic vibration. It brought her to her senses with a start, and she threw the source of the sound and vibrations, her pillow, to the floor. Beneath it was her old phone, fresh and new like the day she had bought it, and it was declaring to everyone in the cell block it was there.

"Hey! Hadfield! Are you the dumbest fucking dumbass or what, bitch? They'll hear that all the way up in the Warden's fucking office!"

Guards were moving, and lights were coming on. She was busted...but at the same time she was totally ecstatic. Because she was pretty sure she knew what the miraculous appearance of her old mobile phone meant. She snatched up the phone and rolled to her feet as she heard her cell door buzzed open and quick footsteps echoed in the hall. Four guards came in, and just as she tapped open the message they knocked the phone from her grasp and grappled her up against the wall where they quickly zip-tied her wrists.

Her eyes darted to the phone where it lay face down on the cell floor. She struggled to get down to it, but the guards held her firm.

"Ever heard of volume control, Prisoner?"

Once she stopped struggling one of the guards reached down and picked the phone up, flipping it over and looking at the bright screen. At that point the entire situation was turned completely on its head.

The power came flooding into her, filling her with euphoric joy even as those around her covered their eyes from the bright lights. When they could see again, Amy was free of the zip ties and her now gloriously stunning figure was barely covered by a purple two piece outfit that was both regal and scandalous. She was grinning with clear excitement, but no one else shared in her joy. All who looked upon her had seen that particular style of bikini adorning such an improbably perfect body before, and each and every one of them knew what the sudden change in Amy's physique signified.

"Oh wow! I was chosen! Can you believe it?"

Amy was totally absorbed in exploring her new body. Just moving her hands up her sides and over her freshly tightened abs she could feel the power now fused into her flesh. Everything was in sharper focus now, even her sense of touch, so when she cupped her breasts the sensations of pleasure bombarding her brain very nearly gave her an orgasm. She closed her eyes and concentrated on getting to know her new enhanced body. As Amy continued to massage her greats she heard one of the male guards moan and could suddenly smell semen. Her eyes flashed open as she remembered she wasn't alone.

Even the women were clearly aroused by Amy, and it thrilled her immensely. She looked down at her breasts, her fingers still tweaking her nipples, and smiled. Then she spotted the traces of molten plastic on her wrists and remembered there was a helluvalot more to the improvements the Unchosen had made to her body than extreme sex appeal.

"Now then. Where were we?" Amy put her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow as she cast her gaze from guard to guard and watched them all struggle to pull their eyes off her breasts. "You were restraining me and taking me to solitary, right? Remember? Confiscating my phone?"

"Possession of contraband..." the woman in charge began, but her sentence drifted off with her thoughts as she contemplated the pert nipple of Amy's left breast and the way it tented the bikini.

"Well...I don't think you're going to restrain me now, muthafuckas. I think I'm getting the fuck out of here tonight. And I think I'm gonna have me some fun before I go."

Curious about her strength Amy reached for the closest guard, one of the two women, and lifted her smoothly by the throat. It was so easy she giggled, marvelling at the total ineffectiveness of the big woman's struggles. As the guard dangled helplessly she drew her baton and started whacking Amy's arm and head.

"That's so fucking cool!" Amy observed as the baton repeatedly bounced in effectively off her accompanied by desperate grunts of effort. "It's like...I can feel it hitting me but it's like you're using a fucking pool noodle."

A second guard starting pulling on her arm, using his massive frame to try leveraging it down. Even when he tugged hard as he could her arm remained completely steadfast. Amy backhanded him away with her her free arm, and he died against the cell wall with a sickening crunch. That was plenty enough to finally get the other two guards motivated. Sadly for them they fell back on their training and the fight response they had honed over the years won out over their primal urge to run.

Still holding the large female guard Amy laughed and allowed them to do what they could. She had been beaten by batons before, but she had never enjoyed it very much. Now their hardest blows only served to deeply arouse her in a most pleasant way. It suddenly dawned on her what love-taps were. And she absolutely loved the way they felt, adding her free hand only to discover her fingertips could strike with more force than their eager swings brought to bear.

"You'll have to do much better than that if you want to get anywhere," she informed them, and thumped her abs forcefully. The blow had far more effect on those around her than it did on her, flailing the body she held about in the unexpected shockwave and knocking the other two brutally to the floor. "Oh wow! And I haven't even got close to my full power!" She thumped her stomach again, much harder this time. All three guards were knocked out by the shockwave, and Amy dropped the one she held and strode out of her cell into the hall.

Confused prisoners were yelling, alarms were sounding, and Amy calmly walked toward the exit of the cell block. This place had been her home for only a few months, yet in that time she had made enemies with a lot of different groups. Her smart tongue had got her in trouble with just about everybody, and even into the infirmary on three occasions. One of those occasions had involved the most traumatic experiences of her life. Before being selected by the Unchosen, Amy didn't have the physical ability to back up her sharp wit or get back at those who had hurt her. Now she knew it was practically impossible to write those cheques her body couldn't cash, and to seek out a thorough and satisfying revenge.

Aware she had many hours until sunrise, at which time she would begin her official duties, Amy was entirely prepared to dedicate the whole of that time to the women she now sought. These were not the kind of ladies that took offence to being referred to as Diesel Dykes, and not the kind of ladies who nurtured new blood in the cell block...though they were sure to be the first to seek any fresh arrivals out. They had taken Amy and quickly turned her fortunately brief stay on their block into a cliche of every nightmarish prison story ever told. They took her money, took her pride, and took her in ways that had never occurred to Amy before meeting them. At last Amy had a way to get the payback she had dreamt about since being transferred to a different block.

"Stop right there! Get on the ground!"

In full riot gear twelve correctional officers came charging down the last corridor before she left the block. They had tasers and batons out, and came at her clearly intending to knock her over. Amy put her hands on her hips and let them try, the collision proving once again to her that she was far beyond her opponents. A couple of them struggled to their feet as she marched forward, their blows and grabbing hands unable to impact Amy's pace. She flicked any hand that held her for too long, shattering bones utterly even as the men who tried their fists against various parts of her body broke knuckles vainly on her superdense flesh. The moment she was clear of any attackers she was hit by six tasers at once, but their needle thin points failed to penetrate her skin. Curious, and with reflexes beyond reason, Amy caught all six taser cables in one hand. She found her body absorbed the extra energy easily, and delighted in the way it sparkled across her bikini. She raised an eyebrow, and discovered she could send a little energy blast of her back down the cables. A little energy blast from her turned out to be enough to atomise the six guards and their weapons instantly. Amy was awed by her own incredible power, and wondered what would have happened had she actually tried putting some real juice into them.

Rather than follow the maze of corridors to get to her target, Amy made use of her new visual abilities to find the head Diesel Dyke and her little gang. Like most of the prison, and indeed the population outside, the women had no idea of the hopeless situation they faced in a world now occupied by the army of the Unchosen. They were going to learn.

The hardened steel reinforced concrete crumbled before her as she strode through the secure facility without a care of what stood before her. Keeping her arms at her sides she effortlessly smashed her way through three more walls and entered a cell. The occupants received a great shock and a few broken bones, but their reflexes were sufficient to save their lives. The unstoppable superwoman remorselessly crushed the iron frame of the double bunk into the wall and then straight through it. Amy grinned, thrilled as she tore through the sturdy walls of her prison as though they were as intangible as clouds, with no more effort than walking through a field of corn.

At last she walked out of a bursting cloud of torn steel and concrete into the corridor she sought. Here was the state funded residence of the fine ladies commonly known as the Delightful Diesel Dykes. They were mean and nasty, and they were ugly inside and out. And they had raped Amy Hadfield twice in brutal fashion without facing any consequences from the justice system. But that was the old justice system.

All of the eight cells in this small corridor held official Triple D's. Even before Amy explosively entered the corridor they had been pressed to the bars wondering what all the alarms were about. Now they gaped at the powerful embodiment of their doom standing before them, mercilessly arousing and terrifying them with her mere presence. She said nothing, allowing them to realise for themselves who she was, what had happened to her, and why she would have come into their small corner of the prison with an evil glint in her eye. Once she had allowed all their faces to go through the same series of extreme emotions: Confusion; Awe; Arousal; then Fear, all at different rates, Amy spoke to her captive audience.

"Good. You remember me, don't you? That will save me a lot of time. You bitches fucked me real good, didn't you? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I'm going to enjoy fucking you."

"I enjoyed it a lot, you skinny bitch," the head Dyke barked. Her size and delivery would have terrified anyone else in the prison. "I had you. She had you. We all fucking had you. You were our little'll always be our little fucking bitch."

Amy smiled with chilling warmth. "Little bitch?" She tried not to grin, but couldn't keep the smile from her face entirely as she drew upon more power for the first time.

Her audience gasped in unison, and all took involuntary steps back from the cell bars. Before them Amy gently grew to a towering seven and half feet tall, her muscles thickening and hardening before their very eyes. In the space a few heartbeats Amy was a head and shoulders taller than any of them, and the aura of brute strength coming off her was palpable. Her increase in physical power sent a delightful warmth throughout her body that made her close her eyes a moment and let out a little moan.

"Look who's a little bitch now, tiny. You cunts can never hurt me again. On the other hand..."

Amy strode toward the cell, using her arms to brush the bars aside as though they were merely a bead curtain. The two women in the cell, the leaders of the feared Triple D, cowered away from her but once inside the cell she stopped and merely watched them a moment.

"You didn't seem to think I was so scary when I first got in here. You thought I was pretty hot, didn't you?"

"You ain' ain't such hot stuff..."

"Aw...just look at you go! Such grit...such determination. You just can't help trying to act tough, can you?"

"Who's acting?"

" might have been a tough cunt ten minutes ago. Now you're just another little bitch...just like every other little bitch in the Land of Super Amy. a good little bitch: get over here on your fucking knees and and blow me."

"Eat me, cunt."


" must be some 'roided up freak... you can eat your own pussay. Fuck you!"

"Oh really? Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?" Amy took the remaining power she had in reserve and focused it entirely on making herself irresistibly sexy. The two women in the cell with her went slack jawed at the instant change that took place, Amy's sexuality suddenly assaulting them in both intangibly subtle and boisterously overt ways. Her appearance, her scent, the sound of her hot breathing, all became an incredibly erotic symphony beyond the comprehension of the women who tried their best to understand how it was possible. How can anybody be THAT sexy?

"'s not possible..."

"You want to know a secret?" Amy asked conspiratorially. "As good as I look right now, it feels even better. It feels like I'm stronger than the fucking Hulk. But best of all: You have no idea how wonderful it is to watch you squirm like that. Now then...I think it's time you sweaty sluts got to work. Don't you?"

Amy watched their satisfying reactions as she removed her bikini, she herself a little surprised that the garment hitting the floor sounded more like she had dropped a short and very heavy anchor chain. When she retrieved it later she would learn it had chipped the concrete floor quite badly, but for the moment she was more focused on the two Triple-D's. She put a finger to the corner of her mouth and pouted while shamelessly tweaking one of her high beam nipples.

"I'm starting to think you guys don't love me anymore...and we were so fucking close, remember?"

They were not scared now. Now there was no room in their comparatively limited minds for anything other than how beautiful Amy had become. How monstrously sexy. They both struggled to be first at Amy's bigger and better tits, but they both settled on one each and devoted themselves utterly to worship of its flawless perfection.

"Isn't this great? Just like old times." Amy forced one of them down to their knees, and moved up against a wall to pin them against the wall with her crotch and the other eager woman was pinned by her breast. "Now that I think about's nothing like old times is it girls? Let's see we can't recapture the spirit of days gone by shall we?" Amy refocused her power all into brute strength, her muscle swelling ominously while the two women began to panic. Amy's smooth as silk flesh became hot hard steel, her breast instantly breaking it's worshippers nose and jaw. Their arousal waned quickly as mortal terror kicked in, and both women struggled in futility to break free.

Ignoring the woman at her crotch, Amy spoke to the other woman making sure her victims knew how much she was enjoying her revenge. "You liked that tit a lot last time. I remember how you played with it...while I was begging you to stop. I'm now prepared to give you all you'll ever need, bitch. Here you go!"

The woman at her crotch screamed as her friend went limp to the sounds of cracking bone. It only took a little turn of Amy's torso to kill the woman, a woman who had cause Amy considerable pain. But she didn't want to end the rest so quickly.

"Hey down there! I'm going to fuck your face now. I am going to take my time and enjoy it. Feel free to bite, scratch and whatever you think will help you. It won't. But the more you struggle, the more I'll enjoy this."

Amy very carefully started moving herself over her former tormentors face seeking as much pleasure as she could get. She felt a few things break immediately, but she was able to find a few sweet spots that she proceeded to work over. It was difficult, given how fragile her plaything was, but great concentration and minute control over her movements allowed Amy to get several orgasms over the next hour and a half.

She could hear guards all over the prison rallying to her location, and could even see them. Outside they were gathering an army. It thrilled her immensely to see so many men and women massing in force to stand against her. Such vast resources, so much effort. And all she had to do to crush them utterly was walk out and say hello. To defeat them would require no further planning and preparation than putting her bikini back on and showing up. And if she wanted, she could skip the first part.
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Loved it. Fantastic. Cannot wait for more whether they be side stories or the main arc.
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Red hot, Dru, I know it's a side-story, but I'd love to see a continuation one day!
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I've got a little side story to add....but I when I try pasting the text in here the same as I did last time it keeps loosing its formatting and becomes a wall of text.. Anyone who wants to read it can just shoot me a PM and I'll send you a link. I'll also post a link in the discord channel.
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Read a new Dru story? God yes please!
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