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I'll break the ice - and so help me I'm going to keep it positive: (I'm really catching up on the last 3 or so episodes here.)

The Brainiac transition to a colder Brainiac was great. I’d like to see better reaction out of everyone in his circle.

Having Alex and Kara back together is nice. I think they could have been more creative than doing the soaking up the sun from plants thing.

Bruce Boxleitner (The President) is great. I would love to see Bruce Boxleitner well utilized. Same with April Parker-Jones (Cl. Haley). I also stand by my feeling that the Lockwood actor and even the character is great ~ I just wish his material was a little less convoluted.

It cracked me up that Kaznia has an aircraft carrier that can reach Vancouver ~ and fires ground attack missiles. I’m glad they tried with all the VFX but maybe they should have tried a little less on a TV budget so it would have sold better. I feel like the submarine lift from a prior season looked *much* better.

Luthor is just great in this. There was one scene where he left his mansion and set off all his security defenses earlier in the season that had me skeptical but this style of Luthor has grown on me. He donates a power source to an attacked area? Luthor is Musk inspired? Maybe the boring projects are part of a plan to let California slip into the Pacific in a quake?

Red Daughter and Linda was great. Even the battle was okay. However, much like the SG/Lex fight I could do without the face shield suits.

Kudo’s to Benoist stunt double. She’s amazing at fighting with hair (or masks) in her face.

Why do I like Brenda Strong so much? Ever since I first took notice of her in Star Ship Troopers she seems to pop up everywhere ~ and it's great.

Lena is by far the best character. Let's give her the super powers.

The highlight of the season: We are back to only one main cast member with Kryptonian powers!
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21 May 2019 01:20 #64076 by kikass2014
Replied by kikass2014 on topic Supergirl Season Four Finale
The season finale was fine imo.

The season certainly did pick up a LOT since Lex came into the picture.  And held together til the end.

A lot of that has to do with Cryer's performance, but to be fair, the majority of the cast worked well.  Highlight for me was seeing the Luthor family together in one scene, with mother and son trying to poison each other lol :D 

Ofc, having Brenda, Katie and Jon in the same scene also does wonders :)  

And thankfully, there is now only one person with super powers on the show ::D  

Nice set up for Crisis crossover, and also what appears to be the big bad for next season.

I just wish they would have focused on the Red Daughter story arc more, and compressed the Agent Liberty and Dreamer arcs.  Agent Liberty wasn't to bad, carried a lot by Witwer's performance.  The Dreamer stuff could have been condensed considerably without losing much.


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21 May 2019 04:50 #64079 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Supergirl Season Four Finale
I must say that I enjoy supergirl a lot more since I started using Fast Forward.

Scenes of Alex trying to adopt a baby?  FF.   I think I FF'd through half of American Dreamer's stuff (for some reason I just didn't care).  I think I FF'd through a lot of BS politics at the DEO too.

Lex Luthor chewing up the screen?  Rewind.

This has really enhanced my enjoyment of Supergirl.  I just iwish I wasn't forced to sit through commercials by the CW App on the Roku.  I contemplated just waiting until they hit Netlfix so they were commercial free.  (This is what I'm doing with Flash, where I also use Fast Forward a lot.)

I think I didn't have to FF much in the last two episodes, that's good praise.

The plant thing was extra silly comic-book stuff but meh, it is what it is. I'd rather Alex have just put a yellow sun grenade on her.   As is, it starts to play too much into that "Superman is Christ" thing that too many authors thing is fantastic.  (She miraculously came back from the dead.)

Cryer really did an amazing job as Lex.

Lena was extra smoking hot in the last episodes, something I wasn't sure was possible as she's already pretty hot to begin with.

Brainy is one of my high points this year, so having him go cold and emotionless was an intersting mix.  I thought the reboot sequences were hokey, but loved the part where he was the emotionless Brianiac.

This episode was just so much alternative reality.  Does ANYONE in this day and age actually believe in the power of the fourth estate?  And if next season there aren't a lage group of people who still think Supergirl killed a bunch of people in the White House I'll be disappointed as that's how the world works.

But then the REAL message of Supergirl/Superman is one of Hope.  I'd LIKE to live in the world where the press did their job and people paid attention to them, and stories could actually get things changed.   In today's world that sentiment seems  more unreal than a woman from another planet gaining flight, invulnerability, and super-strength by being exposed to a yellow sun.

But they managed to deliever some great moments despite that, and that made things worth watching.

Bruce Boxleitner did a great job. He looked Presidential when he needed to, and smarmy when he needed to.  I think his scene with Lex was spot on.

oh, and double kudos for James/etc not having Super-powers anymore.
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21 May 2019 06:41 #64081 by ace191
Replied by ace191 on topic Supergirl Season Four Finale
Agree with everything above which all comes down to Best Season Thus Far !  I would like occasionally to see Kara go out and kick ass by herself WITHOUT needing to be helped or rescued.  
She is after all the Star of the show!
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21 May 2019 23:40 #64085 by WyseQuack
Replied by WyseQuack on topic Supergirl Season Four Finale
I enjoyed the finale and the lead-up episodes quite a bit, even though Supergirl is the kind of show I have to turn off my brain while watching.

It was an absolute delight to watch Jon Cryer chew up the scenery and spit it back out as Lex.  Exactly the approach the role called for.
I had this thought long before the episode aired, but in the scene where Lex was berating Red Daughter for her misplaced faith in him I was thinking Red Daughter's naivete is almost forgivable given she was a blank slate who mistakenly latched onto Lex as a mentor/father figure AND everyone else she dealt with in Kaznia trusted him.  But that raises the question - Why did anybody (much less everybody) in the Kaznian High Command think Lex freaking Luthor could be trusted?

Have to give kudos to Benoist and the rest of the cast.  The show has its problems (at least IMO), but a lock of acting chops amongst the cast isn't one of them.

Loved the identity reveal scene.  Very different in tone, but pretty much Supergirl's version of the 'galactically stupid' scene from the 90s Lois and Clark show.  Not that there is a long list of onscreen 'malicious' identity reveals, but both of these are brilliant in their own ways.

On the down side, the more I see of the Monitor in the closing scenes of every Arrowverse finale, the more I'm starting to dread the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.  Or at least fear that setting up the crossover is going to have noticeable adverse consequences on the quality of the first half of next season's Arrowverse shows.
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04 Jun 2019 00:38 #64224 by Monty
Replied by Monty on topic Supergirl Season Four
So, sitting down to watch season four, and I have to say Melissa looks a lot more mature than in her early escapades. Could we have Melissa as Superwoman for Season Five? (please?)

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04 Oct 2019 19:36 #65206 by andyf
Replied by andyf on topic Supergirl Season Four Finale
The season 4 finale was the best finale since season one. Why? Because if dominate Supergurl herself was and the villain. Kate clearly defeated Lex on her own in more than one way. She exposed his treachery using her press skills and defeated him in a fight in her own. Lex himself was by far the most compelling and fun to watch main villain in all the Arrowverse shows this past year.

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