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Greetings... it's time for another edition of "Hostile Takeover", episode six of "Twisted Tales"! For those who are already members of HIPComix, here is a direct link to the gallery:

If you are not a member, here are some freebies to help you decide:

Part seven of "Hostile Takeover" picks up with Mechana and Valient Grrl facing off to see who is the strongest woman in all of Metrobay. The tension is high because one wrong move might trigger an all-out brawl which could level an entire city block. As the adversaries stare each other down, a sinister figure lurks in the background looking to take advantage of the confusion and make his presence felt once again. Who will come out the victor? Will the Superheroine Squad succeed in bringing these villains to justice? Or will one of the evil scientists reign supreme, turning all enemies into obedient slaves? Find out in this week's installment of "Hostile Takeover", available at!

"Twisted Tales" are written by Doctor Robo and illustrated by Finister Foul, copyright 2006 all rights reserved. For more information go to or contact Doctor Robo directly. All comments and questions are welcome and appreciated, and are always answered.

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