Heroineburgh Custom #10 available! - "Fenneca the Silver Fox: Unblocked By Bliss" starring TerraMizu

18 Sep 2023 18:11 - 18 Sep 2023 18:13 #77278 by shevek
Another fantastic minisode is now available - ordered, scripted, and funded by one of our loyal supporting fans who prefers to remain anonymous. Our tenth custom stars Fenneca, the Silver Fox, starring the heart-stopping Terra Mizu. If you're into sexy transformations, this is definitely for you.

Lounging on the couch in her apartment and drinking a beer, the super-thief Penelope "Penny" Fuchs is studying a manual on advanced lockpicking. She wants to learn more about her husband Dwight's side of the burglary operation, to show him that she can add brains to her mighty brawn and stunning beauty, and help to increase their income on their various criminal capers.


Dwight (aka Canis the Hound) calls her on the cellphone, alerting her to a nightclub break-in they'll be doing that night, which should net them a lucrative amount of cash. Excited to spring into action, Penny flexes her bicep muscle and concentrates to trigger her physical augmentation, only to find that she can't access her abilities.


She is powerless! No diamond-sharp claws, no incredibly acute senses, no alluring pheromones, no super strength, and most of all, no perfect feminine physique in the tightest costume Pittsburgh has ever seen. She ponders the situation, wondering what she can do to kickstart the transformation into Fenneca, given that she has less than an hour left to meet her husband at the scene of the crime.

Finally, she comes up with a solution. Thinking about her husband and the dangerous crimes they commit together is quite a turn-on for her, so if she can fantasize about being with Dwight, she may be able to produce an intense rush of pleasurable energy powerful enough to transform. Penny starts to caress and fondle herself all over her body, which begins to infuse her with the power she needs to change into Fenneca.


As you can imagine, this is a erotic scenario (our first R-rated custom) and therefore should only be purchased by those mature enough to handle it. Find out what happens next when Penelope's desires become hot and heavy!

Custom 10: "Fenneca the Silver Fox in Unlocked By Bliss" is now available for download at our website. It's our first release with Terra as Fenneca, and hopefully it will whet your appetite for her upcoming combat scene appearances in both Episode 22 and Episode 23, to come out later this year.

Here are behind-the-scenes photos taken by Terra herself, while we were setting the combat scenes in the other room for EP23.


We love to produce custom videos for our most dedicated fans! is where to contact us about hiring for customs or use the contact form on our website.

And the rest of our customs are available for download right here:

Check out the blooper on Youtube. Terra forgot the last word of the line ("heist") but she nailed it perfectly on the very next take!

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