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Hello all. Long time lurker and fan here. I posted the first two chapters of this story a few years ago and only recently started sharing the newer/continuing chapters here instead of solely on DeviantArt and Wattpad. 

I've been a fan of FMG related content for many years, especially stories found here and across the 'Net, such as akizz's Viona, Warrior of Beauty, yohashaun's Serena's Lucky Day, leee's various Altawoman comics, njae's Michelle's Meteor Momento, and even the legendary Manic's own phenomenal FMG and She-Hulk related content. So naturally, I wanted to try my hand at something of that nature which would be set in a corner of my ongoing "Bullets, Blades, and Blood" universe. Don't worry, you don't need any context of that to enjoy this story. That being said, I'm so honored and humbled to have my story be a part of this site's Library among so many other wonderful stories of superpowered women. 

If you have any questions for me about the story, feel free to fire away. Happy reading :)
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Hey, nice work! It's not always easy to follow a passion and put something out there for others to judge. Every act of creation is brave in my book.
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