Attack of the 50ft Superwoman!

06 Jan 2008 00:49 #11373 by Spulo
Attack of the 50ft Superwoman! was created by Spulo
Catwoman couldn't help but smile as she strode through Metropolis, taking great pleasure in crushing people, vehicles, and even small buildings under her feet as if they were bugs. At just over 1000 feet tall, she was now nothing less than a goddess, and although she had no idea how she was going to use her newfound power she was more than happy for now to just enjoy being a giant.

It had all been so easy, she thought to herself. Having broken in to a military research facility, she'd discovered documents relating to 'Project Gulliver', which seemed to have something to do with obtaining almost unlimited quantities of food to feed the starving masses in developing countries. When she'd then realised that this was to be achieved by the enlarging of various meat-producing animals, she knew that this project had a far greater potential than anyone else had imagined.

Having been taken on as a temporary secretary at the laboratory that was working on the 'Project Gulliver' growth ray without even so much as a background check (her considerable feminine charms earning her the scientists' trust almost instantly) she had been able to gain access to machine, and had instantly set about reprogramming it to enlarge people rather than cows - and to enlarge them to a much greater size. After a few nights' secret work, it was ready for testing, and that morning the scientists had arrived to find their now-50-foot-tall secretary stepping out of the ruins of their laboratory, dressed in a black leather catsuit and still growing rapidly. To say that they were surprised by all this would have been an understatement.

She'd left the machine intact, realising that it could still be useful to her...and reasonably certain that nobody else would want to risk life as a giant just to stop her...

In the laboratory ruins, Supergirl helplessly watched the devastation Catwoman was causing as the two scientists fussed around the cannon-shaped growth ray machine. She'd already made a direct attack against Catwoman, but the giantess had simply swatted her away before she had been able to get close enough to do any real harm. The only way to stop her now would be to fly straight through her like a bullet, which she was reluctant to do because killing was strictly against her code of ethics - or to grow to Catwoman's size and physically restrain her. That seemed the safest option, although Supergirl was reluctant to take it without a guarantee that she would be able to return to her normal size afterwards.

"I still can't believe that Miss Kyle could have done all this." one of the scientists was saying to the other. "She seemed like such a sweet young lady..."

"Never mind all that now." Supergirl said urgently. "Are you sure there's still enough energy in that thing to make me as big as she is?"

"Absolutely, it's still almost fully charged..."

Supergirl nodded, and then asked the more important question. "And once I've dealt with her...are you sure you can get me back to my normal size again?"

The two scientists looked at each other doubtfully. "In theory..." one said weakly.

"In principle, sure," said the other, "but in practice...we can't promise anything. The machine wasn't designed to grow things that big, and we've never tried reversing the process..."

"Great." Supergirl said wearily. "So I can stop her, but chances are I'm gonna have to spend the rest of my life the size of a skyscraper."

The two scientists suddenly covered their ears, and Supergirl whirled around as the sound of Catwoman's laughter reverberated throughout the city. As she looked up at the colossal criminal pounding her oversized fist into an apartment block, any selfish thoughts about her own future were shoved quickly to the back of her mind.

"But she does have to be stopped." Supergirl whispered to herself, and tried to concentrate on that as she placed herself in front of the growth ray, placing her hands on her hips and taking a moment to mentally prepare herself for the imminent transformation.

The two scientists, seeing that she'd made up her mind, quickly began to power up the machine. "Are you absolutely sure about this?" one of them asked.

"No." she replied honestly. "Just do it."

Supergirl had experienced many incredible sensations in her life as a superhero - but nothing could have prepared her for the sudden energy blast that rippled through her body, or the intense pleasure that followed as she began to grow. Slowly at first, her body increasing in height by just a few inches each second...but then as she reached 10 feet tall her growth suddenly began to increase rapidly. Uncontrollably.

She moaned with pleasure as she shot past 50 feet tall, incredibly aroused by just how big she was getting and how small the rest of the world was quickly becoming. Her uniform was growing with her, but she wouldn't have minded if she'd burst out of it the moment she started to enlarge. The last thing she'd expected was that she'd start to enjoy this, but she was relishing every second of her growth - and at 500 feet tall she was beginning to pray that it would never end.

But all too soon, it did - leaving the once 5-foot 2-inch superheroine at just over 1000 feet tall, and ready to face her opponent...

Catwoman couldn't stop laughing as the little man she'd plucked from the apartment building struggled helplessly in her grip. She was only holding him by his jacket between her forefinger and thumb, barely exerting any pressure on him at all, but he was utterly trapped and at her mercy.

"Now, what shall I do with you?" she asked him playfully. "Should I squish you...or gobble you up?...or maybe I could just drop this!"

The man fell screaming as she released her grip on him, but before he could hit the ground he vanished in what looked to Catwoman like a blur of red and blue...

Oh no... she thought to herself.

"Here, kitty kitty kitty!" cried a voice that Catwoman was all too familiar with. Turning, she came face to face with Supergirl - or rather, face to 'S' shield, as Supergirl was floating a little off the ground so as not to cause any more property damage. As Catwoman backed away warily, the Girl of Steel smiled smugly, and then folded her arms. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" she asked cockily...

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06 Jan 2008 05:07 #11375 by CaptainIrishman
Replied by CaptainIrishman on topic Re: Attack of the 50ft Superwoman!
This does not count towards yer one sg pic a day Spulo, so there!!!
Hop hop!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

and well done :wink: :wink:

:twisted: Now back to work :twisted:

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06 Jan 2008 13:05 #11380 by Captain Marbles
Replied by Captain Marbles on topic Re: Attack of the 50ft Superwoman!
Nice image there, but, would Supergirl really need to be fifty feet tall to take out a fifty foot tall Catwoman? Remember, Catwoman doesn't really have any powers here, except those of a giantess, and, even at normal size, Supergirl is way more powerful than any giantess could hope to be.

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06 Jan 2008 16:02 #11383 by argonaut
Replied by argonaut on topic Re: Attack of the 50ft Superwoman!
Nice work, Spulo!

Giantesses aren't my cuppa joe, but like all your stories, this one was witty and engaging and it did push a few of my buttons ... so I chose #2.

As for the Captain's comment -- I guess it comes down to where you decide to draw the line and start using actual physics in your fantasy scenario. Note that Catwoman is 1000 feet tall, not 50. If you scale the two adversaries down so that Catwoman is her normal size, Supergirl would be about 1/16 of an inch tall. At that size, she'd be unable to get a grip on her opponent or gain any leverage -- and if she tried taking her down with a flying tackle, she'd probably fly right through her without doing any real damage.

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