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14 Nov 2015 03:50 #45153 by fats
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hi all,

Lfan has asked me to relook at the comments below the stories and and to see if I can reinstate them, with a ton of regret I have to state that I cant in the way that I would like to, you see when the comments where live it opened up the site to spam, thousands of spam messages per day. I've tested recapta and that's been busted wide open so spam bots simply ignore that so that is not offering any protection, limiting comments to members only is also not working, seemly they are getting messages posted by some other way, so I could only remove the comment component.

So I came up with the idea of creating a dedicated thread for each new story for people to comment and discuss the story, it's not worked the way that I wanted, so I've moved the ones that I have found to a new section and created a new front page module to highlight the threads (if there us any other thread that I have missed please let me know and I'll move it) and my plan is to reinstate the old comments as a read only solution, things have not going the way that I would have wanted, the level of work that I'm having to put in to keep this site running just sorting out the little bugs that creep in is getting to the point that this has become my second job.

In the new year I will plan on getting rid of some of the free software that has been part of the site for years and replace it with paid software, stuff that will have better support and hopefully less bugs and problems, members will not be expected to donate money for the software, I'll pay for it.

I would like to say to the writers that I know feedback is very important and I am trying to put in the best system that I can, you writers are important to me and your work is what makes this site special.

My plans are also to get the image libraries back in action before the end of the year.



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14 Nov 2015 04:41 #45155 by shadar
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Tks for the feedback on comments, Fats. We all miss them, but I now understand why they don't work. Didn't know that opened the door to bots.

The least we can do as members is to cover the cost of any software you need to buy for the site. You sound like you're putting in a lot of hours. Just post a number. Not because you need to but because we want to. If that makes any sense.

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14 Nov 2015 16:39 #45166 by circes_cup
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Thanks, as always, for all your efforts, Fats.

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