Heroineburgh Episode 20 in progress: a Girl Power scene!

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Heroineburgh Episode 20 has been in progress for quite a while, as we slowly compile enough footage to add up to a half-hour of
stunning adventures, as usual. Among the story arcs, we have Dark Spectra confronting Devana and kidnapping Poderosa's boyfriend; Dysphoria and Drake breaking Pagliaccia and Mesmera out of jail; Arogya and Arcana dealing with the menace of Mesmera's latest scheme to sow discord in the Heroine League; and the transformation of a longtime civilian character into a Batwoman/Nightwing-styled high-tech heroine. There's plenty of drama and action, and more spandex than you can shake a stick at. And it will all be available when Episode 20
comes out early next year.

But fans of Girl Power might be most happy to know that we've included a fantastic scene which features the return of the fabulous raging
Red Gina! Shot entirely last Thursday, this scenario depicts the super-strong Gina (played by Jessica) and the skilled ninja fighter Vendetta
(Mauricia) crush the hell out of some gun-wielding Mafia thugs. 

For those who don't recall them from our earlier episodes, here are the descriptions of Red Gina and Vendetta:

Veronica "Ronnie" Benedetti is from Bloomfield, also known as "Pittsburgh's Little Italy". She is a law student at the University of Pittsburgh. Her father is the former mob boss of the Bloomfield Mafia, whose position was usurped by his consigliere, Carlo. On the night of the dark meteor bombardment of the city, she acquired incredible fighting skills and increased strength, which are augmented by her strong level of confidence (if she doubts herself, she begins to lose power). When Carlo exiled her father, and killed her best friend's entire family in a rigged 'gas explosion', Veronica vowed to strike back and wipe out the whole city's Mafia. She donned a shiny red catsuit with a "V" logo, trained herself with deadly escrima fighting sticks, and transformed herself into the fearsome Vendetta, the "Italian spirit of vengeance." She is now a member in good standing of the Heroine League. This character is inspired by a combination of DC's Huntress and Marvel's Mockingbird.

Gina Garibaldi is a computer coder who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with honors. She became bitter when she was continuously rejected by high-tech companies because of her "punk/goth" attire and shaved-head appearance. When the dark meteor exploded above Pittsburgh, her emotions became internalized in her genes. A callous interviewer sexually harassed her during an interview at Cybertech, and she spontaneously transformed into a rage-fueled superstrong amazon called Red Gina, who rampaged through the company, injuring employees and destroying property. However, HR director Sabrina Walters (aka superheroine Cybrina) offered her a job at Cybertech, with the contingency that Gina stay on a regimen of anger-controlling pills. Eventually, with the help of Vendetta and the Heroine League, Gina was able to control her emotions, and today she uses "adrenalin pills" to transform at will into her shiny red bodysuit. However, as Red Gina, she must continue to release her rage through the use of violence. This character is (obviously) inspired by She-Hulk.

And now, on to some stills from this upcoming scene.

Veronica finds an announcement about a secret summit of the Mafia dons on the mob's encrypted message board on the dark web
(her father gave her the password). She calls Red Gina to join her, knowing that Gina will enjoy the action.


Veronica puts on the mask to become Vendetta (this is part of a complete Vendetta costume transformation scene, a la Alicia Silverstone).


Meeting Vendetta outside the warehouse, Gina tells her friend to stand back as she takes her adrenalin pills to initiate her transformation.


Gina groans with both pleasure and pain as the pills take effect, her muscles expanding as she undergoes the metamorphosis.


Fully transformed, Red Gina flexes for Vendetta, showing off her rock-hard muscular body for sheer inspiration. Vendetta admits that even though she likes men, she definitely has a serious "girl crush" on Gina when she transforms.


The second camera angle of Red Gina flexing and posing for Vendetta.


Red Gina and Vendetta interrupt the Mafia dons in the middle of their card game. Vendetta accuses Carlo of the murder of her friend. A command "Waste these bitches"! is given by Carlo, and the action begins.


In her anger, Red Gina tosses the poker table over, scattering the Mafia guys. Mere child's play for her super-strength!


One of the wise guys tries to shoot Vendetta, but she blocks the bullets with her escrima. One bullet richochets, hitting the shooter in the leg.


Meanwhile, Red Gina attacks the largest Mafia thug - disabling his gun hand, pummeling him in the stomach, and throatlifting him against the wall. She crushes his windpipe.


Vendetta brings her escrima down hard on the downed Mafia gunman, cracking his skull.


Red Gina poses in her power stance, gloating in her victory, while Vendetta approves of her methods.


Thirsty after their adventure, the superheroine besties decide to go grab a couple of cappuccinos before heading back to Heroine League headquarters. What else would a couple of Italian girls do?



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