Violent Violet

30 Sep 2018 20:32 #61397 by Gincognifo
Violent Violet was created by Gincognifo
Another non-Supergirl character with a few renders. 2/3 are NSFW, so I will just link. The 3rd is on the edge, so I will place under a spoiler tag.

Violent Violet is an alien warrior from a distant planet. She was born to be a gladiator but grew tired of fighting for the entertainment of others, so she led a failed rebellion. Her punishment was exile to Earth. She is about five to ten times stronger than a human, but her main weapons are the devastating atomic fields projected by advanced technology inside her fists. Although prone to poor impulse control, she has the potential to be a force for justice. Unless she can stop fighting everyone she meets on her new home, she will never achieve that potential. So far, the world has only seen her dangerous side.

Violent Violet 1 (NSFW)

Violent Violet 2 (SEMI-NSFW)

Violent Violet 3 (NSFW)

Warning: Spoiler!

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