Interview with a villainess

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Been sitting on this for a while.  Feedback and suggestions are welcome.Jane and her cameraman were both suffering fairly heavy nosebleeds.  They had both heard of instances of humans being psychically probed by their “guest” enough to know that was a common side effect, but nothing could have prepared them for experiencing it in person.  The reporter did her best to collect herself, but it wasn’t easy.  Both of the “Super Sisters,” as a number of humans had taken to calling them, were impossibly beautiful and imposing even when just standing there.  Goddess, sister and most persistent foe of Majestica, the Earth’s greatest hero, looked exactly the same as her sister except for her black hair to contrast her sister’s golden, and, in contrast to her sister’s white, skin tight bodysuit, being completely naked.  Like her sister, she was beautiful enough facially to outshine any human, with an hourglass figure and breasts that Jane estimated as H-cups, if those were even a thing.  Both sisters were also over seven feet tall, and hugely muscular even compared to human males, which somehow did nothing to diminish their curves or breasts in the slightest.  “Sorry about the mind probe,” Goddess said, not actually sounding even remotely sorry, “I just had to make sure the military and/or my goody-two-shoes sister weren’t using the pair of you as bait or some such nonsense.”  She chuckled.  “Not that I would be in any danger if they were, it would just be so irritating to go to all this trouble and have them wreck the event.  I mean, I disabled your chopper’s navigator and carried it here from the meeting point for a reason.”  There was dead silence for almost a minute before Jane cleared her throat.  “Do you…live here?”  The island’s coast was littered with ships and aircraft, some that the journalist recognized from reports of Goddess’ rampages, others she didn’t.  The villainess shrugged her massive, powerful shoulders.  “It’s more of a vacation home.   And obviously it’s where I keep my trophies.”  “So… what prompts the most dangerous woman on Earth to take a break from a decade of wreaking havoc and offer to give an interview?” The alien superwoman sighed, producing a brief gust of wind that both of her guests had to struggle against to stay on their feet. “Honestly?  Boredom.  I mean, messing with my sister and toying with an entire planet of lower life forms who can’t do anything to stop me are nice and all, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted a bit of variety.  So here we are.  I mean, it’s not like anything I could tell you would make my fun any harder.”  Another silent pause.  “It’s common knowledge that you and your sister are of alien origin, but she’s never been willing to tell the press much about her background.  Could you tell us what life where you came from and your relationship with her are like?”   “Well, she’s always been the goody-two-shoes you know her as, really.  Schools where we come from do an assignment not long before graduation where they pair up students, assign each pair to a low-tech backwater inhabited by a civilization with no way to actually threaten one of our kind, let alone two, and have each student write about her interactions with the residents.  

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Replied by AUphoric on topic Interview with a villainess
The premise could work for a story.
Here is how I would set up the plot.
Start with Jane the journalist in the ordinary world. Sometimes she gets an anonymous tip for her and her cameraman to go somewhere at a particular time, bring the camera and don't tell anyone. else Sometimes there is nobody there. Sometimes they do an interview that's a waste of time. It's all worth while when sometimes, someone who wants to reveal something to the world uses Jane to get the word out. These unpredictable scoops are exciting, what keeps Jane going and she has a huge audience that loves to see them.
The good super goddess arrives on Earth. She starts to make life better for people. Everyone says, hooray.
Her evil sister arrives. She starts to make life worse for people. Everyone says, oh no.
Jane and her cameraman are just watching this like the rest of humanity, trying to adapt to these changes.
Jane and her cameraman get an anonymous tip. When they arrive at the assigned location, the evil sister is there. Nosebleed and interview scene that you have would go here.
The premise also ties in to the "crime and punishment for supers" forum topic.

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