Decimated City

14 Dec 2023 13:22 #77627 by Glaazius
Decimated City was created by Glaazius
Summer's gaze shifted to the right as a deafening rumble shook the ground. It was a high rise toppling over, buckling under the pressure of an adjacent skyscraper that had been pushed against it after suffering the intense heat of Summer's heat vision.Perched atop a hill in the pouring rain, a grim satisfaction filled her as Summer looked out at the ruined city. The sky was tinged with an orange glow from the fires, adding to the chaotic scene before her.In mere minutes, everything was destroyed - the buildings, the army, and any traces of life left behind. Only a handful of structures remained standing amidst the rubble
In the distance, faint sirens could be heard above the sound of trickling rain on her flawless skin. It was a sign that there were still some people left alive, working tirelessly to save others.
Let them.Her phone's notification chimed, signaling a new message. It was a message from her sister, who was letting of some steam on the other side of the country.

"They are willing to negotiate." Summer read aloud before letting out a sigh and slipping her phone into her back pocket.Merely expressing a willingness to negotiate was not sufficient for Summer and her sister Reeve. They made it abundantly clear during the press conference that they desired dominion over the country. They wanted to be the rulers of the nation, the ones in control of making laws and giving orders to those in power.It was clear that another example was needed. Summer's magnificent legs exerted a powerful leap, destroying the hill she had been perched on, and catapulted herself into the sky to find another city.

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