Heroineburgh: Custom 10 Fenneca erotic transformation

18 Sep 2023 18:32 #77279 by shevek
If you're into superheroine transformations, we've got a new custom ordered and scripted by a loyal fan which accomplishes the change
in a most erotic manner, while keeping it entirely R-rated (no nudity). It stars the consummate professional fetish actress, Terra Mizu.

The premise is that super-thief Penelope Fuchs wants to join her husband in a nightclub heist, but she finds herself blocked in her ability to activate her powers, which she can usually do simply by flexing her muscle and concentrating on the change.

With only an hour left before she has to meet her partner, she thinks up a quick solution. Since she is turned on by the thought of committing crimes with her husband while wearing her tight spandex costume, she begins to caress and fondle herself to generate the energy needed to transform into Fenneca the Silver Fox and regain her powers. It's a very sexy transformation, and so only recommended for mature audiences. 

Here's a little sequence of photo stills.


Plus a little blooper from the shoot. Terra forgot the very last word of the line ("heist") but then she nailed it on the very next take. is where to go for the downloads.

We're going to be filming another great transformation script in October involving our original superheroine Vendetta transforming into a Supergirl analogue. Looks like our fans really enjoy our expertise with transformations!


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