Three Worlds Collide

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Three Worlds Collide was created by Thefirstone
For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Three Worlds Collide is a web novella about first contact between humans and two different alien species, who are so different from both humanity and each other that each of the three species is horrified by both others.  (For example, the first aliens have vastly more children than they can feed and eat the excess ones.  Their word for "to be morally upstanding" literally means "to eat children."). So what if in a similar scenario the form the aliens take, or the mouthpiece they produce to communicate with us on their behalf, resembles a human woman with superpowers?  You could conceivably end up with a (possibly Bizzarro-like) "villainess" who honestly doesn't understand that there's anything wrong with her actions.
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