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12 Feb 2020 12:18 #66775 by Zenta
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Been lurking for a while, sorry, but recently got into watching/listening to ASMR and noticed there's a big roleplay element involved. So being a regular on this forum, I tried looking up superheroine stuff!

I found some stuff which has been pretty nice and relaxing - example below!

And as there are a lot of very attractive women doing ASMR vids, I did find this video as well. Wasn't really my thing, but she looks great in that Supergirl costume.

Figured I'd pass these along as I assume that, like me, some of you have different types of superheroine appreciation.

However, there's not a huuuge amount of fetish or erotic ASMR stuff around, and none that I could find involving superheroines or whatever. I commissioned something a little more personal from someone on Fiverr and it was pretty good, but I'd be interested in something a little more.

Dunno if anyone has more experience with ASMR stuff that can point myself and others in the direction of other normal relaxing vids along with anything a bit more sexual, etc.
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12 Feb 2020 18:36 - 12 Feb 2020 19:07 #66782 by Agent00Soul
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Very cool!  I do enjoy ASMR, but it never occurred to me to look for anything superheroine-related.  

She does Wonder Woman too:

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