Cape Hope: Character Creation

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Cape Hope: Character Creation was created by castor

The desire for a better existence; the belief that things will improve. That thing will work out...that tomorrow will be greater than today.

When the Greek gods unleashed a million perils and plagues on humanity from Pandora’s Box, they left hope. The one 'gift' they gave.

It’s hard not to see it here. In this city built on the edge of idyllic Victoria Bay. It’s a beautiful city in places, in others - poverty ridden slums. And even more areas lost in between, where the rich and poor mix, where the masses come from other countries. They come with the belief that something will come here that no matter how dark the past that the future will be better. From Lighthouse point to the White Wood, from the Rock of the Moon to Minerva Beach, it’s a city that everyday is slightly different - new buildings, new restaurant specials, new babies in the hospital, and new graves in the yard. And people believe that it will work out, that it will make sense, that it will be better for them, for there families, for everyone. From the simple to the great, they try.

What more can you say? They Try.

Now new gods are appearing, new flying lights in the sky. Will they unleash new perils - or will they create.....

SWMU Part 1:
Cape Hope


We are starting character creation today-opening up the RP t people to come up with the characters they want to play. We want to start RP in a week or so but now come up with the initial characters.

They can be super heroine,s villains, people in between or average people. Let your imaginion soar-but follow this guidlines in writing it out. We are going to read all of them and in the unlikely events we have some issues we wnat to work them out.

If you have any questions PM the mods-or ask the board-be active the old salt is if you have a question maybe someone else does. We can also help you work out details of characters if you need them or how they effect the world.

also ask the other people-if you want to work on similar origins, prexisting relationships all of that nows the chance. take a look at what other people come up with.

over the rest of the week we are going to be publishing new info about the world, but start brainstorming.

Note: If your reading this after we start RP no problem. Come in any time.

Character Sheets

Before you jump into RP you do have to make a character up. He or she should have the following elements:

Name: they're full name, and the secret identity if they have one.

Occupation: What they do they do for a living. Its a very american thing to put this first :)

Age: In years please.

Powers: Give a brief description of their powers - if they can be defined numerically define them-they can lift this and this much weight go ahead. You can be vauge, but a certain amount of specificity is desired. Basically if a real life person can't do its a power, and feel free to give your girl unique or original talents,

Weaknesses: see above. It can vauge. this can be traditional "But my power doesn't work that way" or "Radation will kill me"-but it can be prosaic. Maybe they're blind, have a limp, no money, or on the run from the law. If they are not the average american adult that fits.

Special Skills: They can be good at math, Acrobatics, history of whistling - if it's beyond what a modern average modern american can do, but not really super stuff. The day to day stuff - driving a car, reading and writing you don't have to bother don't bother(and if they don't have the skill of an average adult that's a weakness) .

Special Equipment - Most people have money in the bank, a car, shelter. What this refers to is super stuff- special cars, flying bugs, metal suits - or really any suits. Some of these can be made to exist in the real world easy enough. However if you can't buy it in a store in the real world, please come up with a reason.

Background: This is the real meat - come up with a couple of paragraphs - at least one preferably more about yyour character and her life-how things have come to bring her. You can be very detailed or very vauge-but just be. You could also maybe write a mini story for this if you want, but a couple of pargaphs on it in the character sheet could still be helpful. Let their personality start to form here if you can, give us a sense of who they are .

Description: A brief physical discription of the character, tell us what they look like. It should be noted that physically beautiful characters - perfection of womanhood, are apprioate for the genre, What colour is their hair? Their eyes? 36-22-33?. However be free here.

Sample Character

Name: Ellen Randal- aka The Quiver

Occupation: Medical Post Grad / Superhero?


Powers: Super Speed: She can run about 150 miles an hour, and has vastly increased stamina; Super Healing: She can recover from cuts and bruises in minutes, and broken bones and more serious injuries in an hour. Super Strength: She can lift about a 500 pounds(press). This plus her speed gives her very long horizontal but not vertical jump - (almost 500 feet)

Weaknesses: Increased metabolism - she needs to eat about five times as much as an average person, and will feel weak from hunger if she doesn't eat every 2 or 3 hours.

Special Skills: Doctorate in medicine with a speciality in Spinal and Skelteal injuries. Advancd knoweldge of Biology and Chemstry. She has also been studying acrobatics and a bit of martial arts in her spare time since the incident, but is hardly an expert at anything.

Special equipment: None.

Background: Ellen Randal had just done what she had spent most of her life trying to do: to study Medicine. She had finished her med school about 6 months ago, and was at Cape Hope University hospital in a post graduate program. It had been a lot of long hours, shitty apartments, and virtually no social life. But she was gradually reaping the rewards. She had just gotten the first sallary offer that would afford her a new car, and she was thinking Lexus or BMW....

Then she started loosing weight. A lot of it. Ellen had never big woman, but bad eating had put some meat on her - but in about three weeks virtually all fat was gone from her body - and she was hungry. Constantly hungry. She had to double then triple her eating, packing extra lunches into her shift - when at last it kind of stabilised. It wasn't like she didn't have any energy: she had tons. Which perhaps was her downfall, as one day when she was taking the stairs, she got either pushed or tripped down - it didn't matte. At the bottom she had a broken leg, contusions...

...for a couple of minutes. Then they were gone - which was a hah for her..

over the last week or two she has slwoly experiments with what she..yeah lets call it that, her super powers of speed stanima, healing and just a touch of strength. Shes gained a little bit of muscle to from it all. Its been...its been something.

Now she has to figure out what to do with it. Now she became a doctor to feel goodish about making money-shes fine with that. Mercenary motives abound. But should she know put on a mask and do something..or...

Description: Ellens about 5'6, and has developed what might be called a runners body. Sleek muscle on lithe muscle form her curves, and she had a very thin tappered waist. In normal clothing she looks normal enough, but in any kind of tight fitting outfits one can see the veins and the sleek lines of her form. She has pale white skin (which has lost most of its tan) and long black hair, and a cute dimple on her noise. She doesn't have a costume yet. God...a costume?
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04 Jan 2014 23:49 #34963 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
If anyone needs help with this-

Just Write a Sentence.

Most characters start with a good sentance. Some vauge idea put down. Happy to review them and to help you work up the bigger sheet.

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12 Jan 2014 07:19 #35062 by njae
Replied by njae on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
I think this topic needs a push. Strange that nobody seems interested in this.

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29 Jan 2014 08:42 #35330 by Lastleaf
Replied by Lastleaf on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation

njae wrote: I think this topic needs a push. Strange that nobody seems interested in this.

I'm interested, just don't have the time though. Hope this project goes well but I'm afraid the inherent problems of just having multiple nigh invincible females would immediately crop up.

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29 Jan 2014 16:15 #35334 by shadoolord1979
Replied by shadoolord1979 on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
I am very interested in this and I have many ideas I could use that I haven't used before as well. I don't have a working PC right now that is the only thing keeping me from really writing down these ideas to see what idea I want to use specifically.

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29 Jan 2014 16:19 #35335 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
Happy to help shadowlord. maybe like i said just write a sentance down-or anything down. If you want you Can PM me or Dru if you need help and you don't want to make it public.


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30 Jan 2014 19:12 #35348 by aki_zz
Replied by aki_zz on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
great concept. it will be great to see new original characters coming up.

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Replied by castor on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
(this is a sample character i created to help seed the world a bit- an evil villianess)

Name: Linda Ranstom Aka The Great Quake

Profession: Accounting Secretary/ SuperVillian

age: 35

Powers: Earthquake control Linda can emit sonic waves-that create earthquakes if the plates are correct spots. its not a 100 percent accurate as it depends a lot on subsurface acitivty. She can generate by herself from about a rictor scale of 1(barely noticable) to 5(do sizable damage in localized areas), but her control is not 100%-furthermore if shes in the right spot right time(which she has no idea what)-she can go up to about 8(major disaster). She can also use her powers to dampen or remove earth quake damage in localized areas by doing a counterwave.

The size and scope of these powers at the start of the story she barely has any control off other in those most rudementary manner. Theoretically she can get extremly persise. Note she doesn't need to be in physical contact with stone, but needs air to pass a soundwave. Dogs and other high pitch hearing creatures can hear her do this.

Rock Damage-using her wave powers she can destroy glass and most natural stones and rocks-but not metal. These include cements and most Bricks.

High pitch hearing- She has much better hearing then average people-better then a dog both in range, and pitch level.

Weakness- Shes no more able to survive damage then anyone. Whats more as her power creates a lot of damage. Shes needs to be careful. Also artifical loud noises tend to startle her more, but really can't hurt her.

Special Skills: Linda has a very good knowledge of Security Systems and how there put together and organized, in all aspects from guards to electronics. She also has a good knoweldge of Accounting Real estate and bookkeeping. Shes also a very good camper and outsdoorswoman, and is reasonably physically fit.

Background. Linda Ralnston was born in Cape Hope. She went to high school and college in cape hope. At a point after her marriage ended in a painful divorce she thought she would die in Cape hope. She went to college to become an accountant-she ended up a slightly glorrifed bookkeeper for an electronics firm. Actually the headbooker by the end of it as a small exciting startup in the tech boom of the early aughts--turned into a slightly larger startup by 2013.

around 2008...well she started to skim. very little. she wasn't trying to be greedy. a 100 here. a thousand. she could have taken all of it. but enough to save away to put in stocks and real estate to be something. to be something big...

It didn't quite work out. the real estate market collapses as did her small empire. the stocks did okay. but only after 5 years of work she was about where she started-except for some half full triplexes that are worth less then she paid for them..

And then six months ago her boss noticed it. Cops called, indipendent audit-nearly a million dollars wa gone. that much? However she was never actually charged-not enough evidence that it was her specifically that took it-but enough to get her ass fired and a big ass arrow on her ressume.

So at 35 she was left......

She spent a lot of time in the forest. she had always enjoyed hiking and the trees. When two months ago she was outside she woke up from a find she could hear more. feel more inside of her the vibrations of the universe.

And she cried out. And the earth moved of thunder.

scientists where shoked at the series of quakes that happened over the last couple of months in the forests outside of the city-it was unusual-cape hope area did get quakes-but not in this kind of activity. there was some alarm, a worry that this prediciting a big noe in the future.

but not this big.

For Linda was also in town-learning practing all about security systems-heists-how they are put together-and how she can use her powers to get what is coming for her...or if not destroy it all.

Either way shes leaving this crummy town.

Description: Lindas about 5'6. She has medium length brown black hair which she wears down er slightly tan skin slightly wrinkled by age. She looks slightly better then average when she wants to, but often has an evil snear that drives people away. She is physically fairly fit, though not a wasp and has long muscular legs from years of outdoor activity. She doesn't have a costume yet-yet.

Equipment- Linda has been casually assembling a lot of eloctronic Lockpicks, and other theving items-and a large pannel truck.
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06 Feb 2014 02:49 #35443 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
(another character to fill out the world)

Name: Rae "Rilley" Chang/ The Star

Occupation: College Student/ Grocery Delivery woman/ Hero

Age :20

Powers: Light: Rae can emit pericing bright light from her hands this can temporarily blind people security cameras etc. it comes in a radius and can extend about 30 feet brighter then pretty much anything. She can also use much lighter to see around in the dark. Super Strength: She can lift about 2 tons over her head. This can make her lift a small truck-whats more it lets her climb up and hang from surfaces at ease, and let her jump about 30 feet...60 with a runing start. Stanima-Riley has extreme stanima-she can run and jump all night and feel limted effect, as well as take lots of bruises and hits, and be okay--after a bit. She still needs to sleep (about 3 hours a night) and eat

Weakness: Raes specially made costume is made out of kevlar-but well kevlar ain't perfect. She also has no special power to see through her own light-but she knows when its up.

Special Skills: Ray is studying sociology at college-which is...well. She also speaks Fluentish Korean. She studied Takewando for 5 years and is quite profiecent at that- and can use a little bit of its training in armed and unarmed combat with her powers.

Background: Rae Chang was born in Seoul, South Korea but has little memory of it. Her Parents Divorced, and her mother moved her and her two other sisters to america, when she was 3 to live with her grand aunt(who came over in the korean war) so her mother could find opertunity. She found instead a small grocery story in the Lane. It was hard growing up in Cape Hope... But well. She always was smar, but never quit a nerdt. She was always fairly athletic, but never quite a jock. She was an easy to ignore asian kid. Never had a boyfriend. She found sollice in the Korean American Community in town Studying Caligraphy and Takewando.

She enrolled at 18 in a local cape hope university. There she discovered thigns about herself that well-- she was kinda of gay. The amount varried with drink and fear of her tradiional mother. She tried to ignore it, and prejudice, and everything.... wile works as a runner still for her mother as a grocery delivery girl.

Until one night when making her light her hands started to glow in a werid neiborhorhood. as she was walking through scared. it would be nice to say it scared off criminals-but really just a homless guy who was cold . Well that was something.

so what.?


.Well she gradually discovered that she was a lot more athletic also- a lot more powerful. Not really superman levels-but well she could lift her station wagon up.


Well the only logical thing to do was put on a silly mask and become a superhero right? That came to her in a drunk night.

maybe there was some inner deceny an inner desire to help people. Some inner goodness.

Now it was Glowy Hands time to shine!!!

And she changed the name Glowy Hands pretty quick.

Description: Rae is a 5'1 Korean American Woman with long black hairm and olive skin. She is incredibly physically fit with tight muscles covering her tappered lithe body that hardly has an ounce of fat on its bueatiful frame-at least naked. In clothes she wears she tends to look just kind of small. Shes taken to wearing Long underwear as a college fashion statment.

Except in her Star costume. A mix of Gortex and kevlar on a chest( is a surpsingly light red armor and dark yellow that covers her body poking out hols for the front of her face neck, and palms. on her chest is a glowing star star. of her hands, it shows off the cuver of her abs, the sway of her hips-it has a low sling belt on it. with pouches. Its a good job from a designer she knew on campis who usually does cosplay.

Equipment: Her costume functions as light armor for her body She has put together a makeshift utlity with some caltrops, Plastic handcuffs, a long rope with a grappling hoo(which she hasn't had much practice) , and some signal mirrors-which she figures must be a use somewhere.

She also has a used ford station wagon-with a laptop which has some computer software, and a kendo sword which she sometimes caries.

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06 Feb 2014 15:19 #35447 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
Name: Laura Tanton

age :17

Occupation :Homeless Runaway

Powers: Telekensis. Laura has massive telekenetic powers- she can lift about 20 tons-really almost any practical weight... and do hundrds of objects at once. she can move then anywhere with about a half mile of her person and move them at tremndious speeds. these include people, cars, lightpust-shes can be a lviing wind of destruction. Whats more sh can do 100s of objects at once with more controls then a person can do-they can move an act as if they had almost sentience. one of the werid parts is that its like they almost have eyes-even things she can't see they can respond to.

Flight: Laura can uses her powers to fly. This is kind of a theroy actually as she has almost never used it for this-and would be frightened to do it.

fire and ice-laura can create extreme heat and cold-effectivly make fires. this isn't from her hands or body but where ever she wants to.

weaknesses- Lauras main weakness is that she doesn't have perfect control of her powers-when she gets really frightened-or just emotional they have a tendency to act out her emotion-attack, helping, getting her away-fighting back. She has gotten better at keeping it in check-and when she does want to use her powers-there is a method of things getting out of hand and bigger then when she wants them to be. This is exaserbated by the fact that shes often a little bit on the edge of hysteria

Also she has about 40 bucks to her name, no place to live, and belives she is wanted by the police(though technically speaking if the police found out who she was they whould just forward her name to a detective who wants to talk to her, and maybe call her parents).

Skills: Shes a decent fantasy Fiction writer for a teenager. kind of smart for someone without a high school degree. She can't drive a car. She is however reasonably streetsmart- she knows how to be safe on the street, wheretrouble is likely to be and where it isn't and how to avoid it-and scrounge a meal when needed, and a warm spot to sleep where the cops aren't to likely to obther.

Background Laura Tanton-wasn't a straight A student. But it was close. She was smart very pretty and the child of rich parents in Denver (her father was vice president of a car dealership). At age 16 everything was going up for her lif, and she more or less knew it. That summer she went to a fiction worship at cape hope university for a couple of weeks to learn about writing(she had some desire tobecome a fatnasy writer) and well to spend time at a vacation.When she got back-school was great. Life was great.

Until November- then she went to a party one of her friends was having. someone brought some alchol- she drank a bit. She went into the backyard there where 2 cute guys who where on the Swim Team at school-she well...she doesn't perfectly remember what happen. She asked one of them to stop. they didn't. it didn't actually really go anywhere.

and they both where beaten half to death. A giant massacre of fire and desctruction went through the party as talbes and chairs and punch bowls flew-it was like an explosion went off in the hoouse. a terrible explosion. The two boys where hospitolized. three others where injured pretty badly. the house burned down.

and laura never went back home. it was her. she knew that. she knew that insticnviyl that she had caused it-and well.... she couldn't face it anymore. The guilt the sorrow of it all. The police whould know her parents whould know -everyone whould know....

so for the last year she has wandered-she spent time in LA, Phoniex, Las Vegas for a bit, huston. Shes not a begger, but she lives on the stree. -shes avoided drugs mainly-becuse well thats what it was-her being a bad girl. Often working odd jobs-telemarketer, sign waiver- things for a couple of weeks until it happens agian

Cause it does. Not always big, a trash can flying a small fire in a trashcan-but when it does and anyone anyone sees its she runs. She can't stand it. she has used it to fight off muggers in the street ocasionally pimps who came at her-and gotten better at it. sometimes she uses it to help other kids on the street-but well..she runs. Ths is despite the fact that only once has even the police been called about it(and the police in denver think it was a bad electical fire)

She is cold, and poor. She has the idea when shes 18 in a couple of moths and she can use her social security number agian she can get a job maybe as a waitress work in a store-get a roommate a life somewhere. thats the idea-but until the power is under control, she feels it under her control. When she is the master-and can just be normal agian.

Recently she has been hearing words on the street of big things happening in cape hope, in the shadows erid events. She decided to head up there- well maybe its connected maybe there anwsers-its just as good as any-and maybe it will give her a little bit of cover for her powers if they do go out of hand .

Well she can dream. she can hope.

But shes gotten pretty bad about hope.

items: She has a backpack with a couple of shirts and pants-most of which are presentable in a library, and a warm if warn jacket. She has a few odds and ends-matches a watch and ipod with some music on it. She has about 40 dollars, and a wallet without much else. She wants to get one of those wirless minute cellphones at some point.

Description: She is a medium size girl of about 5'6, who clearly hasn't eatten much over the past year, and was clearly just ever so slightly plump at one point-but not now. She is kind of guant, but a certain pretty ness a certain pale bueaty remainsdespite it. She has long brown hair that could use a cut. She wears clothings that aren't quie rags, but not really great. She is usally keeps her face and hands clean enough but ocasionally-well smells. she doesn't like is hard.

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06 Feb 2014 23:57 #35452 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
Name: Alexa Smee

Age: 27

Profession: Software Engeener

Its not like Alexa is a bad person okay. No one whould say that. No one.

Yeah shes in it for the money-but is that so bad? She was a good student who loved math who about 7 years ago someone said-hey why don't you go into computer programing so she did. And She got a job at Facebook. Yeah they paid her millions. It was good. but she gave money to charity. She helped people. She also in her spare time went into triathelete- really worked her body as much as her mind. She wasn't lazy.

okay yes. Last year Facebook let her go after a redesign, and yes she got a job in Cape hope to work at an internet Startup--kind of on the stuff she learned there-but shes free. And yes also she left her long term boyfriend in the process. So what if she loved him. It was work. This is the 21 century. She shouldn't be expected to stay at home. She wanted to live her matter how good Alan was to her..if he wanted to stay he should have quit his job and move.

This doesn't make her horrible.

She got a job that only was 50% computer with a lot of actual say in the company. she got a bueatiful house, if a slightly empty one..she was enjoying cape hope.

When one morning she woke find she had demon wings.

Flight Alexa can fly on demon wings- flying through the air about 40 miles an hour, with reasonable control and flight speed. She can dive about 70. She can't however hover are stay in place to any degreewhat so ever. she needs forward mommentium.

Strength: Alexas new form can lift about a ton of weight, and support in flight about 250-about enough to hold a man.

Endurance-Alexia now has near unlimted physical endurance. she could fly around the world and not be weakened.

tail snap
h er tail isn't prenshile but can be used for things like pushing buttons or whiping. the spike at the end is quite strong

invulnerability The new portions of her body-namely her her tail- her wings her horns-there all basically invulnerable to damage bullet proof, fire proof etc-the body inside of it not so much. however she can use them to cover her body

Skills- Alexia is an extremly skilled software engeener and devoloper, and programer. As part of this she is an extremly skilled computer hacker and at taking advantage of network code. She also know the marketing of software and administration. She is also an experienced triathalete.

Equipment: Alexia is a millionare a couple of times over. She has a BMW, A Large house in the Canal District, with some good furnishings and a lot of computer stuff-including some hacking equipment that may not technically speaking be legal.

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07 Feb 2014 10:34 - 07 Feb 2014 13:00 #35455 by shadoolord1979
Replied by shadoolord1979 on topic Cape Hope: Character Creation
Name- Amanda Collins AKA Spectrum

Profession- Automotive mechanic specializing with all things regarding connecting any device to a vehicle or aircraft even on short notice.

Age- 26

Height- 5,7

Weight- 140 lbs

Powers- Spectrum can see the entire electromagnetic spectrum and hear its intensity with her ears toning it up and down and her brain’s ability to react to them as needed. The only exception is visible light and sound waves. She can sense up to 3 of them together all at the same time as well giving her a better view of the world overall. She always sees the flow of electricity in any object it exists in like the physical barrier in her way wasn’t there regardless of what sensory mode she is in. She has a limited ability see other cosmic energies and even magic but she would have to shut off her senses to everything else to do that effectively. She only does that when she has no other choice because she hates having to do that.

(To her the Earth’s magnetic field is like an ocean and her body has powerful receptors that can detect any ripple or disruption created as anything travels through this vast ocean close to her. This is the best way to describe her sensory abilities)

Physical enhancements- Her body is fueled by the electromagnetic energy around her naturally her body uses the Earth’s magnetic field but she can choose to draw it from electrical devices to power them down if that is what she wants to do. Her body gets stronger and faster and gains a healing factor while she is within the range of a electromagnetic field as well. Her physical strength maxes out at 8 tons when she is max power mode normally it is 2 tons. Her normal speed allows her to run at a maximum speed of 3 times as fast as the fastest Olympian sprinter. When she is in max power mode she can run as fast as 10 times as fast as the fastest Olympic sprinter. She is tougher than normal too and is bruised badly from typical handgun fire even though it still hurts her when she is hit by handgun fire. She also has enhanced physical agility and reflexes greater than any normal human while she exists within a power electromagnetic field as well.

Bio electrical field- Her bio electrical field uses some the electromagnetic she takes in creates an energy barrier that can protect her from powerful energy blasts minimizing their effects some. It also allows her to minimize the effects of gravity and other forces on her allowing her to jump great heights with ease beyond what she could do normally and allow for more control over her movements traveling really fast (nullifying momentum and the opposing force that would work against her potentially). It also grants her the ability to create temporary magnetic attachments that allow her to stick to any solid object even if it isn’t magnetic normally. She has to focus to keep it going normally. It can also create the opposite a force that repels point blank range attacks with ease. It can even trap others in a field similar to what Spectrum uses temporarily and she would control the effects the other person felt specifically.

Max Power mode- In Max power mode the bio electrical she creates that is usually invisible becomes visible and she begins to glow somewhat as she is in it. The effects of her normal physical abilities are enhanced to reach their max potential and her healing factor gets so good that wounds heal as fast as they are form. The forces of nature have almost no effect on her at that point what limits her physical ability is the raw power her muscles can produce alone. Her senses are all maxed out during this mode allowing her to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum (except for visible light) at the same time with an enhanced intensity making it hard for her to focus while she is in this mode but she learned to deal with it over time. This mode physically exhausts her and takes a considerable amount of effort to keep up for any extended amount of time. After it goes down she loses her ability summon her bio electric field for some time depending on how long she was in Max Power Mode (the longer she is in Max Power Mode the longer she is unable to use her normal bio electric field)

Weaknesses- She has to be in an electromagnetic field to function properly now if she were isolated from the Earth’s magnetic field for some reason for a long time she would lose all of her powers and revert back to the frail human she was before. It even allows her to exist where there is no air for extended amounts of time. Her mind lacks the ability process visible light and sound waves properly. This makes her nearly blind or deaf compared to a normal person in these areas. She cuts off her ability to use visible light normally anyway normally but special hearing implants allow her to hear at a normal level compared to a normal person. Powerful magic and cosmic powers can still cloak their presence from Spectrum regardless because of her limited ability to detect these 2 things properly even if she is maxing out her ability to see through it.

Special skills- She is exceptional when the ways of how automotive vehicles work of all kinds. She knows how to connect just about anything to it thanks to her father that was an automotive fanatic himself and she picked that up from him. He was also a prominent scientist that worked for the government too and he taught her how to connection aliens or other worldly power sources to any motorized vehicle as well by helping her father do it in his secret lab to keep her busy after school. She can even apply this trade to aircraft as well connecting or fixing the electronics of airplanes too. She has simple time seeing the big picture of what is in front of her and how to decipher its make up quickly without looking a blue prints most of the time as well.

Background- Born a normal child she lost her mother that apparently fell off of their balcony of her home experiencing a powerful headache. Amanda was raised by her father at that point. He didn’t know how to raise her so he took her into his lab and showed her how to aid him in his research. He had a female nanny help as well and she was close to Amanda’s mother as well making the transition easier for an overwhelmed father. She grew to love all the things her father did especially his love of cars overall. Their favorite past time was when they took a piece of junk from an auto salvage yard and they made a business of fixing them up back to factory condition using the mechanic’s shop her father owned on the side. The money she made doing that was more than most kids could ever dream of. She had a major issue though. Before her powers awakened she was weaker than a normal kid, often sick from random illnesses, lacked any real energy, couldn’t lift very much at all, Passed out from doing work too strenuous, healed slowly from her wounds, and was very near sighted and almost completely deaf. She had to wear hearing aids her father made that adjusted to the sounds around her toning it up and down based on how loud or light the sounds were. The glasses she wore accounted for her odd type of color blindness that changed to a new color or colors in some cases daily. To make them work an implant had to be placed in her brain and it sent signals to her glasses to adjust the light she was seeing so it was like a normal person would see it. She was an average person in class because she was often thinking hard about what the next big automotive project would be for herself and her father and got into trouble because of it a lot. She saw many doctors and none of them had an answer to why it her body worked the way it did even the government doctors that worked along side her father.

All things would change when she was driven back home by her father after her post graduation party (she barely made the cut as bad as her grades were) and she was in a major car accident. She was in bad shape as frail as she was. It didn’t look like she was going to make it. Her father was hurt too but he was able to survive and recover completely somehow after some rehab. When it seemed like she was going to die but something happened. Her full powers awakened suddenly and no one expected it. Her senses went into overdrive in that moment and kept her in a state of sensory overload for a long time and nothing would stop it either until she hid herself in an isolation chamber in her father’s lab and closed the door behind her when she did it. If the door opened, that was when the sensory overload hit her again. The isolation chamber isolated her from the Earth’s magnetic field allowing to focus finally and she saw things that she didn’t believe at that point. It would take her a few years to get used to her new senses and physical abilities and decided to use them to aid her father in 1 issue he always had. People were always after him for his research and after being kidnapped one time and no one could find him, she took action herself after training for just 1 year and a half. She still had a hard time focusing but using her thoughts of her father to drive her on they seem to work better than she expected. She quickly learned to love her powers as she reacted to everything faster than she expected. Getting her father back her super hero persona was born and it focused around keeping her father safe for the most part since he was still a valuable asset for his innovative research. Her father would make a suit that aided her in her abilities after that amazed by what he saw during his rescue.

Her enhanced physical abilities really helped her in the business they ran on the side fixing cars she even offered to make supped up custom versions of cars for the new generation with wild body types and paint schemes. Her father wasn’t happy about it but she used her own money built up over the years to make it happen and hired her own crew of people to run it for her as well. She still helped her father a lot and jumped from her own automotive shop and her father’s shop along with her duties as Spectrum to keep her father safe from potential threats as well.

Equipment- Her suit that hides her identity and cloaks her power signature from people capable of tracking energy and has the ability hold the energy of her bio energy field allowing her to benefit from it without having to focus all time. It also holds a backup energy field that can power Amanda if there is no other way of keeping her powers active.
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