My Childhood Best Friend is Supergirl

15 Apr 2024 01:12 #78027 by erikphandel
My Childhood Best Friend is Supergirl was created by erikphandel
I just realized, from the speed at which the story is gaining views, that there must be a lot of people here who are not on the SWM Discord. Lately I've honestly been seeing that as the actual forums. Anyways, since that seems to be the case, I'll post this here to explain what's going on with this story. To everyone on Discord who already know all this, sorry in advance.

This story is the start of a new series. In this universe, there are 63 women who have the power of Supergirl, and they are the only superhumans in the world. The series will have a much more chill and laid-back tone, as I'm planning to focus on character interaction and development, rather than gigantic action scenes and complex villain plots. There will be, of course, plenty of superpower show-off, and a decent amount of smut, but the focus of this are the characters, and how these 63 exceptional individuals deal with each other, and the normal people around them.

You can find the story also on my DeviantArt page (, along with lots more AI art pieces depicting the Supergirls. There are also character profiles for each of the Supergirls (not the full 63 yet, but I'm working on it), so you can get to know them a little bit before they have stories out.

If you have any questions about the universe or the characters, feel free to ask in this thread! Also, I'm already working on the next story, which will star Linda Danvers, the very first Supergirl.
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