Super Jersey Shore

25 Jul 2013 00:58 #32438 by steelknight3000
Super Jersey Shore was created by steelknight3000
Dumb idea. Wrote this for my DA page, I hate that show but this would be a fun, stupid scenario.

The Governor of New Jersey had declared a state of emergency a few days later. Within a week, the Jersey Shore lay in ruins, entire towns had been wiped off the map. What was once a harmless joke had become a thing of terror. Unstoppable, insatiable, and tanned, the three immortal being were now within sight of Atlantic City.

The flames licked at her thighs as the screeching sound of crushed steel bounced off the nearby buildings. Sammi, now seven foot five with the body of an Olympic beach volleyball star stood in the burning ruins of a gas station wadding up an SUV into a cylindrical mass of steel and polymers. Her bikini was stretched to the limit containing her basketball sized tits. Her bottoms, which barely covered whatever modesty was remaining, were eagerly ripped off. She took the makeshift sex toy and rubbed it against her crotch gleefully before crushing the end against her flesh until it began to tease her clit. A thickly accented voice rang out.

"Hell yeah, watch me fuck this Ford!" exclaimed Sammi as she slid it in and out.

"Try these construction thingies, they feel even better. Oh and bring them back here when you're done, need more weight if I'm gonna get a decent pump," screamed JWow over the tortured sounds of twisting metal.

She was grinding her pussy against what remained of a bulldozer as she sat on it. With both her hands the brown haired beauty shoulder pressed the crushed together remains of three tractor trailers and several passenger cars for another set of 100 reps. The now seven foot nine naked Amazon moaned pornographically every few seconds as she thrust her hips back and forth in mock sex.

"Need more if I'm gonna get bigger. Totally not fair that SHE'S the strongest..."

The entire seaside shook beneath the footsteps of the worst of the trio. Once short, fat, and constantly mocked, she was now a ten foot tall mass of hourglass shaped, nude tanned flesh with a newfound sense of superiority and a limitless desire for sex and power. A shadow fell over the construction site. A single darkly tanned foot crushed the front end of a F150 truck as if an ACME anvil had just landed on it. With one hand she reached down and grabbed the bottom floor of the unfinished hotel. The steel skeleton began to shudder as the five story site was ripped from it's newly poured foundation as a single powerful arm began to lift. Most of the structure collapsed into a pile of steel beams and rebar, but a hundred foot by sixty foot section remained intact. Her black hair styled into a do, the super girl curled the kiloton mass of steel like it was a girl's dumbbell. Her basketball-sized biceps barely flexed barely acknowledging the tremendous weight. Her beachball-sized tits pushed forward proudly as she fingered herself with her left hand. Sweat from arousal dripped past her cleavage and down her well defined abs. Snooki's shrill girly voice shouted busting glass windows for miles around.

"GTL bitches! Goddess, tan, and...laundry?"
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Really cool vignette! Trashy, vulgar reality-show girls with super-powers...that's always a winning combination in my book!
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