Supergirl TV Show casting Superman

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Looks like they're casting a photo double and not an actor. So we'll get him in backgrounds and shots and not a character in the show? Or maybe this is standing only for the pilot, and they'll swap out for a real actor later if needed. I'm not sure I properly understand what a Photo Double is (maybe Castor can shed some light)?

I was wondering how they were going to handle Superman, and suspected they'd try to keep things hands off to keep the focus on Supergirl and not on Superman. Plus DC seems to want to limit use of Superman to the movies and animated features. At least if the "no batman/Superman on Arrow and Flash" statements are true.

But I strongly suspect that the "Superman" here is NOT going to be the Superman of the Movies. DC doesn't mind having multiple versions of characters, and has no qualms on the multiple universe model (unlike Marvel). And unlike some Marvel proponents, I'm not going to claim by fiat that one is better than the other. It certainly is fun to have crossover events, and explore a shared world. But the heart of ANY kind of story telling is "tell a good story". If you are shacked to that shared universe and you tell a bad story or it gets in the way of your story? It's not worth it for the potential of a few crossover events.

That is it's not worth hampering Constantine just to make it fit in with the Aquaman movie. (etc). But even Marvel believes this (Big Hero 6 is technically a Marvel movie, and it's not in the MCU). Nor would I suspect that a writing decision on Agents of SHIELD to hold against a story decision made for the Black Panther movie. No one's going to harm the movie based on one episode of a TV show.

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25 Feb 2015 15:42 - 25 Feb 2015 15:44 #40571 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Supergirl TV Show casting Superman
The likely anwser is they are casting someone who will play superman either very far away or in situations where you can't see his face. This is like a stunt man, except well no stunts.

Sometimes they do in situations where they have an actor for a very limited period of time or its more expensive. An A list actor can cost a million a day, and while someone like Cavil costs a lot a lot less. Also you may be doing like second unit work months latter and you don't really need an actor there. it can be less expensive in wide shots to have an actor like this. Waynes World 2 had a joke about this, though when done well its more or less work.

I doubt however they would at all publize this, though SupergirlTV is really good at pulling up data:)

Vera Norms wife on Cheers is the other kind-sometimes you just don't see the characters face at all-they are just kind of a shadowy presence off to the side. This can be used to build a shaddowy presence a sence of awe and build someone up- A Keyser Soze Character( who i belive in the movie was a stage Hand) . This could be what they are doing.

I could see them doing either or maybe 2 leading up to 1- late in the season when we finally see Cavil(whose on set for a day) who gives supergirl a pep talk. Cavil is a big guy these days so finding an actor who fills out the suit maybe a little tricky, so thus the call(its typically done looking through actors pictures) but will see.

I do agree there likely going to want to keep him as far away from the camera as possible-keep the focus on her. One of the problems with Supergirl--is well she supermans younger shadow. In a world with superman why do you need her(which is one of the reason DC keeps writing her out). Of course generally thats true with every hero in the DCU to some shade or another, and Why Justice Leauge Stories can be tricky. Make this about her and her adventures and you have something.

but Since they seem to want to build up the Superman Movies i suspect there going to keep up the continuity of both that and maybe the Green Arrow show verse as much as they can on the show until it becomes impossible-and who ever knows.

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