SGI Workshop 1.13: UPDATED 12/18/09

07 Feb 2010 12:09 #18190 by JKIJ
Replied by JKIJ on topic Re: SGI Workshop 1.13: UPDATED 12/18/09
Having re-read the stories a few times, I feel that both of the other stories were better at descriptions than mine. I don't feel that I managed to get the scenes that were in my head across as well as I wanted to, while I didn't get that in the others.

I do agree with Anon about the problem with Double Eagle being that it didn't quite seem massive enough. I suspect that the origin story would have helped.

It truly is amazing how similar the style of Divine Gift is to Queen Elizabeth, though as I said above I do feel that Anon did a better job of describing the action than I did. I would certainly be interested in reading more about Hoshkio's struggle with Kublai Khan if any more is written.

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