Heroineburgh Episode 22, "Changes" has four transformations!

06 Jun 2024 23:48 - 06 Jun 2024 23:49 #78196 by shevek
Heroineburgh Episode 22 has four transformations! That's why it's called "Changes".

The episode revolves around a blue meteorite called "Drainium" which, somewhat similar to red Kryptonite, causes unpredictable changes in any heroine's physiology and costume, turning them into a more extreme and more powerful version of themselves for a very limited amount of time.

Arctica, the queen of the frost, becomes Quanta, queen of quantum physics, with the power to literally change the probability of any occurrence.

Savanna, the feline fury, becomes Red Savanna, a bloodthirsty feral creature who can barely speak and whose only instinct is to rend and tear.

Vendetta, the Italian spirit of vengeance, becomes Violenta, a super-strong and super-fast assassin who murders anyone in her way.

But all of them only exist for a short time before the energy runs out and they transform back into their usual superhuman selves.

The fourth transformation? Scientist to heroine.
That's when Arctica rips apart her lab coat, revealing her tight and shiny spandex costume below.

Episode 22 can be downloaded at

Here's the trailer for Heroineburgh Episode 22, showing many of the superpowers.

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