TV Supergirl's impact on the creative fan community, and beyond

14 Nov 2015 15:10 #45164 by five_red
I thought it might be interesting to open up a thread to house the collective musing of those here about the impact of the Melissa Benoist tv show on fanfic writers, SG fan videos, and (yes, I suppose we have to include them too) fetish superheroine materials. Both the immediate impact, and the longer lasting legacy of the show (even if it only runs for the current thirteen episodes.)

Are you a superheroine video maker, or a fanfic author? If so, how is the tv show likely to influence your work? Are you a consumer of fan videos and fiction? If so, would you like to see ideas and motifs from the new Supergirl (like the costume, or the DEO, or the super-friends set up) influence fan works?

Let me kick off...

What prompted me was a Japanese 'adult' video that showed up on my internet radar. Now, let me declare my hand right from the start -- I'm far from a fan of those Japanese videos (y'know the ones I mean.) I'm not a prude, I don't have anything against (non-exploitative) adult entertainment, but superheroine fetish videos are (to me) nothing more than thin comicbook-inspired veneer over very basic straight-forward adult entertainment. As such, I don't really get them (but I respect the rights of people who do!) However... I'll begrudgingly acknowledge that they do sometimes have redeeming qualities: firstly, the production values are very high (they must sell like hot cakes in Japan!); secondly, they often feature well produced alter-ego transformations. As a big fan of transformations, I therefore have a love/hate relationship with these videos -- love seeing the mild mannered reporter sneak off to reveal her 'Super Lady' outfit, but total disinterest in what happens thirty seconds after she turns up at the villains lair. Fortunately I'm not alone -- there are places on the internet one can go to download just the non-adult parts of each video.

And that's when I discovered the video pictured above. These are taken from a 'Super Lady' video created by the most well known (I assume) Japanese heroine video maker, and it appears to have been released just one week after s01e02 hit the US screens. The video clearly rips off at least one (possibly two) elements of the CBS second episode. Seems like someone in Japan is watching the CBS Supergirl, and quickly adding bits of the tv show into their videos. What's more, from the 10 min setup to the adult action, it looks like in this 'series' (because I assume they're making more than one) of Super Lady, the heroine is recruited by a female government agent of some high-tech crime fighting unit, who designs a super costume for her, and (therefore) knows her secret identity. Sounds a little familiar.

I'm amazed at how quickly the Japanese producers started to add elements of the CBS show into their videos. Is the CBS show even broadcast in Japan? I assume that there must be a healthy superheroine loving community there (how else can these companies fund such lavish productions at a rate of one every few days?), so perhaps the show is getting a lot of attention there in the fan community, and this is influencing the Japanese video makers.

It's an interesting development. And one worth discussing (perhaps...?)


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14 Nov 2015 17:25 - 14 Nov 2015 17:28 #45168 by Helstar
They have been doing "Supergirl" inspired movies since quite a few years (who remember the two Astro Girl movies with Delcea Mihaela Gabriela as a lead actress back in 2008 ?), but yes, not as often as lately, and you're right about the obvious references to the tv-show of this latest one.
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14 Nov 2015 18:15 #45169 by castor
(going to do two posts here)

I spent some time last week at AFM talking about Duo and other stuff. AFM is the american film market where a lot of indie film people get together from Stars coming with there dramatic story of Harriet Tubman to Asylum stuff to talk to foriegn film buyers about showing there movie in france.

This isn't quite what your talking about but the step above it.

And there was some talk about Supergirl-not gigantic amounts-but i did see a lot of female action focused projects.

This is something i have said before. If you look at the numbers with movies like the Hunger Games, Frozen or even something like the heat there is a strong market for women as action heroes in some form or the other. Next Year for example where going to get Ghost Busters.

in That Sence Supergirl is doing well-but Blindspot is turning out to be the real hit show of the season. Yeah its there. So you have two of them.

This market has always been here-however as been pointed out. A lot of women like watching action films. Yet When a action film does poorly with a female lead thats always the problem-such that hwen it does well they are suprised. .

and some of that is coming down. I was looking at a low Budget Steampunk project-and the creators where in the process of turning there hero into a heroine. I saw a couple of other sci fi projects,Female cyborgs and other things. i didn't see specifically a lot of heroines(okay i did see one) but the stuff is around. I think the whole is going to get filled a little above it and that is helped by supergirl.

So i think in the next year or so where going to see more of this kind of stuff in the pipline-and hope to produce some of it.
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14 Nov 2015 19:53 #45171 by castor
As for fan stuff....

Well donno. I think a little bit obviously-yes probabbly in a couple of months will get a semi budget porn version of Supergirl. Not hyper intrested in that. Money for Porn is as always werid.

We exist in a werid money space for fan stuff-there is the completly free stuff, just we have 10k lets put together a show online. That Exists, and the internet is giving it a great space to get it out through youtube. Some of the stuff hits big like the rainfall stuff. Some doesn't. Happens.

The question is-does this make money..and thats a very big trick. And i am not entirely sure the anwser yes.

I do think the business model of "lets sell this for 20 bucks for 10 minutes" isn't a very workable one. At all. I think going into future, i could see a day where it is at maybe a lower price point, but i doubt it. Yes Supergirl doing special effects each weeks for the fetish market hurts, but thats not the blow that kills it.

A good question is not so much supergirl, but Electra woman and Dyna Girl. If that does well(and its taking a long time to come out) i don't know what the anwser is.

The kind of action in stuff like that is economical-i have seen a lot better stuff then supergirl for free-and
Video content does make money online. It can do quite well in fact.

but i donno-will see. i think the long term anwser is yes.Like i said in the previous post. Supergirl isn't so much the starting point but part of the overall trend here for stuff and will see where it goes.

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16 Nov 2015 01:30 #45187 by jimbob
You know how Japanese shows and anime are subtitled and torrented in the west but only for a small minority.

They do the same thing for US stuff over there. They are indeed "reverse weaboos" Japanese people that really love western heroes and comics.

So it's no surprise Giga is aware of the new show.

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25 Nov 2015 04:34 - 30 Nov 2015 22:52 #45366 by Random321
I'll bullet point this to save myself some time but here are my thoughts:

* I think we'll see a bump in fan fiction. I've not been looking becuase I'm enjoying the show on it's own. However, I've been trying to watch Instagram, Tumbler, and Twitter and I now know what "ship" means. <sigh>
* I think we'll see SG producers maybe lay a little low. Both because of lawyer fear and because there is new free content out there.
* I'm trying to think of ways for PSW to be relevant. I got my Supergirl, light heated, semi-action oriented show and it's executed at a level that blows what I can do out of the water. Do I got with a fitter set of women. Do I try to film in Augmented Reality style for those of us with Google Cardboard (makes me sick btw) or Microsoft Hololens.
* I have to admit, I'm way intimidated to release new stuff for fear of comparison, and I'm my own worst critic. I can't tell you how often during the show I got "wow!" then right after "awe man - if only" because they are doing exactly what I wished I could pull off.
* I think we'll see what happens when the show comes to an end. Will there be a thirst for more in the smaller circles or will it fizzle? Will it take ten or twenty years for the impressions to be set like SG 1984, Christopher Reeve, and WW on TV did for me?
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25 Nov 2015 11:08 #45370 by brantley
Is there any indication that fans of the TV series are looking for other examples of superheroine film or fiction here and at other online sites? Is there any way to reach out to them, or to get any attention in the media?


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