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Technically, our actresses aren't "cosplayers", since they are the actual person who also plays the character in the video series. But many people at Comicons think they are cosplayers, until we explain to them that they are actresses from an original production. So, this is definitely the best sub-forum to post our Comicon costume photos.

Without further ado, here are various photos from the past year or so of our actresses representing Heroineburgh at regional Comicons. Hope you enjoy them, and if you're anywhere near Pittsburgh, come and visit our booth at Steel City Con, Dec 9-11 in Monroeville, PA! (yes, the home of Monroeville Mall, location for 'Day of the Dead')

Devana (Casey) the Slavic Huntress at Akron Comicon. She is a great new addition to our heroine lineup for Season 3.


Various photos of Bridget at Baltimore Comicon.
For the first two days, she played her regular superheroine character, Arctica mistress of the frost.
Then on the last day, she gave everyone a sneak peek of her altered form coming up in EP22 - Quanta, queen of quantum physics.


Jessica Z played her character Chlorina the Toxic Titaness at the grand opening of K&J Comics, a new comic shop in West View PA.


Jasmine is the new actress playing Savanna for Season 3. She made her second Con appearance in Morgantown WV, at WV Pop Con.


Steel City Con in August 2022 brought many heroines and villainesses out of the Heroineburgh roster, including
Arctica (Bridget); Savanna (Jasmine) and Darbouka (Tiffany); Mesmera (Stacy); and Vendetta (Mauricia).


Arctica (Bridget) and Pagliaccia (Gabriel) the Clown Princess of Fear traveled with us all the way up to Connecticut for Terrificon in July.
Here, you can see Arctica with a She-Go cosplayer, and Pagliaccia with Phil Lamarr. Then they battled in front of some legendary George Perez art.


Hellfyra (Sasaya) came with the Heroineburgh crew to both Gem City Comicon in Dayton, and Fanboy Expo in Columbus,
where she "spared no expense" to pose with a John Hammond cosplayer.


Three Rivers Comicon in June featured two days of amazing Heroineburgh characters, including
Stellara (Ruby), Darbouka (Tiffany), Lunessa (Indigo) and Serpenta (Jessica B. ). And here's an extra solo Serpenta photo.


Finally, here's a great one from last year's Big Apple Con in December 2021. Our actress Nupur, who plays Arogya the Healer, moved to Brooklyn, but she was able to do one last appearance for us in NYC. (We're still currently looking for a new Arogya)



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