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11 Dec 2007 02:49 #11095 by lfan
Mankillers Fiction Contest was created by lfan
OK....not really an SGI/SWM Workshop but an "ubergal-related" fiction contest -- and with a prize no-less. Here are the details:

Origin contest! Write and win a custom animation!
Okay folks, time for our first fiction's time to come up with some origin stories!

we've had a few readers try their hand at some MK fiction, and it's been great. (I have some of it to post here shortly -- instead of pasting it into the blog, I'll make it available as RTF files you can download).

I'm working on some new tales myself, including origin stories for Scarlett and Ultima. (<-- so I have 'dibs' on those two!) We've also head about the beginnings of Venoma and Latexxa in the past....we've seen a few quick glances at the adventures of Pythonia, Styxx, Big Red, Titaness, Blue Steel, and CyberEVE, but not proper 'origin stories,' per se.... That leaves a whole bunch of other origins to hear about! That's where you guys come in! If you're up to the challenge, start hitting those keys! Maybe a look at how Serena became a vampire? Or how that little gymnast Firecracker got all those abilities? What about the mysterious Raven, or the martial arts mistress known as Chameleon? How exactly did Blue Steel come to be? Or some of the other lovely, deadly ladies of the MK universe? Brittania? Big Red? How about the "Mankiller versions" of Catwoman, Black Widow, or Baroness? The assassin known only as The Mistress? Or the spy-breaker called Tanya, the Interrogatrix? Or, if you think you're man enough...the exact origin and nature of everybody's favorite, Titaness, has never been fully explored. Who, and what, exactly is she, anyway? Contest: give the origin of a mankiller of your choice in story form!
Length: that's up to you. The longer, the better!
Enter by: sending the story in RTF to my email,
Contest ends: The end of December!
What everyone gets: a great set of origin stories to enjoy!
WINNER: Winner will receive a 'custom' animation of the mankiller featured in the winning story! The clip will be exclusive -- NOBODY else will ever get to see it, unless the winner wants me to post it.

Mankillers, for those of you not familiar, is a great blog run by the ever-generous Dusty who posts his fabulous poser animations free to all. The women ("mankillers") might be a little violent for some round here, but judging from some of the stories in the bank and some of the interactive story additions, I think some people here could definite spin a great tale for some of his what say you CF, Berkhart, ManRam, and any others? Care to give it a shot -- for a prize no less!!


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