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The next chapter of Aurora's Tale has been posted.

It's been four months since the battle of Serra do Caixhador and, after a supreme effort, the Arions are retreating. Yet victory is still a long way off; even with their forces scattered and their Tset'lar humiliated, the Arions still have the strength to take the planet if they're clever.
But the Porturegans have not been idle. While their armies and Aurora have been grinding against the Empire, their engineers have been hard at work fashioning new weapons and technologies.
Now, the ultimate goal of that development is in sight. The project just requires some Imperial assistance and then the Generals can put their final plan into action and finally end the war.
Normally, downing a starship is all part of a day's work for a Protector, and this one is even easier than most, so why are Aurora's protectorate complicating her life by asking her to take it intact? And what's so important that they can't risk telling her?

Chapter 5

I've also posted the other parts to Grey Novemeber: Prelude.

Prelude: Chapter 2
Prelude: Chapter 3
Prelude: Chapter 4
Prelude: Chapter 5
Prelude: Chapter 6

All of my stories can of course be found at

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