Superwoman's victory dance

12 Jan 2022 16:21 #73107 by slim36
Superwoman's victory dance was created by slim36
Without breaking a sweat or chipping a nail she has utterly defeated one of her enemies.  They are barely conscious after a terrible effortless defeat by this superwoman.  She taunts them with her undulating body.  Pointing and laughing at this joke of an enemy.   It was a terrible defeat for the enemy who had planned an ambush for weeks.  All the planning and preparation meant nothing to her but it's always fun to dance and laugh when something is so easy.
After the painful defeat he could barely move - to his embarrassment he was starting to get excited watching her.      She heard his hearbeat accelerate, and smelled the subtle changes as he started to get excited.    Cause for more smiling and laughing knowing he was utterly defeated.      As his vision turned gray she said,  "This was so much fun,  Let's do this again!"      She checked the camera and stopped the recording.   Youtube would likely block the video if it showed her defeated enemy.   It would be enough to post the victory dance video, maybe it would stop him from trying again.    It could be that her enemy has no idea how powerful she has become or how much fun it was to defeat him.

Some hours later he woke up and saw a new message:   Watch "Superwoman's victory dance."     Already up to 11M views.   Maybe its time to find an enemy that's not so powerful.

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