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My winter break on earth:     I was able to secure a winter break job on earth as a sales assistant for a hot tub showroom.   My application mentioned my gymnastic and martial arts training.  Just in case I accidentally reveal my 3-5x human strength.  On the first day I wore winter clothing to fit in, even if I'd comfortable in cold and snow in a two piece swimsuit.
The manager showed me how to work the controls, it was just like the instructions I had memorized from the data viewer.
The rest of the day was fun,  I got to try out the different hot tubs and smile at customers trying to suppress excessive pheromones.   I was vibrating my washboard abs or legs to get the water to change temperature and make the heater click off.    The fun part is going ultrasonic and causing mist to start rising off the water surface, but not enough for anyone else to notice.

It was fun swimming in the endless pool.     Watchers seemed impressed that I made it look easy at maximum speed.   At the end of the day I'd imagine a human might have wrinkly skin for being in water all day.    No problem with my impervious alien skin and hair - the water just rolled off, and under the towel a few seconds of  ultrasonic vibration dried things off.       A few discreet pulses of heat vision got the showroom windows unfogged.

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