Heroineburgh Episodes 11-13 now available, wrapping Season 1. Plus Dec 2018 Comicon Photos!!

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Now available for Winter 2018: Episodes 11-13 from Heroineburgh!
Finishing up Season One.

Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (13 episodes) creates an entirely new universe, revealing the origins of 20 superheroines who gain their powers from a dark-energy meteor bombardment. Eventually, they form a League to battle forces arrayed against them in the city and across the nation. The superheroines represent various ethnicities, professions, sexual orientations, subcultures and neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, with many real locations used for film shoots.

Season One with all 13 episodes is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH ( ) in the Video Store.
Price is $7.99 each, and the videos range in length from 25 to 40 minutes, with an average of about 30.

Here is the trailer for Episodes 11-13. Short descriptions of the episodes follow below.


Dr. Maitreyi “Marty” Gupta and Dr. Claire Morena are postdoc interns in genetic biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Marty turns down a proposal from Claire to collaborate on a human cloning project. That night during the meteor bombardment, Clare wakes up with the power to emit toxic gases that poison the mind, and becomes the vindictive Chlorina, taking over the lab for her unethical experiments. Meanwhile, Marty discovers that she has the ability to alter biological tissue. Inspired by the legend of a Vedic god from her Hindu heritage, she becomes Arogya the Healer. Can Arogya free the lab techs and stop Chlorina from carrying out her evil scientific scheme? And what’s the secret of the unholy alliance between Officer Drake and the smoke-shrouded villainess, Vaporia?

Theme: Genetic Biology, Human Cloning
Elements: Tight Costumes, Masked Heroine, Indian Heroine, Caped Heroine, Vindictive Villainess, Masked Villainess, Villainess in Tights, Exciting Transformation Sequences, Costume Reveal, Healing Powers, Toxic Poison Powers, Male on Female Restraint, Female on Female Combat, Belly Punch, Knockouts, De-Powering, Bondage on Table, African-American Villainess, Romantic Relationship. 

Episode 11 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH ( ) in the Video Store.

Puerto Rican-American TV reporter Rosa Perez is at the bottom of the news team roster, always sent to the boonies to cover marginal stories with her loyal cameraman Pete. She also has two children, Max and Lisa, whom she dearly loves and supports. When the meteor explodes above the city, Rosa gains a bevy of impressive superpowers which enable her to defeat a gang of bankrobbers and clean up the house at super-speed. But when the station manager offers her a huge raise to become the official Channel 16 representative, will she rise to the public challenge and also champion the Latino community? And how will Max and Lisa react to Mom becoming a costumed superheroine?

Theme: Supermom, Puerto Rican Pride
Elements: Tight Costume, Latina Heroine, Masked Heroine, Caped Heroine, Heroine in Tights, Transformation Dream Sequence, Costume Reveal, Superpowers Demonstration, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Breath, Super Hearing, Flight, Bulletproof Skin, Female on Male Combat, Knockouts, Female Domination, Superheroine Landings.

Episode 12 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH ( ) in the Video Store.


Angela Schwarzwald is a German immigrant who parlayed gyms and nutritional supplement stores into the multi-million dollar empire, Black Forest Fitness. With her assistant Marlena Merzbauer, she has ambitions to become the most powerful woman in the city and an influence in the Republican Party. Infused by the meteor’s dark energy, she wakes up with the strength of forty men and realizes her dream is a reality. Meanwhile, petty burglars Penny and Dwight Fuchs have also acquired superpowers and dubbed themselves The Fox and The Hound. Their next caper finds them invading Angela’s office, but will the entrepreneur defend her domain? And when Angela becomes Teutonic uberfrau Frija, will her membership in the new Pittsburgh Heroine League spark a leadership conflict with the mighty Poderosa? This episode concludes Season One of Heroineburgh…includes guest appearances from four other superheroine productions...and features 16 heroines!

Theme: Entrepreneurship, Superheroine League
Elements: 16 Tight Costumes, German Heroine, Caped Heroines, Masked Heroines, Villainess in Tights, Heroines in Tights, Erotic Transformation Sequence, Costume Reveal, Super Strength, Super Tough Skin, Female on Female Combat, Female Domination, Knockouts, Belly Punches, Face Punches, Transformations, Wind Powers, Light Powers, Laser Powers, Ice Powers, Teleportation Powers, Sound Powers, Banshee Scream Powers, and Guest Appearances.

Episode 13 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH ( ) in the Video Store.

And now, some photos from Steel City Con Dec 7-9, where we premiered Episodes 11-13 of Heroineburgh and spent three days at
the booth with our amazing actresses promoting Season One of the series!

On Day One, blissful Etherea (Maura) and hypnotic Mesmera (Devon) posed for photos on the stage after the episode premieres.

On Day Two, soundblaster Darbouka (Tiffany), the new Devorra the Queen Bee (Sydney) and ice queen Arctica (Bridget) greeted fans at the Heroineburgh booth in the main vendor hall, where it was busy for much of the day.

Also representing the series on Day Two were the brave Jinniyya (Kristin), mistress of the wind...

..and the brand new actress who will play Gardenia, queen of the plant world, in Season Two (Laura).

And then finally on Day Three, some of our newest arrivals made an impression:
Violent villainess Vaporia (Josalynn), the new Vendetta, Italian spirit of vengeance (Mauricia) and malevolent mischief-maker Sintilla (Lita)

Sintilla gets her own special look...we're going a bit edgy, as she's modeled after Catwoman, but instead of a whip, she fights with spiked rubber paddles. She'll debut in Episode 14!

All 13 episodes of Season One are now on sale at HEROINEBURGH ( ) in the Video Store.

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