Why So Few Superheroines -- or ANY Heroines?

22 Dec 2013 14:35 #34797 by brantley

Frank Bruni of The New York Times isn't the first to ask this question. You'd think the success of The Hunger Games and Gravity would have had some impact on Hollywood, and yet it hasn't. Hollywood is supposed to be a bastion of liberalism, and yet its attitudes toward women are still reactionary. How come?


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22 Dec 2013 16:39 #34799 by djitters19
Replied by djitters19 on topic Why So Few Superheroines -- or ANY Heroines?
That's easy! They're frauds who don't really mean what they say.
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22 Dec 2013 19:40 #34800 by castor
This article made me think of something- a point.

Movies Like Gravity, The Hunger Games-there point isn't that there main characters are superheroines-but that there just normal girls.Most of them are fairly weak-its the mental toughness thats the thing.

I am particularly thinking of the upcoming movie "Divergent" which is about a post apoclpytic future with a girl whose superpwer is-well she can think like a normal human being. Its not a bad book or a bad idea-but the real concept is she trains to be the ultimate warrior badass-and sucseed-by kind of thinking halfway logically, instead of suicidally brave.

Hunger Games is the same way. Katniss in those books is incredibly tough mentally-but her boyfriend Petta special talent is that hes very strong not her(also: Hes a good cake decorator). In most respects she seems to be a normal girl in terms of strength wise. At a couple of points she just gets beat up by bigger and stronger people, and is usually terrifed.

A month ago or so i made a post about "Strong Indipendent Women" in movies like Barb Wire, Catwoman -even aliens. In movies like that the idea seems to be that the heroine is tougher then a man can beat them up, and take names.

Now adays the point is that they *can't* do that, but still win in the end.

This is i emphasis-just a point. I am not necessarily sure in terms of larger culture its a critique. I didn't see gravity-but it dose follow a kind of similar partern from what i can gather-and its something. It does kind of create an intresting world and is good at creating tension. Supergirl hunger games i think would be very borring.

That said actually superheroines whould be nice to see I wouldn't want Wonder Woman like this. And i think theres room for it.

But in terms of what they have, I can't be to angry at this. Becuse i do disagree with this article in that we are probabbly going to see more of these movies.

Hope this doesn't get to much hate.


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24 Dec 2013 02:44 #34813 by MisterK
Replied by MisterK on topic Why So Few Superheroines -- or ANY Heroines?
Katnis is a good start. Simply put, she's a non-powed but kick-ass heroine. The series also makes no bones about her saving Peeta and that's awesome. Maybe that ammounts to turning a corner. Time will tell.

I don't know what it will take to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen.

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