Vega's Victory

29 Nov 2014 16:35 #39172 by TheSuperheroines
Vega's Victory was created by TheSuperheroines
Girl Power Custom Video for Sale:

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02 Dec 2014 16:11 #39237 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic Vega's Victory
Downloaded and watched this yesterday. Here is my review:


- Attractive woman in a great costume.
- Good attitude by the superheroine when she is on the offensive.
- Displays super strength and very brief heat vision.


- The props. The fat, pink, plastic, wiffle ball bat they used was totally unbelievable as a dangerous weapon. My kids have hit each other with one of those and were hurt less than what these actors would have us believe.
- I understand that the superheroine was somewhat weakened by whatever that blue powder was. However, I still would have liked to see just a little invulnerability (like before the powder stuff was revealed and after she overcame it). I mean, was she supposed to be "super" or what? Every hit seemed to cause her pain. I would have liked to have seen a punch or two not bother her.
- Needed more moments of dominance by the superheroine. I know this company mainly puts out "peril" videos and they have to try and appeal to that segment. I also know that this was a custom video so they may have just produced what the client asked for. However, I would have liked to have seen the thugs try to run away when they realize how powerful she is and she cuts them off with her super speed.

All in all, it was not a bad first effort at a "girl power" video. However, I want my superheroine to exhibit a little bit more of the standard superheroine power set.
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